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Energy Efficiency Financing Easy, affordable and flexible Finance designed to pay for itself

Tel: 0845 519 5912

Energy Efficiency Financing could transform your business. Investing in energy efficient equipment makes great business and environmental sense: • Save money • No capital cost to your business • Reduce your carbon footprint As Carbon Trust Consultants, ESP provide design and installation services to all types of organisations looking to reduce their energy use.

New, more efficient equipment should lower energy bills and with financing payments calculated so they are offset by anticipated energy savings, the financing option is designed to pay for itself.

Some of the benefits for your business can include: Investment financing - the financing is structered so that there is no up front cost for your business. Financing payments are calculated so they are offset by anticipated energy savings, the finance option is designed to pay for itself Off balance sheet solutions so any existing credit lines that you may have will remain intact Value creation driven by upgrading and the increase in operational security Independence from banks - the funding line does not come from your bank it is provided by Siemens/Carbon Trust - this reduces impact current credit lines Convenient and fast - we can generally provide your initial assessment within two weeks Affordable - the overall costs are offset against the energy saving, so in the short term it costs you nothing, and in the long term you can benefit from reduced energy costs

How does it work? Site Assessment

• Free of charge assessment • No obligation to your business

Confirm Savings

• Calculate potential savings • Confirm value of fund available to your business

Prepare Design

• Design your system • Obtain independant Carbon Trust Validation

Undertake Installation

Savings to you

• Receive Siemens Carbon Trust Funding • No capital cost to your business • Your business benefits from incentive income and/or savings • Financing payments calculated to be offset by anticipated savings

The scheme is available to many types of businesses, large or small and financing starts from as llittle as £1,000 (assuming your proposed Energy Efficient Financing project passes the energy saving assessment.)

Projects that may qualify include renewable energy, energy efficient lighting, biomass heating, controls upgrades, combined heat and power (CHP), compressed air, refrigeration, PV or specialist production equipment. For more information on how Energy Efficiency Financing can help your business call us on: 0845 519 5912 or email:


With 20 years experience designing and installing energy efficient systems, ESP offer “no capital cost to client� energy financing. Carbon Trust and Low Carbon Consultants Design, Installation and Project Management National Combined Heat and Power (CHP) framework consultants to BT Biomass specialist (Ofgem compliant reporting) National winners of the CHPA award for CHP design and installation

ESP offers a range of engineering services including design, project management and installation, as well as bespoke consultancy. Please email: or call 0845 519 5912 for a no obligation assessment.

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ESP Energy Efficiency financing  

No Capital Cost to Client Funding