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Melissa Gidi Almendra Contreras Esperanza Pinto Luciano Bofi

Diary entry Day1: when we arrived to the new planet, we saw long grass.The sky was purple. Nothing else. But there was a hole near us. So we decided to go inside the hole. We were falling and we thought, this hole didn`t have an end. But it had it. When we got to the end, we met some strange dogs that were like zombies,they were dancing Thriller, from Michael Zombie Jackson. (the king of music in their planet.) When they finished dancing they took us in their zombie dogs, to see the mayor.

When he talked to us, he talked in a very strange language, that we didn´t understand, but then Melissa realized it was “Latin”. She started to talk with fluency in Latin.He gave us a room on the most famous and luxurious resort called “golden little nugget¨. Then he took us to sleep.

Day2: Three little smurfs woke us up in the morning. We dressed up and went with the tiny smurfs down through a slide. It was great fun. Then the sumrfs sat us in a table with the mayor. He said some strange words that we didn´t understand, and Melissa told us that we were going to meet the people of the city.He took us in a pair of zombies to the middle of the city. There was a big pool full of liquid chocolate and blue little people with the size of a thumb.

Their hair was their own style, very different one from another. All the smurfs wore a shirt that said ¨I love ly¨(little york city). Melissa spent all day long chatting with them. We had a very good time. Finally, 5 smurfs brought us their typical vegeterian pizza with insects and rat tails. It was disgusting!!!!! 

Day3: We woke up very late, we had stomach ache because of the pizza.The Mayor came to the room, and told Melissa that we were going to see the city. First, the mayor explained to us that, it never rained in this city, but only once every 500 years and the weather was always dark because it was underground. However the city had a lot of light.

We traveled in a zombie dog all around the city. We realized that it was very similar to New Yor, but all was very little, so we were llike giants. It had many buildings and shops. We also went to a “forest” where all the plants were small and tropical with many types of flowers and colours.

Some of them were poisonous, so we couldn´t touch them. We had a lot of fun!!! But Luciano poisoned himself with a plant, and he had blue spots all over his body .

Day4: When we woke up, we had a Llittle York breakfast with cherry pie and delicious milk of zombie dog. That day we went to a park and we saw some smurfs picking pizza from trees,

It was very strange, but then we thought It was normal for them. Then we went to the house zone, but on the way we got lost and we arrived to a forest. We remembered that the Mayor had told us that their currency was tree leaves of different sizes and colours.

So we started collecting tree leaves. Then we went to a shop and bought a lot of gifts for the government ď Š We ate pizza again Yuck!

Day5:We woke up with stomchache again because we ate a pizza with insects again. Today we went with the Mayor to the house zone to avoid getting lost again.

We “discovered� that their houses were long and colourful flowers. After that we went to visit a little school.Their schools were little mushrooms.

They taught the same classes we have, but instead of copybooks, they had ipads 100 for each little smurf. We played with the little smurf. It was great fun. We had a good bye party, and we went back home with a very good and happy trip to Little Big Planet.

project planet  
project planet  

an oficial report for our government