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Ancient China

The First Emperor ~Shihuangdi Qin Dynasty Important Facts: Started The Great Called the “Dragon King� Ruled 15-25 years Tyrant, cruel Terracotta warriors to protect the tomb United China by making common -Language -Calendar -Money -Writing -Measurement

-Canals -Wheel on cart

CrueltyGave terrible punishments to criminals Killed scholars Exiled his own son

The Han Dynasty Liu Bang始s Dynasty lasted 400 years He wanted his dad to live with him, he even built a village that looked exactly like the old village to make him feel like home Later emperor, Wudi, asked Bactria (Afghanistan) for help with keeping the Xiongnu out of China Discovered horses which created THe Silk Road Silk was very special. China was the only place where it was made The Silk Road was for traders to follow from China to countries in the Mediterranean 206 B.c to A.D 220 ~ Han Dynasty China was so isolated from the rest of the world because of its geography. Ocean, desserts, and mountains made it difficult for people to come visit This dynasty invented paper 1,000 years before the rest of the world did

Tang Dynasty 3333333"

Poetry and the Arts All Tang emperors loved the arts -Music -Poetry

-Calligraphy -Painting

Famous poets~ Li Bo, Du Fu Du Fu is really serious Li Bo threw up on the emperor later drowned

An Era of Glory Tea was poplar....merchants became rich selling it Paper money was invented Invented printing and made first printed book\

An Explosive Discovery Gun powder was invented by accident invented fireworks Gun powder was not use for war, but for firework

Yuan Dynasty Kubilai Khan Kubilai Khan始s greatest achievement was the creation of a postal system and used calendar Marco Polo, he came to study China so people know more informations The China payed taxes to pay for the wars and money that Khubilai Khan used

Social Studies  
Social Studies  

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