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How I wrote my informational essay

By. Chloe

Step 1 big question and thesis My big question was, “What makes Denmark different from other countries?

My thesis was, “Although there are many unique countries in Europe, Denmark is a unique one.”

Step 2- Make a plan and 3 sub topics I made a plan and my subtopic were history, Economy, and description

My plan

Research, note taking, organizing

Boxes and bullets

Note Taking, research, organizing


My clean copy

Step.5 Revise

My revised copy

Bibliography Bibliography Pateman, R.  Denmark.    New  York:  Marshall  Cavendish  Benchmark,   2006 ct=ebi&query=denmark&fuzzy=false&iq=6&show=10&start=21     (March,  5th,  2013)


My bibliography

Publish Denmark By.  Chloe  Lim Denmark  is  a  small  country  in  northern  Europe  and  Denmark  that  is  surrounded  by  sea.  Thousands  of   years  a  go,  in  Denmark,  Vikings  lived  in  Denmark.  Also,  in  Denmark,  there  is  a  statue  of  Little  Mermaid  in   Copenhagen.  Many  tourists  around  the  world  visit  Denmark.  Although  there  are  many  countries  in  Europe,   Denmark  is  a  unique  one.  Denmark  also  has  unique  history,  Economy,  and  description.   The  history  of  Denmark  is  exciting.  First,  in  1397,  Denmark  united  all  of  Scandinavia.    That  was   important  because,  it  helped  all  the  Scandinavians.  Next,  Denmark  and  other  Scandinavian  countries  raided   Europe.  That  helped  Denmark  and  Scandinavians  because,  they  got  much  more  land.  Lastly,  Britannica  said,   “Danish  kingdom  dates  back  to  the  Viking  age”  This  is  very  important  because;  Danish  kingdom  is  meeting  the   Viking  age.  These  are  histories  that  make  Denmark  unique.   Another  unique  part  of  Denmark  is  their  “Economy.”  First  cycling  is  a  popular  mode  of  transportation   on  land.  This  is  good  for  Danish  people  because,  they  could  not  waste  gas  so  they  have  more  money.  Second,   Denmark  has  most  trade  going  to  South  Korea.  Denmark  doesn’t  trade  with  other  counties  because;  Denmark’s   share  of  global  shipbuilding  has  fallen  to  1percent.  Lastly,  Denmark  is  one  of  the  richest  nations  in  the  world.   This  is  important  to  Danish  people  because,  they  could  get  more  money  and  more  population.  Denmark’s   Economy  makes  Denmark  unique.   Denmark  has  a  unique  landscape  and  climate.  First,  in  Denmark  generally,  Denmark  is  like  a  peninsula   and  Denmark  is  a  `lat  country.  This  is  surprising  because,  there  is  no  country  that’s  like  peninsula  and  a  `lat   country.  Second,  part  of  Northern  Europe,  Denmark  covers  16,639  square  miles  is  kind  of  big.  This  is  good  for   Denmark  because,  16,639  are  kind  of  big.  Third,  Denmark’s  climate  is  strongly  in`luenced  by  the  sea.  This   means  that  weather  is  often  mild  for  Denmark  such  high  latitude.  Lastly,  Denmark  has  a  heavy  rainfall  and   Jutland  (the  peninsula)  is  generally  the  wettest  part  of  the  country.  In  Denmark,  the  wind  blows  a  lot  and   Denmark  is  also  a  warm  country.  This  means  that  Denmark  is  a  wet  country,  rains  a  lot;  and  a  little  cold,  but   warm.  These  are  reasons  what  make  Denmark’s  Description  unique.       The  unique  history,  Economy,  and  physical  futures  has  made  Denmark  unique.  Denmark  is  not  only  the   country  in  Scandinavian  century.  Denmark  also  raided  the  Viking  period.  Because  of  this,  Denmark  became   unique  and  popular  to  people.  Denmark  is  a  place  `illed  with  unique  history,  Economy,  and  description.   Bibliography Pateman,  R.  Denmark.    New  York:  Marshall  Cavendish  Benchmark,  2006 ct=ebi&query=denmark&fuzzy=false&iq=6&show=10&start=21    (March,  5th,  2013)

How I Wrote My Informational Essay  

I explained how I wrote my informational essay

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