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NOVemBER 2011

Issue 56

Barriers to Coaching a Sales Team Linkedin Company Pages First Impressions On The Phone Networking – Make Notes As You Go

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6 THIS WEEK'S MUST READ 9 Barriers to coaching a sales team Coaching expert Keith Rosen outlines the barriers and their solutions.


10 Linkedin company pages 10 tips for making the most of them 14 Quick Fix It’s not what you sell, it’s how you sell. 16 TWO MINUTE TOP-UP First Impressions on the phone 3 tips to avoid the hangup reflex



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o post world cup, Graham Henry has stated that he might take on a ‘coach the coach’ job in English Rugby. Whether it is ‘Ted’ or someone else, the essence of this is that if you want a sport that is strong at the grass roots, and a winning international team, you have to start with developing top class coaches. In this issue Master Sales Coach Keith Rosen takes us through some of the obstacles of implementing a sales coaching programme. I find it interesting that Keith starts with the same problem of there being no ‘coach the coach’ programme, and that if you as a sales manager want a world class sales team, then you need to be a world class sales coach. The article is well worth a read.

tweets per day, and that just four years later we can now see over 5000 tweets per second in times of significant international events. To help keep up with this growth in social media we also have a very practical article by local expert Linda Coles on the use of Linked-in company pages.

enlightening articles, and industry news and information to forwardthinking sales managers, business owners and sales professionals. EDITOR / Paul Newsom ART DIRECTOR / Jodi Olsson GROUP EDITOR / Trudi Caffell CONTENT ENQUIRIES / Phone Paul on 04 586 4733 or email

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I noticed a report last week stating that Twitter data shows that in 2007 global usage was at 5000

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Keith Rosen is the executive sales coach that top managers, sales professionals and executives in many of the world's leading companies call first. As a prominent, engaging speaker, Master Coach and well-known author of many books and articles, Keith is one of the foremost authorities on assisting people in achieving positive, measurable change in their attitude, in their behaviour and in their results. To find out more visit

Barriers to Coaching a Sales Team By Keith Rosen

Barrier One: No Coach the Coach Program One of my clients recently called me with questions about building an internal coaching program. It seems the person who was spearheading the initiative was having a difficult time putting the processes and procedures together as well as getting the managers to embrace the new philosophy and approach. Since the company felt they could build the internal coaching program on their own, they didn’t hire an outside expert or consultant. The person in charge of the initiative wasn't even a coach but someone in HR. Without a coach training program to develop coaching skills and competencies, you can change your managers' titles, but not their essence, their thinking, or their skills. Barrier Two: Coaching Is a Choice—Not an Obligation The coaching relationship is a choice, not an obligation. The relationship between the coach and the people who are coached is a designed alliance, a collaborative partnership, and more. As such, remedial or sanctioned coaching is often met with resistance rather than with open arms. How is coaching being offered to your team or to your employees? As a perk, an incentive, an

NZSM / november 2011 / 6

option, an obligation, or a remedial response to under performance? Are you offering it to your entire team, to a select few, or to just one person? Barrier Three: Surrender Your Agenda When Coaching What if your boss walked up to you today and said, “Your career, your bonus, your position in this company, and your salary will depend on how well your team performs. That said, I want you to start coaching all the people on your team, one on one. Hold them accountable and be unconditionally supportive, while surrendering your agenda and maintaining objectivity.” Could you do it? My clients consist of a myriad of companies and professions, all shapes and sizes, selling products and services in practically every industry and profession.

Yet, the one truth I share with them is this: “When you work with me as your coach, this will be the only relationship you have where it will always be 100 percent about you.” If you’re an internal coach, this may be a stretch to fully surrender any agenda or attachment to your sales team's performance, especially since their performance directly reflects on you. In such cases, there’s an inherent challenge for you, as the business owner or manager, to separate your agenda from theirs and have no personal expectation from the relationship other than your unconditional commitment to their continued growth and success. It’s going to take some adjustment on your part to develop an unconditional and authentic relationship with your salespeople.

Coaching is a process of discovery. A coach cannot push for results or attempt to change people overnight. Barrier Four: You're Coaching People, not Changing People There’s a big difference between coaching people and changing people. However, for executives or front line managers who are commissioned to hit some aggressive sales numbers, coaching is the last thing they want to talk about. The real distinction is that coaching is a process of discovery. A coach cannot push for results or attempt to change people overnight. The traditional scenario to facilitate change is typically a stressed-out manager who lays the same stress on his salespeople that his boss dumped on him. “Work harder; get focused; our jobs can be on the line; just bring in some more business.” This hollow approach seldom drives change. Barrier Five: Connection—It Has to Be the Real Thing In coaching it’s critical for unrestricted, honest communication in the coaching relationship. It's extremely challenging to connect with your salespeople at a deeper level, the

type of connection necessary between the coach and the person being coached. Many employees are afraid that if they disclose too much, it will be held against them in the future. So they limit their vulnerability level to what is absolutely needed to perform their job function. This restricts safe and open communication, limiting the chance to connect with your people in a way that allows coaches to get to the real issues and barriers;—barriers that are preventing improved performance. Barrier Six: Confidentiality and No Judgment? Sure, Boss! Lets get right to what you're thinking. Your role as supervisor or boss presents some inherent problems with coaching that need to be addressed head on. Given the parameters, guidelines, and principles necessary to be a masterful coach, trust is critical to make the connection. After all, if your employees can't trust you as their manager, forget even trying to coach

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NZSM / NOVEMBER 2011 / 8

them. Coaching requires an elevated level of trust that transcends the superficial trust between employees and management. And what if some of your salespeople already have a problem with you as their boss and now you're going to try and coach them? How does that get handled? Do you think any of your employees are going to just come out and say that? Think again. As a result, this relationship could quickly turn into more of a mentoring rather than a coaching relationship. This is a major reason why companies bring in an expert coach from the outside who doesn’t have any direct ties to the company as a manager would.

The most effective leaders develop other leaders. They encourage their people to perform as well as they do—even better. That is the sign of a true master and the real testament of a great manager. Barrier Seven: Anyone Can Manage, Not Everyone Can Coach “I’m really not cut out to be a coach.” The hard fact is there are managers who want to be coaches, managers who need to be coaches, and managers who shouldn’t be coaches, and probably shouldn't be managers, either. Companies that force all managers into a coaching role make a costly assumption that all of their managers would actually make great coaches, just like every college athlete should automatically make the pros. The rules work the same. Desire, attitude, ability, and skill will always be the formula for becoming a successful coach, or athlete. Then there is the mistake of pushing managers to do something they don't want to do. Managers can easily sabotage their own coaching efforts, and in the end, corporate may learn the wrong lesson: "I guess our internal coaching program didn't work." Barrier Eight: Full Accountability If you want to become powerful, hire a powerful coach. It's a simple, yet highly effective strategy. If you want your salespeople to be powerful, you need to be a good role model for them. As you evolve, so does your team. Consider this truth: Your team is a reflection of you. If you're not prepared to be 100 percent accountable for the success and failure of your team, if you skirt accountability in any way, if you lack professionalism

or proficiencies in certain areas, your team will reflect these weaknesses. If you choose to evolve, so will your salespeople. If you want a world-class sales team, you have to become a world-class executive sales coach. Barrier Nine: Competitive Managers The most effective leaders develop other leaders. They encourage their people to perform as well as they do—even better. That is the sign of a true master and the real testament of a great manager. But what if the manager perceives his coworkers and subordinates as a threat? What if the manager is driven strictly by ego, the need to prove himself and his worth? What if this manager thinks he has survived only by keeping a competitive distance from his peers and salespeople? I've known managers who don't share their tools and best practices with their salespeople for fear their salespeople will outdo them. These are likely to be inferior managers who will seek to selfishly leverage the coaching relationship in a way to better themselves and their position rather than for the betterment of their sales team. Now that we've listed the barriers that can get in the way of implementing an effective internal coaching program, do not be disheartened. With greater awareness comes choice. The good news is, you possess the power to make a difference. ■

Linda Coles of Blue Banana is a speaker and trainer on building relationships online. To find out more visit

Linkedin Company Pages 10 tips to get you started By Linda Coles


ust like Facebook created their version of a company page, now so have Linkedin, but the appeal of having a company page on Linkedin, is the professional business orientated community it sits in. With 130 million business members, who wouldn’t want a business page there? There certainly won’t be anyone asking you to join his or her Farmville game! Normally the profile pages that you set up on Linkedin are for your own personal use, and it is indeed against Linkedin’s terms and conditions to set a personal profile page up as a business. But Linkedin has seen that by capturing and promoting more business information in this community, it could make way for a whole lot more engagement and knowledge sharing.

NZSM / NOVEMBER 2011 / 10

Take a look at Dell’s page here. They have really used just about everything they can on their company page except for adding their Twitter account for some reason. So how do you set it up? First off, you must be a member of Linkedin. Only one person from your company can set up the business page and you will also need to have an email address that matches, so using your Gmail address won’t work. This stops others from setting up company pages that they are not authorized to do. To start your Linkedin business page, simply click on COMPANIES on the top navigation and then ADD COMPANY.

From there it is fairly self-explanatory and you just need to follow the very easy steps, but did you know you can now:


Add Video to your products and services page There is now space to add this on your product or service “home page” as well as on each individual service page. You do have a company video don’t you? With more and more companies waking up to the power of video blogging, technical videos and video training, this may be an area for you to develop if you don’t have any.


Add a careers page if you have vacancies to advertise If you are currently looking for new employees, what better place to advertise than on a database with more than 80 million people! The listed vacancy will pop up on the home page of people Linkedin thinks may be interested in and many companies have had success filling vacancies through this method. What is also great is that anyone who clicks on the advertisement can easily see a whole lot more about the company and the other employees who are in their network.


Get product or service recommendations from satisfied customers and display them on your page. These recommendations are user aware which means that Linkedin will show you recommendations by people within your network if they are available. What do you think that says to me when I come across a recommendation of a service by a well-respected business contact of mine? If I trust that person, they may well have just sold me on your product or service. If Jim thinks it’s good, it must be! They are your silent sales people.


Follow any company that interests you Each time a company that I am following updates something, I am notified on my status update page. How cool is that for inside intelligence, particularly if I am a recruitment agent? They may need help to fill that vacancy that has just been created, or the person that has just been promoted may want to hear from me in their new role.


The company overview page allows you to see how you may be connected to that company, a bit of inside intelligence. If you are looking to do business with that company in some way, you may have some inside connections that could possibly be helpful to you, or even pass an introduction message on to the person you need.

11 / NOVEMBER 2011 / NZSM


TAKING AUCKLANDERS PLACES WITH TRANSPORT. We offer an unbelievable choice of jobs and incredible career opportunities for dedicated people determined to give Aucklanders real transport options. You too can join the leading team that works to deliver a world-class transport system that makes Auckland the best place to live, work and play.

Commercial Manager | Auckland • Be part of a new and growing organisation • Drive commercial revenue activities • Utilise your networking skills Auckland Transport is looking for a highly motivated and successful Commercial Manager who will report directly to the CEO to join our team and contribute to our growth.

#6 #7 #8

Your blog posts feed into the page Let your followers find out more about the company via your company blog posts. Each time you write a new post, it will show on your page automatically, so if you write in a more relaxed style on your blog than your website, that gives another dimension to the company voice. Your tweets can also be fed in The same goes for your company tweets, so be extra careful here if you feed your tweets in. You can add 3 banner images that link through to different pages of your website How cool is that, your own free banner advertising that is linked back to where ever you want it too! Why not create an image with “Become a fan of our Facebook page” and link it back to Facebook if you want to cross pollinate a little, or link one to your services page, and the other to your about us page.

#9 #10

We need someone with superb commercial management skills who wants to align themselves with an organisation that is progressing everyday. With networking skills that are second to none and a passion for finding new business opportunities and alliances, you may be just the person we are looking for.

You can add a disclaimer Even if you don’t add a disclaimer, use this space to write something else, make use of it.

Everyday will bring different challenges including implementing business strategies to optimise revenue opportunities and being the lead negotiator on key contracts. The key to success in this role will be your ability to drive the commercial revenue activities and its service providers to enhance revenue creation and revenue share.

You can even create a new page for a different target audience which Linkedin will publish for you, all for free! If you have a different offering for your US market than your Canadian market, then the new feature will allow you to create multiple variations of the page, which Linkedin will automatically show for you. Whilst it doesn’t say how many, there seems to be space for six variations.

We need a leader with the ability to network and create relationships with confidence to drive our business forward and see that revenue and growth targets are established and achieved. The successful person will have experience of 10-15 years in a variety of functions, including: • Significant commercial and management experience at an executive level • Business development in greenfields sales environments • Change management experience preferably in a large organisation (local or international) • Confidence working between public and private sectors with an astute understanding of how to achieve collective outcomes A relevant degree in Business or Engineering required preferably at a Masters level. If this sounds like you, apply today and start a new journey with Auckland Transport!! To apply for this role, please visit our careers site and enter the job code 16950. Applications close: Sunday, 27 November 2011. NZSM / NOVEMBER 2011 / 12

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It's Not What You Sell, It's How You Sell


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Networking – make notes as you go


ow many business cards might you collect at a networking function? Five, ten, twenty or more? You get back to the office a couple of days later and sort through the cards, deciding how to follow up each one. With many conversations in a short space of time, and a couple of days in between you may well struggle to remember key points of relevance for the follow up.

NZSM / NOVEMBER 2011 / 14

Most business cards have plenty of blank space. Use it. After each conversation pause for a moment and make a note on the card of where you met the person, the key points of relevance and what follow up is required. ■

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Bill James is an internationally recognised sales speaker and trainer, who specialises in referral and relationship marketing. To find out more, visit

First Impressions

Phone on the

3 tips to avoid the hang up reflex By Bill James


ontacting someone by phone is the same as contacting anyone anywhere – there has to be a great first impression and fast connection or you may well suffer from “the hang up reflex!” What is the hang up reflex? Exactly what it sounds like – someone looking for a reason to hang up instead of hang around! You have it too – remember the last time someone rang you about a survey as you were sitting down for dinner? When making a call you need to get past this hang up reflex quickly so that you have the opportunity to provide the service you know you can – but the person you are calling doesn’t yet know about. If you do not, it all ends here.

NZSM / NOVEMBER 2011 / 16

When making a call you need to get past this hang up reflex quickly so that you have the opportunity to provide the service you know you can

Here are three easy tips that might help. Firstly, address the white elephant on the table. People hide from objections, but they transfer their nervousness about them down the phone line and so make them into a mountain. Instead, if there is a likely reaction, why not acknowledge it and get past it straight away – address the white elephant! Secondly, have a statement that grabs their attention and creates curiosity – hopefully enough to keep them on the phone. Let’s look at a simple example. Let’s pick one of the great subjects everyone loves to hate – insurance. Imagine ringing about life cover (with all due respect to all the fine folk in the industry, of which I used to be one!) Most people have a readymade hang up reflex in place about this subject. So how about saying something like “Hello Mr X, I would like to talk about life insurance – and I understand the reaction that just went through your

head because it goes through everyone’s head when I say that.” (You have addressed the white elephant). Now add a statement designed to grab their attention: “Mr X, the simple fact is that no one likes insurance but you know what, everyone also knows that nothing else does what insurance does. There is no other way to put $50 a month aside and have all the money you need when you need it most – it is a fact. Mr X, if that is of no interest, I am happy to hang up. Otherwise I have something to tell you that will take less than a minute and may be of value. Can I have my minute?” Will it work? Not all the time. But it is a system that will help you get past that ‘hang up reflex.’ And the third tip is to remember that you will definitely have people on the end of the phone who will now be timing you to see if you take longer than a minute. Make sure you keep that promise! ■

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23 / NOVEMBER 2011 / NZSM

THE PRESENTER Introducing Sally Mabelle The Voice of Leadership Facilitator, and speaker on authenticity, Interpersonal communication, and presentation skills for leaders. President of the National Speakers Association of New Zealand (NSANZ)

REV-UP SEMINAR SERIES AUCKLAND Yo u r A u t h e n t i c Vo i c e o f L e a d e r s h i p ! Would you like your prospects, your clients, and your team to stop, take notice, and really listen to what you have to say? Discovering your authentic voice of leadership enables you to present yourself and your business with more confidence and clarity. It enables

you to be more at

ease expressing yourself in one on one situations as well as when speaking in public. Join us and NSANZ Inspirational Speaker of the Year Sally Mabelle.

The Details!


When: Wednesday 16th November 12pm-2pm Where: Officemax, 30 Sir Woolf Fisher Drive, Highbrook, East Tamaki, Auckland Tickets (excl GST): NZ Sales Manager Subscribers $34.95 Non Subscribers $49.95 Includes networking light lunch!


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“ Formal education will make you a living, self education will make you a fortune.

- Jim Rohn

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