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November 2016


Fishery on Aucklands


Kahawai Mighty & Tasty 1

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Cover Image: Conner showing one of his fiesty Pupuke Perch 3


I’M IN FISHING MODE. It’s time to put

Walkley has taken the annoying

away the woollens, pack the sunscreen

spring westerlies that inhibit fishing

and hit the water!

and exploited their usefulness for

There’s just so much to offer in New

getting a longline off-shore with a

Zealand, and we don’t have to travel

kite, while up and coming fishing film-

far to get into some fantastic sport and

maker Connor Scott has spent more

subsistence fishing. I’m so encouraged

time than he’d admit honing skills

by anglers exploring new techniques

hunting and hooking the fresh water

and skills, especially the young ones, in

greeblies in Auckland’s Lake Pupuke.

search of new reads on the water.

These guys are finding ways to keep

This month we have two excellent

rising and having fun, even when the

examples of fishing outside the

conditions force their hand, for both

‘normal’ sphere. Regular Michael

fun and food.


While it’s been a reasonably quiet time

opportunity to connect a ready supply

on the fisheries management front,

of fish to the under-resourced families

there’s no rest for the wicked, so the

surrounding Papatuanuku.

team at LegaSea have quietly been

Scott bought the Auckland Outboard

working on their strategies for the new year. This included a new interactive stand at the Napier/Hawkes Bay A&P show in October.

Boating Club (OBC) and Papatuanuku together in a meaningful way. The OBC have upgraded their fish cleaning facilities to food safety standards,

The LegaSea team have been working

installed refrigerators and supplied bins

tirelessly in the Bay to help the

for fish to be stored and transported in.

downtrodden rec rushers gain some ground in what is essentially a race for space. Their new stand allows supporters to represent themselves in a very graphic way all while raising muchneeded funds to fuel the fight. I’d also like to congratulate LegaSea and in particular Scott Macindoe for his work on a project which has grabbed my attention and admiration. Earlier this year Scott saw an article in the Herald which journaled the work of Lionel Hotene of Papatuanuku Marae in Manger expressed his desire to help wean his whanau and community off insidious junk food and onto a better diet including kumara and similar, quality foods grown locally at Papatuanuku Marae. Scott saw an

The fish, most made up of frames, heads and offal are all taken by the mare - the heads and frames either smoked on-site at the mare and used for events or as fresh fish or smoked delivered to the local community at no cost. The offal is utilised in the gardens, providing natural, chemical-free fertiliser of rah many acres of gardens on site. We look forward to bringing you a full story not his fantastic, thoughtful and beneficial collaboration in a later issue, but for now - Ka Pai Scott, Lionel and the teams at OBC and Papatuanuku, you’re doing an amazing job!

Derrick 5


Kahawai Mighty & Tasty

BY Derrick Paull


I KNOW WE FOCUS a lot on snapper.

quickly the kahawai hot blood

It’s hard not to since they’re just so

(which is again the key) cannot ‘cook

prolific in my backyard, but there are

the flesh’ and cause the damage

other species out there and some

bleeding it is also trying to prevent.

are more than worthy of our fishing focus. Recently I got to spend some quality time on the water with my good friend Scott. We’ve talked fishing for about six years but somehow it wasn’t until October that we got a line wet together. Scott’s a big fan of fish for the table, but unlike most of us, snapper is not his target. For food, he’s a real fan of kingfish, followed closely by kahawai - the mighty one. Scott has a dozen, or more very good recipes from raw and simple to curried in the most subtle and delicious sauces. Kahawai has earned

Once on shore, Scott’s kahawai gets the highest respect. Not only do the thick, meaty fillets get removed but in filleting, Scott leaves a healthy layer of flesh against the backbone. He separates the throat and head from the offal which is then utilised in compost, while the backbone, throat and head are put aside for smoking or to be boiled up and stripped. The fillets can be fried, curried or smoked, but my personal favourite is in the dish Thai kahawai curry Scott showed me last year.

a reputation for so long as a strong

The recipe is simple but requires just a

fighter, but poor eater - due in part to

little prep to get the kahawai just right.

its high blood-flow during that fight

After filleting and skinning the fish,

we so dearly love.

cut it into 1-inch cubes and plunge

Most people bleed their kahawai

into fiercely boiling coconut cream.

to reduce the blood build-up in the

It only requires about 30 seconds in this

flesh but both Scott and I agree,

bath, just enough to cure the surface.

this isn’t necessary or important.

Remove from the cream and set aside.

What’s important is to have the

It’s best to run the kahawai in batches

fish put on ice immediately; chilled

and keep the cream hot, hot, hot. 7


For the curry you’ll need: • Bunch of green beans, roughly cut • Two carrots Chopped • One sliced Green capsicum • One sliced red capsicum For the Thai curry paste: • 1/2 teaspoon coriander seeds • 1/4 teaspoon cumin seeds • 6 white peppercorns • 1 teaspoon shrimp paste (see note) (belacan) • 1/4 teaspoon ground turmeric • 4 coriander roots, roughly chopped • 2 lemongrass stems (pale part only), roughly chopped • 1 tablespoon freshly grated galangal (see note) or ginger • 1 long green chilli, roughly chopped • 4 small green chillies, roughly chopped (or use 2 extra long green chillies) • 4 kaffir lime leaves (see note), spine removed, roughly chopped • 2 Asian red eschalots, roughly chopped • 4 garlic cloves, roughly chopped


Step one: Toast coriander and cumin seeds with the pepper in a wok or pan over medium heat for one to two minutes until fragrant, shaking pan to prevent burning. Cool slightly. Grind to a fine powder using a mortar and pestle. Making the paste: Toast the dried spices to release their aroma before grinding. It’s best to pound the paste roughly with a mortar and pestle to release the aromas and flavours of the ingredients before blending. The perfect paste should be fine in texture with no stringy bits. It should have a khaki green colour and be just a little wet, but not runny.

Step two: Dry-fry in a wok or pan over medium heat for one minute to toast slightly. Cool, then add to a mortar with remaining ingredients and pound with the pestle until roughly crushed. Add one tablespoon water and use a stick blender (or transfer to a processor) to blend to a paste. Add the paste to the coconut cream; heat then add vegetables before finally adding the cooled kahawai. Serve immediately over warm rice. Delish as fish! 

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Fishery on Aucklands

Doorstep All weather mayhem on light gear BY Connor Scott



fishos simply don’t know how fun and

of Auckland, most of my fishing

easy it is to catch the vast assortment

experience has come from the salt

of freshwater species Auckland’s lakes

water sitting just on my doorstep.

hold. The primary targets are, believe it

With the endless boat ramps and

or not, Rainbow and Brown trout. Trout

shorelines, there seems to be no limit

in Auckland!? Most people don’t believe

to the angling opportunities. With so

me when I tell them, but I can assure

many species to target and techniques

you that although they are by no means

to perfect, it’s hard to imagine how

huge, they are in fact trout.

anyone with a passion for fishing would

Another predatory fish you will often

lose interest.

catch is the Redfin Perch. They are

My problem, however, is not that I’ve

effectively New Zealand’s version of the

lost interest. It’s that I’ve accidentally

American Bass. They are quite prolific

gained another. Freshwater fishing is

and are great fun on light spin gear.

not something that at I thought would

There are of course other species that

interest the everyday average snapper

can be targeted such as Tench, but I am

catcher from Auckland. But maybe

yet to fully explore how to land these

that’s just because most Auckland

awesome looking fish. 11



My obsession first started a few years

Over the years I have visited this lake

before the end of high school. I was

more and more. In fact, for the past few

on end of year break so had a lot of

weeks, I have been fishing it pretty hard

spare time on my hands and wanted

daily. I am slowly refining my techniques

nothing more than to go for a fish. After

and learning to catch new species. The

searching online for easy places to fish,

buzz I get from catching a fish I have only

I found myself reading an article from

seen pictures of people catching is one I

the month prior about the release of

cannot replicate while fishing saltwater.

thousands of trout fingerlings into Lake Pupuke in Takapuna.

When I’m fishing the lake, I will only be targeting a couple of species at a time.

After a bit more research I was on a bus

My favourite species to fish for by far

headed towards Milford. Hunts Sports

would have to be the Redfin Perch. A

provided me with my first ever fishing

light spin outfit and a small lure are

license, and as a result, I had a full day

all you need to catch these beautiful

to fish as much as I wanted.

fish. Often you will have them follow

Sylvan Park on the Eastern Shore of Lake

the lure right to your feet before they

Pupuke was my first stop as it was the

finally decide to grab it. I have had some

closest access I happened to stumble

amazing surface strikes from perch on

upon that day. You couldn’t have written

an assortment of lures as they are such

about it. Three casts in and wham! My

aggressive feeders. Due to the lake’s

first ever rainbow trout. The feeling of

abundance of smaller fish, I find it is

utter amazement I had that morning

easier to target the larger specimens by

when that fish hit the bank is one I

flicking out larger profile lures. Recently

can still remember. What an incredible

I have been throwing around small

resource on our back doorstep!

sinking stick baits with great success. 13


Generally, I will target trout on small

pick one to suit. It does not matter what

metal spoons, spinners/blades or

license you have as long as you have

wobblers, but small bibbed lures find

one. Fishing in the lake is prohibited

the soft spot in most lake species. If

unless you have one, even if you are


PUBLISHING 26/11/15 you’re interested in getting into fishing only practising catch and release. SALES REP BRAEDEN.SAUL PUBLICATION FISH AND GAME NZ ADVERTISING at Lake Pupuke, the most important DESIGNER Unknown Don’t let the inclement SECTION weatherRUN putOF BOOK PROOF PROOFED 21/10/2015 6:59:38 a.m. SIZE 19X14 part of your kit is your freshwater you off! The good thing about a lake AD ID 6937434AA FAX 5543 fishing license. I pick mine up from is that there will always be a sheltered PLEASE APPROVE THIS AD AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. NOTE THAT ANY ALTERATIONS Hunting and Fishing North Shore, as side! If the wind is an Easterly or MUST BE FINALISED BY OUR MATERIAL DEADLINE. the store also stocks all of the gear I use a Northerly try Sylvan Park, if it is at the lake but licenses are available at blowing from the South, try the pump

most good tackle resellers in Auckland.

house. The rowing club is a good spot

Depending on how much fishing you

if the wind is coming from the West.

plan to do at the lake, there is an

Give it a go. You never know, you may

assortment of license options ranging

just unearth a love for a fishery you

from half day to a full season so you can

never knew about. 


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Update Commission of Inquiry


It was accompanied by leaked

released a shocking report

Ministry for Primary Industries’

highlighting New Zealand

reports revealing that MPI not

authorities had, for 60 years,

only knew of the illegal dumping

knowingly underreported total

but had video footage of the

fish catch to the United Nations.

offences. Copies of emails showed

The report also exposed the

that senior MPI officials decided

excessive and deliberate waste of

against prosecuting the offenders

our fish by commercial fishers.

despite that irrefutable evidence.


After days of denials and plenty of

the management of our fisheries.

heat, MPI commissioned a review by

Please take three seconds to vote in

QC Michael Heron into the decisions not to prosecute. In September, Heron released his report into three MPI investigations. For Operation

the poll: Do you support LegaSea’s call for a Commission of Inquiry?

Achilles he found the decision

Taranaki Seabed Mining

not to prosecute was ‘flawed’.

In 2014 the Environmental Protection

Even more interesting are the

Authority rejected an application from

emails from MPI’s Director of

Trans-Tasman. Resources to mine iron

Fisheries where he comments

sand off the South Taranaki Bight.

fish dumping is a “systemic

Overwhelming public opposition to

failure of the current system”.

seabed mining and environmental

Fisheries Management can’t

concerns were the big issues.

quantify the tonnages involved, but

TTR are back. They have resubmitted,

we suspect they are significant to

proposing the excavation of 50

the point that they are impacting

million tonnes of iron sand from

on stocks”. Also, that if they

the seabed each year. There is little

stopped fish dumping, “we would

information as to what effect this may

probably put half of the inshore

have on the fish stocks in an area or

fleet out of business overnight”.

future productivity of the seabed.

Is a system that can be described

LegaSea is working alongside Kiwis

like this, by the people who manage

Against Seabed Mining to protect

it, fit to serve the public of New

this area for future generations.

Zealand? Far from being ‘world

Head to and use their

leading’, LegaSea says it is time

easy submission form by 5pm this

for us to take a close look at the

Friday 14 October. Please, let the

Quota Management System and

EPA know what you think, now.”

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Here’s the boat, Chris the skipper was a real genuine good bugger.


Noosa BY Wayne ‘Pieboy’ Downer



family, rang the number and we were

mind while on a winter escape in

booked the next day - too easy! It

sunny Noosa.

seemed way too easy at this point,

I was a little bit nervous as this was

but another holidaymaker who had

our first extended family Holiday and

been out several times with them

it was kind of my idea. I had stayed

overheard and put my mind at ease.

in Noosa many times with work and I

This eased my nerves somewhat,

loved it, but was a wee bit worried the

but you never know how others

rest wouldn’t.

expectations might be different to your

Sunshine, shopping, swimming and

own. Full boat charter for $80 per head,

relaxing was on the agenda to get

seven people all tackle bait and lunch

everyone in the Holiday mood.

provided seemed like a pretty good

We booked into ‘Calgoa point beach

price - best of all, the boat picked us up

resort’ in Noosa Heads.

20 metres from our accommodation.

Apartment accommodation at a very

He knew his stuff, had a great boat,

affordable rate, built on man-made

tackle and attitude. The plan was to

canals with river views and great

fish the waterways and out to the

restaurants close by it was a really

heads. The target was flathead and

neat place to stay with the family.

brim. The bait was shrimp and live

After a few days of the usual Holiday

baits. Seemed too easy!

stuff I saw a boat pull up to the jetty

After a small burn out to the river

right behind our apartment, the

mouth, Chris started to cast a bait net

skipper was filleting the catch. The

while we fished the shrimps. From

primal instincts kicked in, and I had

here, we put down lines for more

no choice but to walk down and have

‘target’ species. A mix of live baits

a look. A bit of friendly chat with

and dead baits saw plenty of brim

the skipper and his customers and I

and flathead come on board. The kids

thought I needed to go fishing! Back to the poolside, I rallied the

and big kids were all catching fish at a steady rate. 19

Holly with a nice Brim

Briana with a live bait caught flathead

Chris, the skipper, was fantastic.

With the day coming to an end we

He moved around when the fishing

headed back up the canal to Calgoa

slowed due to a tide change. A simple

point, Chris filleted the catch ready to

thing but not something skippers are

go straight on the BBQ.

always keen to do. Chris constantly worked to make our day a success. I’ve been on a lot of charters, and this was one that will be near the top of the list. Sometimes it’s not the size of the fish it’s the package of boat, skipper,

Chris runs a tight ship and provides anglers with good quality Daiwa fishing tackle. A good haul of fresh fish, the brim we cooked with the skin on, the flathead was skinned and bone.

fishing spots and the people you’re

The flathead was very similar shape

fishing with and this was no exception.

to our gurnard, we rolled it in olive


Chris filleting a flat head









Chris started to cast

a bait net while

we fished the sh rimps

oil and cooked it on the BBQ. The flesh is delicious and melted in the mouth. It’s not a pretty fish, but it rates highly over there for its eating quality. I can’t speak highly enough of ‘Noosa river fishing safari’s’. They run a slick operation from individuals to half or full day charters. He runs three boats and does offshore trips for Pelagics and bottom fish and the river fishing. The gear is excellent; there’s plenty of bait as well. We had a mixture of people with a combination of experience; Chris made sure everyone that needed help got help. I absolutely would go out with him again. 


Soaring Above Food for the family & friends at a leisurely pace



is about 50 metres of line and then

there on a blustery offshore day

crimps to which you attach your baited

fizzing to get out for a fish but know

longline hooks with a sinker, before and

how terrible the situations are

after the set of hooks, to keep it firmly

beyond the shelter of the coast?

placed on the bottom. Then it goes out

These days especially this spring have been frequent and instead of moping

one to two kilometres, fairly basic, but the results speak for themselves.

around we can make good of these days

This spring had had a lot of south

and let the winds do the work for us

westerlies, which were perfect for kite

Kite fishing has been around for years and still used today with great success, it’s low-impact and easy to do, well once you get the kite flying and tacked properly which does take a few attempts.

fishing in the Whangaparaoa Bay Area. With the wind on our backs, we sent the kite out a long way and produced some excellent table fare. We found mullet and squid to be key to this especially with the bait sitting out there

The rig we’ve been using is a simple

for times up to an hour the stronger

long line rig, so the kite is attached to

baits are less likely to be picked off;

the main line with a spotter flag in line

we’ve been getting plenty of nice

about 10 metres off the water’s surface

snapper and gurnard recently with a

to allow boats and others to see exactly

few rig shark thrown in the mix.

where your main line is. Below that

What better way to spend a warm

is between one to two litres of water

spring day down at the beach with

bottles, which weights the line down so

family and friends soaking in the sun

the the kite can’t lift your trace up out

and soaking some baits, the only hard

of the water. Running back from there

part is pulling it back in. 


Hooked on

Fly Fishing

The best tips and guidance, every Friday

EVERY FRIDAY YOU CAN tune into the softly spoken words of Colin Shepherd on Planet Radio, Auckland 104.6FM for the best trout and SaltWater Fly fishing info. Colin collects the best intel on the bite, the river conditions and levels, what’s working and what’s not plus a whole load of info on how the masters of our sport are doing each week. On air at 6pm every Friday it’s a nice way to get the fishing

blood pumping every week. You can also tune into previous episodes via podcast. If you’re after more info, click the link to head to Hooked on Fly Fishing’s Planet FM webpage. Colin is a legend in his own right, but he has collected a wide array of local experts in both fresh and saltwater fly - the people to listen to if you want the low-down on the current (and near future) bite times and tips. 

frewza f18 hardtop


inc gst

Package Price includes Paint, trailer & 100hP honda outboard

Ph: 03 214 1021 - 193 bond st, invercargill



Azar’s 9kg kelpy from the shallows at Stevenson Is

> Alex Wong with a stunning Hauraki snapper aboard Phoenix Charters 16lbs+




Andrew E says “I took my friend Forsyth Thompson fishing the other day and he got his first Kingfish. Not quite legal but glad we have the pic to remember it”.



COASTAL FISHING CHARTERS Day Trips to Ranfurly Banks 1 hour from Hicks Bay


Devin Clarke Caught this meaty Trev off Whitianga wharf



Brett Smith and a chubby 25kg Kingy from Rakino Island on Phoenix Charters

Jason Copedo with a nice king from the rocks near Kawakawa Bay, Auckland



> Eric Wong with a silver bullet from the shore near Marsden Cove



Joshua Slater and a chunky Northland snap

Jimmy McNeil with a knarly king - check that tail!



Loki Tee with a snapper - could he be happier!?!?!


Liesete Gregory caught her first kingfish without Dad helping. At 16.0kg that’s a fine fish! Well done, Liesete!



Young Tim Fairhurst with his PB King

Steven Hurley’s little girl taking in the beauty of a wee kahawai 29

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Love fishing? Subscribe to NZ Fisher, the free e-magazine for Kiwi fishing enthusiasts.