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• Part design, install and project management • 2.9MW steam-raising woodchip boiler BESPOKE DESIGN Each installation is

serving main hospital heating and hot water systems

• Purpose-built woodchip storage sheds

designed to meet specific client requirements with full computer simulation used to prove all designs.

• Estimated reduction in hospital's carbon

emissions of around 50%, a saving of 5,700 tonnes per annum

ENERGY EFFICIENCY As approved Carbon Trust Consultants, we will ensure that the system energy performance is optimised to produce lower operational costs.

PROJECT CDM AND MANAGEMENT Our engineers and consultants will

A 2.9MW steam-raising woodchip boiler was installed at Pilgrims Hospital in Lincolnshire. Firing on woodchip, which is stored in newly constructed storage sheds, the boiler meets the heating and hot water requirements of the main hospital building. Working on a sub-contract agreement, ESP undertook design work associated with the steam and condensate installation, as well providing consultancy support on boiler specification.

ensure that all aspects of the design and installation are fully compliant and all relevant permissions and safety

ESP ’ s steam specialist, Derek Short, advised the client on performance and statutory compliance issues whilst also overseeing elements of the steam and condensate fabrication.

requirements are fully adhered to.

MCS ACCREDITED ESP is an accredited installer, approved under the Government’s

Woodchip boilers can deliver substantial cost savings, as well as reducing carbon emissions by around 90% compared to natural gas heating. It is estimated that carbon emissions at Pilgrims Hospital have been reduced by around 50% since the commissioning of the biomass system.

Micro-generation Certification Scheme.

CARBON TRUST ESP are approved Carbon Trust Energy and Biomass Consultants.

The Engineering Support Partnership Ltd, 13 Quay Level, St Peters Basin, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE6 1TZ. Tel: 0845 519 5912

Pilgrims Hospital Biomass  
Pilgrims Hospital Biomass  

2.9MW biomass boiler, design and build