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BESPOKE DESIGN Each installation is

Information Solutions 1MWe BIOMASS Technology CHP - STILLINGTON

Feedstock and market assessment

GQCHP assessment

Steam and process sizing

Plant design and budget costing

Income forecasting through RHI and export and ROC mechanisms.

designed to meet specific client requirements with full computer simulation used to prove all designs.

ENERGY EFFICIENCY As approved Carbon Trust Consultants, we will ensure that the system energy performance is optimised to produce lower operational costs.

PROJECT CDM AND MANAGEMENT Our engineers and consultants will ensure that all aspects of the design and installation are fully compliant and all relevant permissions and safety requirements are fully adhered to.


ESP has undertaken proof of concept reporting for the proposed biomass drying facility at Stillington in County Durham. The scheme has been developed in response to a growing demand for biomass products and utilises steam from a 5MW biomass CHP scheme to provide a biomass drying facility which will produce high quality wood chip at 20% MC for use within local biomass boilers. The electricity produced through a steam turbine on the site will export power to national grid and will attract renewable obligation certificates. The scheme will also enable local producers of wood chip to use the facility to dry their own products, such as round wood and straw. The scheme is expected to create local employment and will provide a regional resource of good quality wood chip, which will enable the expansion of the biomass heat market both within the public and private sectors.

ESP is an accredited installer, approved under the Government’s Micro-generation Certification Scheme.

CARBON TRUST ESP are approved Carbon Trust Energy and Biomass Consultants.

The Engineering Support Partnership Ltd, 13 Quay Level, St Peters Basin, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE6 1TZ. Tel: 0845 519 5912

Biomass Power Generation  
Biomass Power Generation  

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