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Hello, fellow Key Clubbers!

My name is Annie Lu, and I am so so so proud to EVENT RECAP be serving you all as your new Key Club President. Region 13 Picnic On behalf of your 2012 Key Club Board at SPHS, Officer Training I'd like to give you a warm welcome to this new Conference (OTC) school year! We are very excited to start the Key July 4th Pancake Breakfast Club year on campus and get out to do some Region 13 Beach Clean-up wonderful community service with all of you. Of July DCM & 626 Market course, each member is the heart and soul of the club. Don't be afraid to get creative and step up to UPCOMING EVENTS take the lead on tasks this year. Key Club is your 300 Bowling Fundraiser opportunity to become a leader through service, Tree Planting and Michael, Nathan, Jason and I are always here Photo creds: Jennifer Orr as your resources and guides. Together, with your spirit and dedication, makes us a strong force to make the world a better place! I look forward to hearing out your ideas and teaming up to create new events and fundraisers throughout the year. With that said, make sure to sign up for Key at Club Rush, and I'll see you at the first meeting of the year!


In service, ANNIE LU

Welcome back you guys! I’m Patricia San Pedro and I’m in charge of this newsletter. With that said, I hope some of you can contribute articles for me as more events occur (and trust me, they’re super fun); I’m sure all of you are exhausted from adjusting school back into our lives. However, that also means there are definitely more service events to follow. I’ve attended many Key Club service opportunities throughout the course of summer and it was amazing. If you’re new to Key Club, prepare yourself for a fantastic year. Get ready to meet amazing people, all while having fun in earning your required hours. I hope to see all of you around and have a great first few weeks!

Photo creds: Jennifer Orr




REGION 13 PICNIC Crowds of Region 13 Key Clubbers gathered in Butterfield Park located in Walnut. Many divisions brought baked goods and cute wrist bands were sold.

Fellow D10 North members pose for a family picture during the Region 13 Picnic. Photo creds: Annie Lu

Icebreakers were conducted, and people broke out of their shells just in time for the spirit battle. Us D10Ners made up a cheer in five minutes to “Don’t drop that thun thun thun;” it was such a devastating shock we didn’t win (kidding). Despite that, it was a super fun event to kick off the summer!

OTC (Officer Training Conference)


Key Clubbers all across Division 10 North’s boundaries flocked to Live Oak Park for the OTC in high hopes of listening to Jeffrey’s silky smooth voice… Just kidding. In fact, the attendance rate for the OTC was low, however, it did provide for close bonding between the people that attended – myself included. Despite the locational difficulties (the presentation was technology dependent, however, we were in a park…), our lovely Lieutenant Governor soldiered on. We split into small groups, where officers could train those who were aspiring to be one could learn. As division historian, I had the unique opportunity to work with San Marino’s historian: Alex Huang. What can I say, it was just Members of D10 North gather around, two creepy guys, Alex and I, and pictures were taken. As our listening to LtG Jeffrey Xiong. Photo creds: Sonny An OTC came to a close, we developed a mutual respect for each others’ proficiency at derpography. by SONNY AN

4TH OF JULY PANCAKE BREAKFAST The annual Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast started early at 5:30 am, where Key Clubbers and Circle K members gathered at the South Pasadena Fire Station. The first job was to set up everything—everyone helped carry out tables and chairs to set up the station. People then placed mats, maple syrup, butter, and utensils on the tables, and balloons tied around the station were used as colorful decorations. Once the set-up was finished, it was time to start making pancakes. At around 7:00 am, people started showing up for a delicious breakfast and it was time to start serving with a smile. Guests were first greeted by the wonderful volunteers and then guided to a line where pancakes and breakfast sausages were cooking; the meal also consisted of fresh-cut cantaloupe and coffee or orange juice. People ate happily whilst listening to cheerful music, and it was overall a very enjoyable event! by MARIELA CARRILLO

Mariela Carrillo and Jennifer Orr are enthusiastically serving food. Photo creds: Jennifer Orr

page three Photo creds: Sonny An


The bus ride to Santa Monica Beach was extremely windy. People’s hair blew all over the place and it was generally not a good experience. But what made it all okay was that the entire bus was full of spirited and lively Key Clubbers who were on their way to willingly pick up trash for the good of the community and sing One Direction songs for entertainment. After the risk-taking bus driver (who, as I might recall, had two hit and run D10 members trolled sleeping victims on accidents involving a stop sign and a parked car) dropped us off the beach before cleaning up. at the beach, lo and behold, all we could see was multitudes of people and a well-kept beach. Trash was surprisingly difficult to find. Key Clubbers with ukuleles and bad singing were more rampant. Nevertheless, the experience was memorable. Chanting division cheers and fighting to win the spirit stick seems to be the one memory that stands out the most. Maybe it’s because of the startlingly loud volume of it all. Or maybe it was seeing the passion and the sparks flying from overly excited Key Clubbers’ eyes. All in all, people had fun and bonded over embarrassing moments of being thrown into the ocean, made new wild friends, got terribly sunburned in the scorching hot sun, and basked in the enjoyable company of our Key Club Ohana. Life was swell! by FLORA LEUNG

JULY DCM & 626 MARKET This past month’s DCM was a blast! After the usual overview of past events, club updates, and introduction of future events, your very own Lt. Governor here, as well as one of the division executive assistants, agreed to temporarily dye our hair pink for the magic of service. It happened just in time for the service event that many DCM attendees were going to. That’s right, several Division 10 North + South Pasadena Key Club members volunteered at the local 626 Night Market, a huge event hosted by the 626 Movemeant, and sponsored by many businesses in the San Gabriel Our ninja turtle hat balloons Valley. All volunteers staying longer than 1 shift got an exclusive 626 Night attracted many compliments. Market staff shirt, which was really cool. Photo creds: Sonny An

We helped the vendors as much as we could, including advertising booths with dwindling lines, giving out water, and helping with crowd and traffic control. I had the privilege of directing traffic in front of a stinky tofu place for an hour. It was the time of my life for my nose. It was a success, and it allowed us to bond with Key Clubbers from all around the valley area, as well as Circle K (college) volunteers that helped coordinate the entire event. If you weren’t there, you missed an incredible day of fun, work and bonding. Hopefully you’ll be able to attend the next events with us, and share in the LtG Jeffrey dyes his hair pink to million waves of service that will be sweeping through everyone in promote member attendance of the upcoming year. the August DCM. by JEFFREY XIONG Photo creds: Jane Le

UPCOMING EVENTS 300 BOWLING FUNDRAISER WHEN: September 1st, 8:00 - 6:00 PM (Saturday) WHERE: 3545 E. Foothill Blvd., Pasadena, CA. WHY: For a $15 admission fee, spend a fun night bowling with your friends for a good cause. All profits will be donated to Pediatric Trauma Program, PTP, which develops local projects aiming to reduce the number of children in our district who are killed or injured by trauma.

TREE PLANTING WHEN: September 23rd, time TBA (Sunday) WHERE: Sherman Oaks, CA WHY: Come join fellow Key Clubbers in planting trees along the Santa Monica mountains, all while helping the environment. Make more oxygen with trees and sign up on the Division 10 North Facebook page!

OTHER NEWS I WANT YOU to write articles!

Hey guys, I would really appreciate any articles about any upcoming events. I am also serious when I say I will bake you goodies in appreciation. Plus, derp Sonny will find you. He will. Please e-mail all your beautiful articles to whenever possible!

Photo creds: Jennifer Orr

UNTIL NEXT TIME, JEFFREY XIONG, Division 10 North LtG ANNIE LU, SPHS Key Club President PATRICIA SAN PEDRO, SPHS Newsletter Chair/Editor SONNY AN, SPHS Newsletter Table

August/September 2012  
August/September 2012  

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