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By Callum Charlton -

For the last years sms became the serious advertising channel. This fact was promoted by that many companies had own databases with telephone numbers of clients, and have counted not on electronic letters, and on mobile technologies. Pioneers of a steel two organisations - the Interactive advertising bureau (IAB) and Association of mobile marketing. They have set the basic direction of branch and advanced idea about advantage of mobile channels among experts in marketing. What Is Espionner Un Portable And though mobile marketing made the big success in the North America, the Western Europe and some other countries, a mobile spam (dispatch of sms without the consent of the addressee) still remains a considerable problem. Usually it appears because of unconsciousness of some companies which sell the databases to the third parties.

Mobile marketing by means of SMS has quickly extended in Europe and Asia as the new channel of achievement of target audience. However very soon SMS spam and not authorised dispatches connected with sale of telephone databases, have caused negative reaction of subscribers. Nevertheless, after mobile operators have entered spam restrictions, and there were corresponding laws later, SMS dispatches became the most popular kind of mobile marketing. Only in Europe every month it is dispatched more than 100 million advertising SMS.

In the North America the first action of mobile marketing with use of short number has been spent by the company Labatt Brewing in 2002. Since then use of short numbers on which it is necessary to send sms, became popular and an effective remedy of dialogue with consumers. Many companies began to use short numbers as original the mobile domain for the brand. Use of short numbers allows consumers by means of SMS to set questions, to participate in events, to remain in a course of news of the company and many other things.

One of key criteria for carrying out of actions of mobile marketing is the consent of the subscriber to reception of the information or participation in the action. In Europe mobile operators demand to give to the subscriber possibility of the formal reply from dispatch or the termination of participation in the action at any moment. These requirements even are included in special the Arch of recommendations for carrying out of actions of mobile marketing to which experts in marketing in the USA follow. For today, on the one hand, experts in marketing search for new channels and ways of interaction with consumers, blase traditional advertising. On the other hand, consumers - especially young - switch attention from traditional mass-media to interactive media, and with a view of maintenance of contact to them advertisers give special attention to new environments.

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