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Whether you’re an enthusiastic weekend snapper or a beginner who wants to learn more, NZ Photographer is the fun e-magazine for all Kiwi camera owners – and it’s free! EDITOR Ollie Dale, ANZIPP GROUP EDITOR Trudi Caffell


inally we can announce and fully

the Canon Media Awards, celebrating

hand over the reins of Editor of

outstanding images from the media, to

NZ Photographer!

the recent NZIPP Iris Awards and the

Brady Dyer has been chosen from several

thousand applicants to follow in the size 12 footsteps of your outgoing editor, me. Brady’s enthusiasm and already

North Shore Salon. Thanks for the memories – it’s been a pleasure and a great ride. Don’t worry; you haven’t heard the last from me!

established online presence is exactly what NZ Photographer needs going

P.S. Jackie and I had our third baby on the

forward, and I look forward to seeing his

20th of August – Nathan Willem Dale.

name in lights as he takes what 3,500

Older brother Josh and sister Aliyah are

people have come to know and love

super excited. Let the madness begin!

as NZ Photographer into new territory.

ART DIRECTOR Jodi Olsson ADVERTISING ENQUIRIES Phone Alastair on 09 523 4112 or email ADDRESS NZ Photographer, C/- Espire Media, PO Box 137162, Parnell, Auckland 1151, NZ WEBSITE

Keep in touch with him, support him, and welcome him into his new role. In the spirit of celebration, this issue is all about the amazing images to

NZIPP Master of Photography

NZ Photographer is an Espire Media publication

have been awarded across the country in all levels of our art in 2011, from Cover Image: Competition Winner Mike Pearson

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60MB/second 90MB/second | 3 For more info contact




Maori Tourism NZ campaign in China

How did you get into

ridiculous amount for the prints. So I got a

What were some of your early


friend to build a website, and got a few

Photography experiences?

I got into photography while I was still

photographers together to shoot the balls.

Most of the photos I took in my early

at school. I started a business in my final

After our first few we had plenty of cash

years were glamour shots. I had a lot

year doing school ball photography

to purchase a camera (Canon 350D)

of friends wanting to get into modelling

for my own school (Hutt International

and studio lights etc. After about a year

and promo work and really enjoyed this

Boys School) and a few other schools

I started playing around with the 350D

style of photography (who wouldn’t as

that heard we were doing something

and it soon became my trusted camera. I

a teenage boy!). From word of mouth

different. I was sick of the way current

quickly taught myself the technical aspects

and building contacts I quickly became

photographers sold their ball photos.

of using a camera, and coming from a

known as the go-to guy for photography.

They’d come into the school with huge

design background I had spent many

Some early highlight’s were being asked

big boards with 100’s of tiny thumbnails

years photo shopping other peoples

if I would like to take photos for the

scattered all over them. You then had

photos! Now in 2011 we’re doing 15

Hurricane’s new billboards which then

to write out a booking form and pay a

school balls this year.

were displayed all over Wellington City.

4 |

Photos for Vossen Wheels of a Masarati with their new wheels

Production Stills for “Tangiwai” the movie. This photo is used by TVNZ on the cover of the DVD being sold

It was soon after this job having earned

launched and I managed to get my

Photographer magazine is one I am very

some money, and seeing my work up on

hands on the first body in Wellington

excited about. It’s unchartered waters for

a billboard, and having had the pleasure

(Thanks Tim from Colin Kirk!). Most of

me and I am looking forward to it! I’m

of using a Canon 5D I thought, “This is

my life has been centred around my

looking forward to helping educate those

for me!”

photography, and as well as school ball

that are new to the photography scene,

photography we also convert video tapes

those who were just like me several years

What happened next?

to DVD. I’ve also recently started a web

ago. I’ve got some great articles in the

I decided to commit myself to

design business which goes hand in

pipeline and I can’t wait to share these

photography. I started saving hard. Every

hand with my photography business!

with everyone.

drop from every job went into my new camera fund. Then for my 21st birthday

Why did you apply for the Editor

a huge group of friends all got together


and knew what I wanted. Together with

I’ve always enjoyed talking and sharing

my parents they purchased me my 5D.

my mind, some would argue too much!

Luckily for me, the MKII had just been

Having the opportunity to Edit NZ

To contact Brady or if you’re interested in contributing to NZ Photographer e-Magazine please email | 5

Peter Bush presents Mark Mitchell with the trophy for Press Photographer of the Year.


Canon Media Awards 6 |


ew Zealand’s top photojournalists were recognised in red carpet style

at the Canon Media Awards held in Auckland at the end of May. Legendary photographer Peter Bush made a special appearance to present the awards to each winning photojournalist. Peter Bush went on to be honoured for his outstanding contribution to photojournalism. Mark Mitchell from The New Zealand Herald took out the supreme award in the photography section. His winning portfolio earned him the title of Best Senior Photographer in New Zealand. It features six striking photos that capture heart-stopping moments from the past year. The portfolio includes emotional pictures of members of the Greymouth Community during the Pike River tragedy; a photo of Deans’ historic Homebush Station homestead, destroyed by the Christchurch earthquake; and a shot of a fiery confrontation between cricketers Scott Styris and Mitchell Johnson. Mark Mitchell, says, “It was a big thrill to win the award. It was a huge news year

Mark Mitchell

The New Zealand Herald

and I just happened to be in the right place at the right time to be able to capture good, strong images.”

*Supreme Award Winner The Canon Media Awards | 7

BenjaminCurran The Marlborough Express

*Best Junior Photographer The Canon Media Awards

Benjamin Curran from The Marlborough

Other winners included Kent Blechynden

Express was named Best Junior Photographer

from The Dominion Post who was

for his portfolio of six photographs.

awarded Best Single News Picture for his

Benjamin’s pictures show his ability to

photo of a police standoff. Best Sports

produce stunning imagery from rural New

Picture was given to Hagen Hopkins of

Zealand, as well as photos to support local

Getty Images for his photo of a catch

news stories.

during the HRV Cup.

Mike Johnston, Country Manager of Canon

Richard Robinson

New Zealand, says, “This is obviously a

from The New

special section for Canon. We have been

Zealand Herald won

supporting New Zealand media’s most

Best Photo Essay

outstanding photojournalists for a number

for his series on the

of years and really enjoy celebrating their

stranding of a pod of

remarkable work.

whales. Best Video

“It is always a great moment when the

was presented to

winning photos are presented at the Canon

Amy van Dyk, Mike

Media Awards and New Zealand’s

Scott, Matt Rilkoff and

photographic talent is on display for the

Aaron Wood from the

industry to appreciate,” says Johnston.

Taranaki Daily News.

8 |

HagenHopkins Getty Images

*Best Single Sports PictureThe Canon Media Awards

KentBlechynden The Dominion Post

*Best Single News Picture The Canon Media Awards

RichardRobinson The New Zealand Herald

*Best Essay/Slideshow The Canon Media Awards | 9

Catwalks & Models HOT ON THE HEELS OF NZ’s Fashion Week, Jim Selby shares his passion for photographing beautiful people parading around in fancy clothes...


atwalks: glamorous, high fashion

at the end of the runway were a good

runways populated with often

20 photographers and 4 videographers.

unhappy looking or ‘edgy’

Not a massive number of people until

models, with their meticulously practiced

you realise we were all crammed into an

struts and turns. If you think you know your

area no bigger than 8 foot by 6 foot (2.4

camera, this is the place to prove it. I am

Metres by 1.8 Metres) and everyone had

Bluesden Photography and I love Catwalks!

their spot marked out. Except me. Not only was I at the back of the pit, but I ended

10 |

Into the unknown...

up tightly sandwiched between two video

I still remember my first ever Catwalk

cameras on high tripods. Everyone around

show; stood in the photographers ‘pit’

me seemed quietly confident, last minute

camera checks were taking place, and fellow togs were chatting. There was I, unable to see the catwalk fully, scared to move my arms too much lest I bring the video cameras crashing down and awash with a mixture of nerves and excitement. Oh, and I had no idea what was going to happen next. I tuned into some of the conversations searching for clues and realised that the main topic of discussion was not about the content of the upcoming show, or which models may be appearing. It was regarding the lighting. For good reason as I was about to find out. Everyone was second guessing the set-up and as the crowd started filling the seats the atmosphere started to grow. I took a few test shots and played with my settings, underexposing a little to allow for the brighter lights that I was expecting. The place was now full, the house lights started dimming and the whole auditorium went dark. The show’s loud, exhilarating music started and I could feel my heart speeding up. Still no lights though and I remember stupidly thinking to myself, what ISO am I going to need for this dimness? The music reached a crescendo and BAM! The Catwalk area lit up, but the photography pit didn’t. The trick now, as I learned very quickly, was to get the settings right, in the dark. As you will have guessed, there are no dry runs with Catwalk photography, the lighting is sprung upon you when the show starts and not before. It’s not like a studio where you are the master of the lighting; it’s a surprise and one that you have to deal with fast. That first experience was terrifying to start with, I will admit. But it left a lasting impression on me and I have shot many more shows since. And yes, the lighting is always different and it’s always a challenge. To get a feel for what it is like in the pit, grab your camera one | 11

evening and turn off the lights. Now try and change your ISO, white balance and aperture within 30 seconds. Not so easy? Thought not. I shoot at 1/160 so that I can guarantee that I freeze the action of the models. They are constantly on the move, and the best shots always seem to be when they are mid strut. All of my other settings revolve around this shutter speed. My camera body is a Canon 7D and all of my catwalk images to date have been shot with a Sigma DC 18-250mm 3.5 to 6.3 lens. The combination of the Sigma lens and the 7D has been superb, producing vibrant images, often in lowlight conditions. I use Kingston Technology Ultimate CF cards and absolutely no flash.

12 |

I have never used flash for catwalk shows as it’s simply a waste of time. Shows are often well lit with very strong lighting; a flash gun is going to have very little effect and just adds weight and bulk to the camera body. Although the 18-250mm lenses are often seen as ‘jack of all trades, master of none’ lenses, the range and reach for me is key. It’s important to be able to switch from a long shot at the beginning of the catwalk to a facial close up a few feet away from me very quickly. And as the action is quite fast, with multiple models on the catwalk at once, the fact that the Sigma focuses very quickly is a massive bonus. Some catwalk photographers use two cameras with short range and long range lenses, but I tend to find that space is VERY limited as you are working shoulder to shoulder with other photographers and constantly switching between cameras is just too much hassle. | 13

So, my top tips for Catwalk photography... •

Get to the show early. Although the

being able to configure your camera

I can use up a lot of space very

catwalk area is often closed off

settings in a hurry in the dark is a trick

quickly. It’s not uncommon for me

and protected by security in many

that’s an absolute must. When those

to come back from a fashion show

cases, it is possible to gain entry

lights come up you have to act fast or

where there have been 2 or 3

early and to place your marker

you’ll miss the start of the show.

Catwalks with over 1,000 images

if you ask nicely. Two extra items

to sift through and process.

on the Catwalk are the models

most photographers do not are a

following? Are they coming all

There really is no point. The lights

roll of packing tape and a marker

the way to the end? Are they

are so strong that using a flash is a

pen. This allows me to mark out

crossing over each other’s path?

where I want to stand on the floor

Keeping an eye on this can help

of the photography ‘pit’. There is

you predict shots before they

Catwalk runways are long and

a great amount of respect in the

happen and enable you to be

being able to switch between near

ready for something different.

and far very quickly is a great

Use the biggest memory cards you

bonus, unless you want to keep

Know your camera’s buttons layout

can get. Most shows last for 30 to

swapping between two bodies with

back to front. As I mentioned before,

40 minutes and as I shoot in .raw

different lenses for the whole show.

pit and everyone honours other photographer’s marks. •

Read the show. What pattern

that I carry in my camera bag that

14 |

Leave your flash gun at home.

pointless exercise. •

Use a lens with a big focal range.

Catwalk photography always leaves me feeling exhilarated So there you have it. Catwalk photography always leaves me feeling exhilarated. I find there is a ‘buzz’ that you don’t get shooting other subject matter and it’s taught me some excellent camera skills along the way.

The Professional’s Professional Introducing the Epson Stylus® Pro 3880 and UltraChromeK3® Ink with Vivid Magenta. Featuring a three black inkset, the Pro 3880 delivers outstanding tonal range, especially in black and white prints. What’s more, the addition of Vivid Magenta and Vivid Light Magenta expands the colour gamut, making it easier to reproduce difficult colours. So if you’re looking for exceptional tonal range, an ultra wide colour gamut and durable photographic prints that last 406 years,* look no further than the Epson Stylus Pro 3880! * For more information visit


Epson Stylus® Pro 3880 | 15

2011 Epson NZIPP Iris Awards 16 |

Richard Wood *Overall Photographer of the year and Portrait Creative Photographer of the Year


his year I was able to get in amongst

recommend to any photographer wanting

it at the 2011 Iris Awards like never

to progress their skill. Don’t just enter the

before, as my new role on the NZIPP

awards, turn up and listen to the judging

Honours Council took me out the back into

and to the judges reasoning, and if

the “engine room”, out amongst the judges,

you think you could judge better all you

and all over the IT system like a rash.

have to do is make it to NZIPP Master of

It’s an amazingly productive 3 days, with highs and lows and lots of awards, and watching judging is something I’d

Photography and let the Honours Council know you’re keen! Easy, hey? | 17

MikeHill *Commercial Photographer of the Year

JackieRankin 18 |

*Photojournalism Photographer of the Year

JackieRankin *Illustrative Photographer of the Year

JackieRankin *Landscape Photographer of the Year


*Overseas Photographer of the Year | 19

Aimee Thomson

*Student Photographer of the Year


20 |

*Travel Photographer of the Year

Emma Hughes

*Wedding Album of the Year

RachelCallander *Wedding Photographher of the Year | 21

2011 North Shore Salon Beverly Short

*Gold Set Subject - Aged

EvanMcBride *Gold Set Subject - Power


*Prints Open Colour - Gold Medal


he judging of the seventeenth

mask” of Giclee Print, long-time sponsors

annual North Shore National Salon

of NZ Photographer’s competitions, that

of Photography took place recently.

all four print categories contain a medal-

This year’s Salon attracted 2143 entries

winner made by Giclee Print Limited –

from 237 entrants, including members

that’s awesome Mike, and testament to

from over 64 photographic clubs and

your printing prowess!

societies from Whangarei to Invercargill. Most exciting of all, though, is the boast from Mike Thornton, the “man behind the

22 |

If you’d like to know more about the North Shore Salon, email


*Digital Open Monochrome - Gold Medal


*Prints Open Monochrome - Gold Medal


*Gold Medal Set Subject - The Human Element


*Gold Medal Set Subject - Modern

Jan Maree Vodanovich

*Gold Medal - Digital Open Colour & Best Overall Print | 23





fter our second ever Open Category competition we are pleased to announce the winner, and share

the best images received. Open is always an interesting category – with no rules on content, it all comes down to technical skill and WOW factor. This month’s winner is: Mike Pearson Mike wins this issue’s cover and a $100 voucher from the fabulous people at Giclée Print. For all YOUR fine art and canvas printing needs, visit

RoryGatfield 24 |


Kelly McQuinlan SusanPretorius

EddieKyle | 25




26 |

BradyDyer KerrynJames

VerenaCunningham | 27


Winter Competition W

ith the handover of the Editor’s role from Ollie to Brady we’ve decided to

keep it simple this month. To win the next competition and the cover of issue 25 what you need to do is use your photographic skill in any genre you choose to illustrate Winter. That’s it; Winter. It could be a portrait, a landscape, photojournalism or a creative piece of Photoshop mastery. It’s up to you, and we expect to be wowed, so get to it.Thanks again to our sponsors of our competitions - for all YOUR fine art and canvas printing needs, visit

One entry per person, and you must be in New Zealand or hold a NZ Passport at the time of entry to qualify to win. Images must be 100dpi, 1600 pixels wide, and sent to competitions@ by 5pm on Monday the 10th of October 2011. Winner will be published in Issue 25, out on Wednesday the 26th of October, 2011.

Landscape Competition I

n Issue 22 we interviewed Becky Nunes, 2010 NZIPP Landscape Photographer of the Year, and head

of the photography department at Whitecliffe. She challenged us all to think outside the box when it comes to Landscape photography and shoot something other than a “chocolate box� image. The competition for the cover of Issue 24 is Landscape, and the deadline for entries is drawing to a close. HINT 1: Go back to Issue 22 and read the interview with Becky. HINT 2: Go back to Issue 20 and read our article on how to win our competitions! Thanks again to our sponsors of our competitions - for all YOUR fine art and canvas printing needs, visit One entry per person, and you must be in New Zealand or hold a NZ Passport at the time of entry to qualify to win. Images must be 100dpi, 1600 pixels wide, and sent to competitions@ by 5pm on Monday the 12th of September, 2011. Winner will be

published in Issue 24, out on Wednesday the 28h of September, 2011. | 29


W cool

stuff 30 |

hen we hear the name

credit card-shaped, human hair-thick slabs

GAIA, our memory

of silicon carbide act like tiny galactic

automatically zooms back to

eyes, each storing incoming light as a

the Whoopi Goldberg-voiced Mother Earth

single pixel. Not sufficiently impressed?

from Captain Planet. This isn’t that GAIA,

Then consider this: the stellar cam is so

but it does have to do with planets. Back at

all-seeing, “it could measure the thumbnails

the turn of the millennium, the European

of a person on the Moon” -- from Earth.

Space Agency devised an ambitious

Yeah. Set to launch on the Soyuz-Fregat

mission to map one billion stars in our

sometime this year, the celestial surveyor

Milky Way galaxy -- in 3D (insert Joey

will make its five-year home in the Earth-Sun

Lawrence ‘whoa!’). To do this, it enlisted

L2 Lagrange point, beaming its outerspace

UK-based e2v Technologies and built an

discoveries to radio dishes in Spain and

immense digital camera comprised of 106

Australia -- and occasionally peeping in

snugly-fit charge coupled devices -- the

your neighbour’s window.

largest ever for a space program. These

Source: Engadget


ind your Nikon or Canon lens mug a little too big for some other beverages you may enjoy from time

to time? Then you might want to consider stocking your cupboard with a few of these lens shot glasses now available from Photojojo (and made by DERELIQ). They’re are only available in the Canon variety so far, but they are just as detailed as their larger counterpart, right down to the raised switches and image stabilizer markings -- we hear that feature leaves a bit to be desired, though. $18 will buy you a set of three. Source: Engadget


hange may be afoot over at Hasselblad, now that the high-end camera maker has

been acquired by Ventizz Capital Fund IV -- a private equity firm based in Switzerland and Germany. Neither party disclosed any financial details, but Ventizz said it will implement “no major structural or key management changes” at its newly acquired company. It remains to be seen whether or not this acquisition brings about any changes at the strategic level, though Hasselblad CEO Larry Hansen said his company is looking forward to exploring “brand new markets” -including, we hope, the sub-$10,000 one. Source: Engadget | 31

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w w w .n z fi sh e r .c o .n z 1

32 |

next issue of NZ Photographer… Coming up in Issue 24: That’s all a mystery – look forward to it! Good luck Brady! Peace - Ollie

Have you subscribed to NZ Photographer? It’s free! Simply visit to get a copy of NZ Photographer delivered straight to your inbox every third Wednesday! | 33

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