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May 26

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May 26

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ssue 15! How did that happen? Yikes! What’s really cool is that our goal to foster more of a sense of community for photography lovers is well on its way to becoming a reality… At the time of writing (20 May) we have 2243 subscribers

and 1273 fans on Facebook and it’s great to see more and more people getting involved with NZ Photographer. Contributors are contributing, readers are reading, the competitions are attracting more and more image entries, and you’re all chatting with each other on Facebook. Feel the love! NZ Photographer is for you, our readers, so let us know what you think and tell us what you want more of. Love it? Hate it? What can we do to make it even better? Send me an email people! In this issue we’re very happy to introduce Brian Foose our Gear Reviewer to add to Pete West our Photoshop Guy and Lisa Crandall our expert critic. A big thanks to them for sharing their time, knowledge and experience – it’s a real pleasure working with such positive, generous and passionate people! We also feature photographer Graeme Murray and his adventure shots, plus we have heaps of great entries for the motion blur competition that made the Best of the Rest. Please enjoy. (Responsibly of course – not like a school afterball!)

Cover Image: Single Image Competition Winner Chris Smith

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May 26

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Hidden Photos Discovering Locations By Brendon Doran

Out on the Petone Wharf


May 26

NZ Photographer

Maybe not enough interest in the sky so I focused on the railing as used it do draw the eye to the start burst of the light nearer the end of the wharf.

looking for inspiration and something new to photograph, but finding a new

don’t normally frequent. For instance a few weeks back I had to drop the car off for a replacement windscreen

location or source of inspiration can be

and walking to the bus station I came across

difficult. To help out here are a few of my

a cemetery nestled in the middle of industrial

tips and tricks for discovering that new spot

block, a place I hope to return to soon.

for your next photographic masterpiece. As a keen photographer you’re probably

When I moved to Wellington just over a year ago I spent a lot of time driving around looking for photogenic places. When the

region you live. You’ll know of locations that

low light competition came up in an earlier

are familiar to you but at some point you

issue of NZ Photographer I thought the Petone

may want to try out somewhere new and

Wharf would make a good subject and one

lack inspiration. Going for a drive (or even

of the shots landed me the cover. I had first

better being driven) is one way to discover

seen the wharf while driving around in the late

that hidden corner, interesting park or out-of-

afternoon on a day off from work and had

the-way gem. The same applies to cycling

noticed the wharf was nicely positioned to

and walking; maybe you could drive or

lead into the distant city of Wellington and the

take public transport to an area of town you

gorgeous colour in the sky from the setting sun.

NZ NZPhotographer Photographer

Dec May226

used to taking photos at home and in the



ike many photographers I’m always

For a slightly more planned approach get out

sun, allowing you to plan in exacting detail when

a map and have a look at the area you live. I

and where the sun will be but that’s a topic for

used this method when looking for good places

another article.

to catch sunrise and sunset around Wellington,

My first visit to Wainuiomata Beach was done off

approximating the path of the sun I picked out a

a map viewing, I checked the time for sunset and

couple of beaches that looked good and headed

made sure I was there to catch the evening light.

out in the hope of some good shots.

The surf was coming right up the beach and

Of course you can get a lot more scientific with

the trailing water made for a nice sense of

your planning and there are many tools online that

movement, the setting sun lighting up the rock

will give you the exact path of the rising and setting

for a focus point.


Mar 3

NZ Photographer


May 26

NZ Photographer

A lovely waterfall and lots of native fauna, all good ingredients for a photo.

If you’re not the type to go out without a

Churches” and found some gems, a derelict

in Ohakune and I searched the DOC

good idea of what you’re going to find then

wooden church covered in vines going on

website looking for short walks that

you can use the resources of others who have

to my “must visit” list.

would give me some photographic

done the searching for you. Newspapers,

In New Zealand the DOC website

opportunities. The Waitonga Falls Track

local magazines, on-line forums and photo

is a goldmine of information. New

sounded interesting and would only

sharing sites will give you a bewildering

Zealand is a beautiful country and there

be a few hours walking. The waterfall

array of photographic opportunities.

are hundreds of little spots to be found

at the end of the track was beautiful

on tracks and walks around the country.

and the photographs were well worth

As an example I went to Flickr and tried a search for “Wellington New Zealand

Walking down from Castle Rock I spotted this surfer taking a break and zoomed in to get this simple composition.


May 26

NZ Photographer

A recent family gathering was held

lugging in my tripod and camera.

-When you’re travelling away from

will have the location written on the back

angle is the challenge. Talking with my

your home region the opportunities are

and a quick check on a map will give

cousin, who was working for DOC in the

great, and a little research will always

you a new destination. I’ve used the

Wairarapa at the time, the topic turned to

help. If you haven’t had the chance

postcard method with great success in

places to visit in the area and Castlepoint

to investigate the opportunities for

many countries, local knowledge is great

was mentioned. If you look online you’ll

photography then there are a few tips

for the traveller. You may not end up with

find numerous shots of the Castlepoint

for last minute research.

the most original shots but you’ll have a

lighthouse and beach and when we did go

record of some of the more well known

out for the day I tried to get shots that were

and attractive areas.

different, using a telephoto lens to give

One of my favourite techniques, especially when travelling overseas, is to look at postcards. Often the postcard

views that I hadn’t seen before elsewhere.

beautiful country

New Zealand is a there are hundreds of little spots to

tracks and walks




Castlepoint Lighthouse has been photographed plenty of times so I went for a different angle using the sculpture as the focus point.

NZ Photographer


be found on

May 26


Finding the different take, the special

[Stone Town stair case]



Mar 3

NZ Photographer

Speaking of local knowledge, don’t

were packed up to leave, just waiting for

still had time and said yes, and ended up

forget to ask the locals! Ask about

everyone to meet in the foyer of our hotel.

getting some good shots of the old staircase

interesting building or landscape

Being early I was able to head out for a few

inside, his younger siblings running up the

features, enquire where the best walks

minutes to take a photo of a lovely carved

stairs to pose for me.

are, talk about the best sights and the

door just down from the hotel.

favourite places of the people you meet.

While taking a shot a young man came

This wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t returned to a place I had seen on an earlier

Even just engaging locals can lead to

out of the building and seeing me taking

walk past and then talked to the local when

unexpected opportunities.

the photo he helped out by first opening

the opportunity presented itself. I couldn’t

the door a little for a different shot and then

have planned the photos, sometimes you

asked if I wanted to have a look inside. I

just have to run with your luck.

On a visit to Zanzibar I was part of a group staying in Stone Town and we

Brendon Doran is a photographer whenever he has time outside of the daily IT grind. He took a night course in Photography 10 years ago and has since devoured hundreds of magazines, minds and a large portion of the internet to further his interest. For more on the journey so far, visit

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NZ Photographer

May 26

Epson Stylus® Pro 3880


Chris White


motion blur Competition

Agnes Arnold


May 26

NZ Photographer

Bruce Nolan

we said in our last issue, the

different yet fantastic! Chris White wins this issue’s cover who wins this issue’s cover, and a $100

winner was always going to be whoever

voucher from the fabulous people at Giclée

thought outside the box, and we think that

Print. For all YOUR fine art and canvas printing

our winner certainly gave us something

needs, visit

NZ Photographer


to our latest competition! As

May 26


hat a great response we had

Sharyn Carter

Sue Martin

Camilla Lundbak

Michael Pearson

Evelynn Gauntlett


May 26

NZ Photographer

Emanuele Romano

Sharon Dilks

Lisa Ball

Hillary Lakeman

Tony Burton


NZ Photographer

May 26

Kate Taylor


Adventurous Photos Graeme Murray, Photographer


otorua-based photographer Graeme

big names that make you a photographer

Murray has taken photography

– “a lot of the time it’s the little clients that

to some pretty amazing places,

keep you busy.”

and has made a name for himself as an

Graeme was drawn to photography

adventure photographer of note. I met him

around the age of 14 – “Both my

last year at a product launch for a new

Grandfather and Dad were into

portable strobe from Elinchrom, and I was

photography, so I got to see their gear but

amazed by his action shots.

never really had a chance to play with it.

Some of Graeme’s clients include Red

I guess I was just attracted to capturing

Bull, Tiva, Novotel and the New York

images – it was natural for me to pick up

Times, but he stresses that it’s not just the

a camera.”


May 26

NZ Photographer


May 26

NZ Photographer


May 26

NZ Photographer

Who’s the best of the best? What images are NZ’s top professional photographers producing? Be inspired by award-winning photography from around the country...

© Steve Sharp - 2009 Gold Award

Epson/NZIPP Iris Professional Photography Awards an exhibition of the award winning prints of 2009

Opening Night - Wed 9th June, 7:00pm Vero Center, 48 Shortland Street Auckland City


NZ Photographer

May 26

For more information on the NZIPP visit


May 26

NZ Photographer

Growing up riding motor cross bikes

before falling into an Audio and Visual

“I burnt out a bit and turned to video

and all the other toys that young boys

Production job for 8 years. I loved it

production, only to find that was a

play with meant action photography

because it taught me all about marketing,

15-hour-a-day job. After that I just went

was very appealing, but Graeme didn’t

big budgets, product launches and

snowboarding for 6 weeks to get away

immediately get into photography.

pitching for jobs and it took me around

from it all. When I got home the phone

the world, but it was a very intense job

rang with a photographic job, and it’s been

usually 20 hours a day.

ringing ever since.”

“I trained at Wellington Polytech, then left and freelanced for a while

I asked Graeme for some tips for those

time now, and I know what it feels

it’s easy to find someone who can

of us who’d like to do more adventure

like to ride through NZ bush, when

run, walk, hike or whatever, so find

photography, and here’s what he said:

the sun’s going down, in amazing

them, find a location, and get out

light, etc., so it’s my job to portray 1. It’s all about practise and understanding what you’re

that in my photos. 3. If you’re going to use flash or

there and practise. 5. Get out there when the light’s fantastic! 6. You don’t have to have the latest

shooting – research your subject,

strobe light (everyone seems to

gear and a crew of hundreds – a

and don’t go on just what you

be doing that these days) then

camera and a lens and great light

know about it – always ask what

remember it’s more about why

and good composition is all you

others think about the activity

you’re using flash than just for the

need to get amazing shots.

you’re shooting because they’ll

sake of using it.

have a different perspective. 2. I’ve done mountain-biking for some

4. Adventure photography doesn’t have to be people in wingsuits –

7. When I started it was using mainly natural light, so get outdoors and start small.

Graeme isn’t just an adventure photographer though – he’s experienced in architecture, people, tourism and even food, with a cookbook coming out soon filled with his images. “If you’re a good photographer you can shoot


NZ Photographer

May 26

anything, so it’s then all about relationships with other people.” For more of Graeme’s work go to


Sony Cybershot DSC-TX5

TX5 Sweep Panoramic


the gear review By Brian Foose


ast month we had the opportunity to get our hands on some new Sony compact digital and video cameras. We had a

look at the compact Cyber-shot DSC-TX5, the ultra-zoom Cyber-shot DSC-HX5V and the funky pocket video camera the Bloggie. The TX5 has a beautifully designed exterior as you’ll come to expect from any Sony Cyber-shot. However what’s unique about the camera is its toughness. The TX5 is built to be water-proof, shock-proof, dust-proof and freeze-proof! Yes that’s right! The little guy can go underwater down to 3 meters, be dropped from 1.5 meters high, withstand the toughest environments and still shoot photos and HD video as cold as -10ºC. All this while still looking like an elegant everyday camera, without any rubber buttons and excessive external protective casing. 22

May 26

NZ Photographer

TX5 Waterproof

The new Exmor-R CMOS sensor

beautifully without the need of a flash.

on the fly. Simply sweep your camera horizontally, to create stunning landscape

Both Cyber-shot TX5 and HX5V have the new Exmor-R sensor. Without going into too

Intelligent sweep panorama mode

much technical jargon, the Exmor-R sensor

Say goodbye to the days when you had

increases sensitivity by 2x to reduce noise

to stitch photos on the computer to make a

recognizes faces or subject movement

and performs extremely well in low-light

panoramic picture. Both Cyber-shot TX5 and

automatically and cleverly stitches the

situations. In my extensive testing at night

HX5V have the intelligent sweep panorama

photos together to create a natural-looking

time in poorly lit rooms, the photos come out

mode to create super wide-angle pictures

panoramic shot.

shots, or vertically, to capture tall objects. Intelligent Sweep Panorama also

HX5V Sweep Panoramic Outdoor Nightime

HX5V Sweep Panoramic Indoor

HX5V Sweep Panoramic Outdoor Daytime


NZ Photographer

May 26

Cyber-shot DSC-HX5V

Handheld twilight mode Generally speaking, if you want to take a photo of cityscape at night, you will need a tripod to make sure there is no movement when you’re taking the shot. However with the Sony Handheld twilight mode, the camera rapidly fires six shots, and then compiles them into one photo in order to reduce blur and noise without the need of a tripod. Brilliant! HD video recording Both Cyber-shot TX5 and HX5V have the ability to record High-Definition video. While the TX5 records video in a web friendly format at 720p High-Definition MP4, the HX5V can also record to a popular AVCHD format at full 1080p

HX5V & TX5 Handheld Twilight Mode

High-Definition, that’s normally found on a dedicated Handycam. Both camera’s video looks fantastic. It’s also worthwhile to know that both cameras can utilise the optical zoom while taking video. 5x zoom on the TX5 and 10x zoom on the HX5V. GPS & compass (DSC-HX5V only) The HX5V comes equipped with a GPS receiver and compass onboard, which give you the ability to geotag photos and videos automatically. HX5V come with Sony’s picture motion browser software, which allows you to see your geotagged photos and videos on a world map and the direction when the photo was taken. Although the software only works for Windows users, Mac users can also benefit the geotagging advantage in Apple’s iPhoto 09’ and Aperture 3. The Bloggie Lastly we have the Bloggie. Bloggie is Sony’s latest High-Definition pocket video

HX5V Handheld Dusk

camera that’s designed for customers who love to share high quality video online. Hence the name, “Blog-gie”. Bloggie can record HD video at the highest resolution of 1920x1080 at 30 fps. You can also record at a lower resolution such as 720/60 fps or 720/30 fps. The video is encoded into a very popular MP4 24

May 26

NZ Photographer

Geotag Example

H.264 format which works great with online

your movies to the online video sharing

angle panorama-like video clip which looks

video sharing sites such as YouTube. Bloggie

sites, with just a few simple steps.

like nothing else you have seen before!

also has the ability to capture 5 mega pixels

Digital imaging has always been a 360º video lens attachment

strong suit for Sony, and it is good to

Bloggie’s physical appearance is very

What makes Bloggie stand out from the rest

see Sony is still pushing out innovative

straight forward. It’s compact and easy to

of the pocket HD video cameras is its ability

and clever features such as the ones

understand. The camera lens rotates 270º

to record 360º video. Yep, you heard me

demonstrated on these cameras. As a

makes it a lot easier to film yourself while

right. 360º video recording! Simply attach

professional photographer, I’m used

seeing the picture on the large screen at

the 360ºVideo lens adaptor and point

to taking my big Digital SLR with me

the same time.

the rotating lens straight up, and you’re in

everywhere I go, and I, for one, am really

business. Bloggie will record everything

glad to see some quality ‘point & shoot’

with Bloggie. This software allows you to

around it into a circular video. With a little

compact cameras that I can picture myself

easily download the videos to your PC,

bit of help from the supplied software you

using comfortably when I don’t want the

using the built-in USB connector and upload

can expend that video into a very wide

extra weight on my shoulders.

photos as well as the HD video.

Sony also included easy to use software

For a full feature list on all the current Sony cameras please visit Sony New Zealand’s website at Brian Foose is the gadget-guy from hell and will be reviewing all the cameras, gizmos and accessories that manufacturers and


NZ Photographer

May 26

suppliers send us here at NZ Photographer. Check out his website at



PHOTOSHOP TIPS for beginners By Pete West


May 26

NZ Photographer


ne of the very easy to use image adjustment tools is, image>adjust>shadow/highlight.

In New Zealand we have an abundance of light and this can produce very harsh shadows on sunny days. (Some of the top of the range cameras allow you to take down the contrast in their programmes, but most people will have to use Photoshop to correct this). There is a surprising amount of detail hidden away in shadows, and by lifting that shadow just a bit, the areas that appeared just black suddenly come to life. When the shadow/highlight window comes up it starts at 50%, so you usually have to drag it back to between 17-20% to get the best result. Over use of this, as in the 72% diagram, results in a flattened appearance to the picture. Original Here you can see the dark area inside the hutch towards the top left of the picture. 17% s/h by moving the top slider to the right, in this case 17%, detail in this dark area is now clearly visible. 72% s/h We have now taken the slider up to 72% and as is clear the image has been ‘flattened’ by over-doing the amount of shadow we have removed. I tend to find about 17-20% works best on most pictures If you have images which aren’t so ‘contrasty’, another way of achieving better shadows is to use ‘curves’, (image> adjust >curves). The default, (programme setting) gives you diagonal line from bottom left to top right of the window. By clicking and dragging the line from the centre upwards and to the left makes the picture lighter. Dragging the curve downwards and to the right makes the picture darker. You can in fact drag this line where you want and achieve differing effects.

Pete West emigrated from the UK in 2002 and taught Photoshop at Natcol for 3 years. He works freelance producing aircraft illustrations and photographic articles on Airshows for magazines in the UK and Brazil.


NZ Photographer

May 26

(see flickr: )


Sized Up

YOUR WORK CRITIQUED There’s no better way to learn than by having your work critiqued! In this section you get to have your work critiqued by professional photographers Lisa Crandall and Ollie Dale. Lisa Crandall is a multi-award winning portrait photographer. In 2008 she was named ‘People Photographer of the Year’ at Iris, NZ’s professional photography awards. Her studio, ImageMe is located in Takapuna in Auckland. She also runs photography workshops, and is an Associate of the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography (ANZIPP). Ollie has been a professional photographer for seven years, and has clients such as the NZ Herald, Visa, Microsoft, Westpac, Unitec and BMW. He is also a qualified commercial member and Associate of the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography (ANZIPP).

OP1 28

May 26

NZ Photographer

Camera: Canon EOS Kiss X3

has therefore made the decisions. As a

I increased contrast in some parts of the

Shutter: 1/1250 sec

novice photographer this is completely

image - in particular, to make the individual

Aperture: f/5.6

understandable, but as you grow as a

rays of light stand out. I significantly

ISO: 400

photographer, I think that you should aim

lightened the grass in the bottom part of the

Author: Liz Robertson

to take control and work towards using

image, but also darkened (using a multiply

manual mode. Then you can set the shutter

layer) the edges of the photo a little, to keep

From the author: We happened upon

speed, aperture, ISO and white balance

the eye inside the image.

this gorgeous scene early on Sunday

yourself. The problem with letting the

morning and I’m reasonably happy with the

camera make all the decisions is that it

can see that some quality has been lost -

shot since, as you know, I’m a complete

often makes silly ones. In this case, it set

there is now increased noise in the image.

novice. But it lacks wow factor. Without

an extremely fast shutter speed (1/1250

However, by shooting RAW you will be

“Photoshop-ing”, how could I have improved

sec) - way faster than you need to avoid

able to avoid this, and will be able to turn a

the shot in camera?

camera shake, especially considering that

fantastic capture like this into a masterpiece.

Because I lightened your jpeg file, I

you are using a wide angle lens. And LISA’S COMMENTS: Top marks for this

yet, it has also set an ISO of 400, which

Ollie’s Comments: Lisa’s hit the nail on the

gorgeous shot of an early morning rural

does not give optimal quality. In a Canon

head here – you’ve shot a beautiful image that

scene. Landscape photography is all about

optimal smoothness and detail will be

has highlights and shadows and midtones, so

the time of day, lighting and weather - in this

achieved at 100 ISO, in Nikons at 200

the auto function has worked on this occasion!

photo you were there at the perfect time to

ISO. So, to maximise the quality of your

The only thing you could have done that I

capture the stunning rays of light shimmering

image it would have been wise to reduce

can think of to get more Wow in-camera is

through the mist. The ends of the day are the

the ISO and go for a slower shutter

to use a graduated filter – this is a filter that

best time to go out with your camera.

speed. It would also have been worth

acts like sunglasses by reducing the light, but

shooting in RAW (I’m not sure whether

it’s graduated to clear so that part of the filter

part of the photo is a little dark, however

or not you did) in order to optimise your

lowers the intensity of the light, while the other

you would not have wanted to give it more

ability to edit the photo later, without

half has no effect. This would be ideal in your

exposure (resulting in a brighter image)

degrading the quality.

situation because you could then balance the

In terms of the exposure of this image,

because then you would have started to

You mentioned that you feel the image

very bright upper half of your image with the

lose detail in the misty area around the

lacks ‘wow factor’. For this image, I feel

sun. When I look at the histogram for this

that there wasn’t really anything you could

image, I can see that there are no parts of

have done while shooting to increase

comments about shooting in RAW, which

the image that are completely black - so

the impact of the image, besides a slight

would allow you to recreate the graduated

you have retained detail in the shadows.

crop. However, by editing the image in

filter effect on the computer, and in adjusting

Some highlights around the sun have lost

Photoshop, you can increase the ‘wow

your camera settings to minimise noise.

detail - however, since it’s the sun that is

factor’. Better still, to optimise the quality of

natural. All in all, I think that this exposure is

your image, do as much of the editing as

400 ISO are identical in exposure to the

good because it captures the details needed

possible in Lightroom or Camera Raw, while

settings 1/320sec at f/5.6 with 100 ISO –

to create an amazing image using photo

the image is still in a RAW state.

only with the second settings you get less noise

I edited your image in Photoshop (Op

editing software.

very dark lower half. I also whole-heartedly agree with Lisa’s

Your settings of 1/1250sec at f/5.6 with

from the lower ISO. Shoot this in RAW and

1). I cropped it (and slightly straightened

you’d have a very clean, beautiful image with

the image, it looks like an automatic

it) in order to emphasise my favourite part

the best opportunity to work on it later to bring

mode has been used and the camera

of the image, the rays of light and horses.

out the best of the image.

In terms of the settings used to capture

Call for entries: Get your images critiqued by professionals – send an image to with a brief description of how and why you took the shot, and we’ll tell you what we think and if it could be improved. The views and opinions expressed in this section are only two people’s ideas on photographic imagery. You may have different, constructive ideas about how good or not the images are, and what could be done to them. You’re welcome to send those ideas in to We agree that the opinions contained in this critique section are by no means the only opinions that could be held about these images.


Adventure Photography (Single Image)

adventure photos, now it’s your turn,


in New Zealand or hold a NZ Passport at

but don’t fret – it’s not as daunting

the time of entry to qualify to win.

for is something in the style of adventure

pixels wide, and sent to competitions@

photography – a child jumping off a sand by 5pm on

dune could win it if you do it well. Like the

Monday the 28th of June, 2010. Winner

motion blur competition, this one will go to

will be published in Issue 17, out on

the person who thinks outside the square.

Wednesday the 7th of July, 2010.

o, you’ve seen Graeme Murray’s

as it may sound. What we’re looking

If you want to you can Google adventure photographs and study the style. Even if you don’t win you may still get published on our Best of the Rest page. Be in to win cover of Issue 17, and the fabulous $100 voucher from the fabulous people at Giclée Print. For all YOUR fine art and canvas printing needs, visit


Mar 3

NZ Photographer

One entry per person, and you must be

Images must be 100dpi, 1600

Documentary Style Essay Competition (4-6 Images) A quick reminder…


our “Documentary-Style” images are due in our email inbox no later than 5pm Monday the 7th of June, 2010. The brief: Capture in 4-6 shots a series of images that

invokes emotion and tells a story about a specific subject or event. The most thought-provoking essay wins! Be in to win cover of Issue 16, and the $100 voucher from the

fabulous people at Giclée Print. For all YOUR fine art and canvas printing needs, visit One entry per person, and you must be in New Zealand or hold a NZ Passport at the time of entry to qualify. Images must be 100dpi, 1600 pixels wide, and sent to competitions@ by 5pm on Monday the 17th of May, 2010. Winner will be published in Issue 15, out on Wednesday the


NZ Photographer

Mar 24

26th of May, 2010.


Pretty in Pink JVC is showing its support for the NZ Breast Cancer Foundation by personalising one of its new camcorders in look-at-me-pink. For every pink Everio SD Camcorder purchased, JVC will donate $10 to The New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation. While not being the most advanced camcorder on the market, it’s quite a compact little number, with dimensions of W52 x H62 x D110mm and weighing only 230 grams with a battery attached, and should fit nicely into the handbag of anyone who carries more than their EFTPOS card around with them. The GZ-MS215 Everio Camcorder is


the first Everio camcorder to be made in the colour pink – a nod to one of the most recognisable brands in the world – the pink ribbon. If you’re after a super-high-tech

The cool stuff in this section usually comes to you with help from the knowledgeable people

piece of High Definition hardware, keep

at This issue Ollie's managed to find some pretty cool stuff just

looking, but if you’re looking for a cute little

floating around... especially the Gigapan image!

number that dares to be different, check out the MS215 for RRP $599.


tricky. We were approached with this very

Gigapan – heard of it? It’s a machine

interesting competition (and don’t worry,

developed to robotically take multiple

we’ve checked it out; everyone gets to

images and stick them together into a

keep the copyright to all their images).

massive super image. One of the most

ORGANZ, the New Zealand Association

famous Gigapan images was the one of

of Organists Incorporated, is having

Barrack Obama, and now we have the

their Golden Jubilee next year, and as a

Dubai Skyline – a massive 45 Gigapixel

promo they’d like to hold a competition

Image – check it out, and see how close in

to get the photographers of NZ to send

you can zoom! Nuts!

in their best works, and the best works will be collected into their Golden Jubilee

CHURCH ORGAN COMP Here’s a doozy of a different competition

Calendar – hey, they’re offering $1000 to the best image, and $1750 in total, so if

for you to immerse yourself in! Ever

you’re interested you can download

photographed one of those pipe organs

the details and the release forms

you see in Town Halls, churches etc.?

you’ll need to get signed, and

We haven’t, but we hear they’re rather

get cracking...


May 26

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