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“ Outstanding Experience! Outstanding Service! Outstanding Professionalism! Thumbs up across the board! I have never sold a house before and my realtor, Yusef, made it a memorable, simple and painless process!a -Leon H.

YUSEF NADIR Yusef Nadir has extensive experience in the Puget Sound real estate market. He’s worked with numerous builders throughout Western Washington, building new communities and consulting on land development. Designations:

Working with Yusef means you will have an advocate who can deftly guide you


through the process of buying a home and recognizing what matters most in your


investment; because shopping for a new home is more than location, schools, and transportation needs. You want to know that the home you are buying is


built with quality materials and constructed well – including renovations that are


not necessarily permitted and checked by permit officials. Yusef’s experience is


invaluable – from new construction to fixer-uppers – his ability to analyze the local market and structural integrity is second to none.

License #125226 Yusef is passionate about sustainable development, smart urban growth and building community. One of his strongest traits is his gentle perseverance, which helps clients surpass their goals and ensure their best financial interests remain at heart. His engaging personality, extensive networks in the real estate industry, and keen understanding of housing market trends offer his clients a distinct advantage. | 206.407.4189 |





Working with a broker means

Of real estate sales result from

Make more money. Agent sold

money in your pocket—sellers walk

agent contacts, previous clients,

homes net 6% more FSBO

away with 25% more on average.

referrals or extended network.

sales on average.


I want to sell your home

The old saying is true: home is where the heart is. Our homes hold

at the highest possible

our histories, our hopes, and our dreams. That’s why buying or selling

price, in the shortest

a home is not just a financial process—it’s an emotional one too. As a

amount of time, or within

broker, it’s my job to learn your story, and to honor that story from our

the timeframe you specify,

initial handshake, to closing, and beyond.

with the most favorable terms for you.

Buying or selling a home is also one of the largest purchases many people ever make. Keeping up with the changing regulatory landscape and the shifting sands of the real estate market is no small task. That’s why you need an expert on your side. The real estate market is all about connections. When you work with us, our network is yours. We’ve spent decades building relationships with brokers, clients, referrals, friends, and even family. We match you with your dream buyer so you can continue your story—wherever it takes you.


THE PLAN My proven method after

PRICE— A complete and thorough market evaluation will ensure your

more than a decade in

listing stands out, gets high traffic, and sells faster for the best price.

the real estate industry

It is extremely important to price a home correctly because a house

can be boiled down to

stagnant on the market attracts few buyers. I utilize Intelligent Pricing

the three “P’s:” PRICE,

and complete extensive research so your home is priced right.


PRESENTATION— I’ll prepare your home to highlight its best attributes, inside and out. First impressions are crucial, so I help coordinate photography, landscaping, repairs, and house cleaning. Many buyers start shopping online, so I aim to make the best possible impression and spark as much interest as possible. Of course, you have final say on what I can and can’t do to prepare your property for sale, but it’s important to understand that my recommendations are drawn from my combined experiences in what works. PROMOTE— I will use a multi-faceted marketing campaign to attract the most potential buyers. Increasing the number of buyers who see your home in the first 10 days will result in higher and better offers to purchase. My marketing strategy is based on research, experience and innovation. I am statistically ahead of the curve in this department, and am always refining my methods to be more effective.

Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.



• Seattle • Shoreline • Bellevue • Kirkland • Issaquah • Woodinville • Renton • Des Moines • Federal Way • Covington • Burien • Normandy Park • MapleValley • Black Diamond • Everett/Bothell • Marysville • Mukilteo • Tacoma • University Place • Puyallup • Lakewood • Gig Harbor • Fife • Bremerton • Nothing gives us greater

My team and I are seasoned professionals—we’ve handled hundreds of

joy than seeing our clients

transactions, we live and breathe the market, and we complete hours of

smile. The services we

continuing education on laws and regulations each year.

offer are comprehensive, but the core of what we

We track every market trend to offer flexible, effective sales strategies.

do is singular: customer

We offer a caring, objective perspective as you navigate the complex

service. Our commitment

emotional and financial waters of selling your home.

to you is total, and we strive to earn your trust

Real estate negotiation can feel like listening to another language. When

with everything we do.

you work with us, you have a partner who knows the dialect. We guide you through every detail: pricing, financing terms, date of possession, upgrades, and much more.



SIts on the Market Potential Price Drop Deters Potential Buyers

Potential for Sale at or Above List Value Timeline Increases



Bidding War




Sits on the Market Longer

Faster Sale

Loses Value

Potential for Price Drop

Target the Right Buyers

Decreased Future Buying Power

Deters Potential Buyers

Selling for or Above List Price

Buyers Can Think Something is Wrong


Decreases Futer Buying Power Buyer’s can think Something is Wrong


Loses Value on the Market

Pricing your home is one of

Ultimately, the true value of your home is what a buyer will pay for

the trickiest parts of selling.

it—and it pays to be realistic. We give you honest, realistic advice

Too high, and you waste

about pricing and insight into realities of the market. Together, we can

time; too low, and you leave

maximize your home’s value and minimize its time on the market.

money on the table. The real estate market is our business—so we keep our finger on the pulse of pricing. We make sure you have the most up-to-date information about the local market. Using comparable properties to price your home can be complicated. We show you the ins and outs of comparables, going beyond bedrooms, bathrooms, and square footage to include factors like condition, location, and proximity to amenities. Beyond knowing the market and comparable properties, pricing homes requires gut instinct. We give you the edge on pricing by sharing the lessons we’ve learned over decades of selling real estate—so you can price your home confidently.

“ Yusef has a good knowledge of the real estate market and thinks in the best interests of his clients. He is a solid realtor and a great choice for those in the market for a new home! -Tobias S.

YOUR PROFILE I create a personalized


profile of what is

Using information that is available to me as a real estate agent, I

happening in your

find comparable homes by number of bedrooms, bathrooms, square

neighborhood’s real

footage, lot size, and an untold number of additional features. Then,

estate market, and how

using the information about how much those homes have sold for, or

it affects the price of

are being listed for, I determine what your home’s fair market value is.

your home. THE ART The market value

Decisions must be made about how to adjust the value of your property

of your home is

as compared to other homes. If an active listing is being used for

commonly determined

comparison, and has been on the market for over 90 days, it’s safe to

by comparing it to the

assume it’s overpriced and that people won’t pay that much for your

value of other

home unless it’s in better condition or has more premium features. If

homes that have

your home is the only one on the block with a jacuzzi, your value goes

recently sold in the area,

up as compared to the others.

or are currently listed on the market.

In order to be as accurate as possible, I evaluate your home in person to get a sense for it’s condition and how it fits into the neighborhood.

It is both an art and a science.

By drawing accurate conclusions from an accurate set of data, your home will be priced correctly.

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A single photograph can reveal the

Showcase your home’s unique

Our online presence goes beyond

essence of your home, but there

features with elegant, story-


is much more that we offer. Our

driven brochures, engaging

Our experience optimizing online

photographers and videographers

email campaigns, full-color

listings means top results at Trulia,

know how to bring out your home’s

postcards, and more.

Zillow, and other popular real

beauty—and bring in the buyers.

estate websites.


Skillful marketing is the

The real estate market is forever changing, but one thing that remains

key to telling your home’s

the same is the key role that marketing plays in the selling process.

story in a way that speaks

I strive to succeed in creating the most efficient marketing strategy

to your dream buyer.

possible to get your home sold on your terms.

My marketing experts work with us to create

Did you know that at least 95% of buyers start their home buying journey

a personalized strategy

online? We help you meet them there with an inviting digital presence.

tailored to your goals. With custom branding,

Using websites, apps, social media, and virtual reality, you can engage

engaging copywriting, and

buyers wherever they are. We also develop a custom website for each

beautiful materials, your

client that includes a walk-through of your home, allowing potential

home’s unique story will

buyers to explore it virtually from the comfort of their own sofas.

make an impact.

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STAGING A vacant home is easier

Staging a home is an art—and a well-staged home helps your ideal buyer

to sell because potential

visualize their story in your home. An important tool for every home,

buyers don’t need to make

staging is especially critical for empty homes. Without staging to create

appointments to show your

context, buyers often struggle to see themselves in a vacant home.

home. Also, the less clutter that is around your home,

We start with a deep clean and home audit that clears out many personal

the more appealing your

items, as they can make it more difficult for buyers to connect emotionally with

home will be to anyone

a home. Then professional stagers style your home to achieve an aesthetic

that views it. Even if you

that will attract the buyers you seek. Our stagers are true artists and will

can’t move yourself out

deftly highlight your home’s best features while minimizing any drawbacks.

before your home goes on the market, you can still

Depending on the situation, a professional stager can make a difference

store your less essential

in how fast and how favorably your home sells. If your home is vacant, a

items off-site.

stager can bring in furniture that emphasizes the space and layout of your home and makes it easier for potential buyers to view themselves living there. If you plan to live in your home while it’s on the market, consider minimizing your furniture by putting some of it into storage. Some stagers will help to arrange your home to show with the furniture you own. Staging sells; statistically, homes that are staged sell for more money in less time.

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Elegant Entertaining

Relaxing in the Garden

Showcasing Favorite Collections

Finishing a Favorite Book Space for Favorite Hobbies

PREPARE If you are living in your

Remove all non-decorations from counter space and floors. This includes

home while it’s on the

papers, dishes, boxes, the vacuum, jackets on the backs of chairs, keys,

market, you need to

toothbrushes, and anything else that is loose evidenceof someone living

be ready to show at a

there. When in doubt about whether or not to leave something out on

moment’s notice, even

display, stashit. If there’s time, wipe down the counters after clearing.

if you request advanced notice. People want


to view the property

Think “hotel room.” People will feel more comfortable in a bedroom with

without interference or scrutiny from the current


owners. Therefore, it is

Especially if the can is out on the floor. Even if it looks neat, it might not

important that you not

smell that way.

be there when an agent


makes an appointment

The kitchen sink is a feature of your home. Let people see it.

to show your home. This


checklist has some quick

No one will open your washer to see what’s inside. People might open

things you can do to get your home ready, and

the closet where you keep your hamper. TURN ON LIGHTS AND OPEN WINDOWS

assumes that your home

Make the rooms as bright as possible for a first impression. Plus, it keeps

is already relatively clean

people from getting discouraged because they can’t find the light switch.

and de-personalized.

TAKE PETS WITH YOU OR PUT THEM IN DAYCARE You can put up signs to not let the cats out, but there’s no guarantee that everybody will read them. Dogs tend not to like strangers in their space, which can make potential buyers uncomfortable.

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Owner’s Title Insurance

Lender’s Title Insurance Policy

Half of Escrow Fee

Half of Escrow Fee

Excise Tax


Real Estate Broker Commissions

Home Inspection

Loan Balances

Recording Fees


First Year Flood Insurance Premium*

Pro-Rated Property Taxes

Pro-Rated Property Taxes

Current Utility Balances

Survey Fee

Homeowner’s Association Fees*

Homeowner’s Association Fees*

Pro-Rated HOA Dues*

Miscellaneous HOA Fees*

Miscellaneous HOA Fees *

Lender Fees such as the Appraisal, Credit Report, Loan Origination Fee, Pre-Paid Interest, and Private Mortgage Insurance

| 19

*if applicable


Negotiation is an


amalgamation of art

Review the Purchase and Sale Agreement with you.

and science. It demands

Advise and represent you in all negotiations.

openness, listening,

Get you the highest and best terms possible.

and agility—and the ability to stand firm. Our negotiation strategies will get you the best possible price. Appraisal is a crucial part of the financing process.

ONCE AN OFFER HAS BEEN ACCEPTED BY BOTH PARTIES, I WILL: Keep you updated on all timelines and milestones. Order the resale certificate (if applicable) and make sure escrow is opened and the escrow officer receives all necessary paperwork. Verify that escrow receives earnest money. Follow up with buyer’s agent for their timeline obligations, including inspection date/time (if applicable). Advise and represent you in all further negotiations. Facilitate all appointments and work orders. Verify buyer’s loan approval and lender timelines, including appraisal. Ensure that contractual deadlines are met and that your overall experience is as smooth and stress-free as possible.

RE/MAX NW RE/MAX has a global

Designed from the ground up to be flexible, efficient, and client focused,

reach with over

we have become the fastest-growing agency, as well as the largest RE/

8,200 offices, 124,000

MAX brokerage in the northwest!

Associates, in 110+ countriesand territories.

At RE/MAX NORTHWEST we are armed with the best technology to serve and communicate with you better. Our office is streamlined for

RE/MAX.COM is the

prompt and accurate (digital) transaction management.

most visited real estate franchisor website

RE/MAX NORTHWEST was created to remedy the shortcomings of the

attracting millions of

classic real estate model. We strive to exceed your every expectation. We

buyers and sellers.

think our high quality of service should be the norm in the industry, not the exception. Client feedback shows that our service is extraordinary, and our

RE/MAX NW is the largest

satisfaction rate is among the top in our region.

RE/MAX in Washington and one of the top 10 in the country.

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We make you the top priority and will strive to make the process smooth, efficient, and low stress.

“ Yusef did a fantastic job with the sale of my house! My home sold for well above the asking price in less than five days and his experience and expertise were key in making the sale. -Rion L.

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