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My routine

In the morning I wake up at five o'clock, so I go to the bathroom at quarter past six, after I'm take a shower at half past six and I dress up at seven o'clock, then I eat breakfast at half past seven and I brush my teeth at eight o'clock, after I brush my hair at half past eight, I put make up at nine o'clock and I go to work at half past nine later I leave work at one o'clock and I take the bus at half past one then I have lunch at two o´clock, I take a nap at half past two and I go to back to work at three o'clock later I go to home at six o'clock then I watch T.V. at half past six and and I cook dinner at seven o'clock, I eat dinner at quarter to eight later I wash the dishes at quarter past eight and I sleep at nine o'clock.

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