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VISATON TIW 250 25 cm (10") high-end woofer. The extra-wide elastic surround, the long voice coil and particularly large magnet arrangement give this speaker extremely long excursion. Thanks to the multiple venting of the voice coil (pole piece hole, holes in the pole piece plate, cutouts in the aluminum die cast basket to vent the spider from behind) losses and flow noise are minimized. These design features result in high levelaccuracy and excellent low-range bass imaging. Recommended cabinets: 20 l (closed) 30 l ; 1x BR 25.50 50 l ; 1x BR 25.50 70 l ; 2x BR 13.25 (length 25 cm)

CLIO Fw CLIO Fw high resolution measurement system CLIO runs on a standard PC computer with a FW interface driving the measurement hardware and accessories supplied by Audiomatica; the power, precision and reliability of the resulting instrument is 100% warranted.

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