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Michelle Wingshan Kwan

By: Elena Huang


Who is Michelle Kwan?

Michelle Kwan was known for a graceful, confident, and cheerful, olympic figure skater. Although Michelle Kwan did not get any gold medals in the olympics, she holds 42 championships, 30 gold medals (not in Olympics) 15 silver medals, and 4 bronze medals. She is America’s “ice skating ambassador� and the queen on ice. We will always remember Michelle Kwan forever.

Early Life Michelle Wingshan Kwan was born on July 7, 1980 in California. She was a beautiful baby... But her talent of figure skating was not shown quite yet... Kwan始s dad Danny Kwan, and mom Estella Kwan was Hong Kong immigrants. Their first child was a boy Ron, 2 years behind him was Michelle始s sister Karen, and the smallest out of the three was Michelle. When Michelle was five years old, she went to her brother, Ron始s first local hockey game. It inspired Michelle and Karen to start ice skating. Michelle had first started intense training at age seven, but one year before that, Michelle entered her first competition against Karen and won. The two sisters continued on their training and worked hard together even through the hard times...

Michelle始s Family Tree

Dad Danny Kwan

Michelle Champion figure skater!

Brother Ron Kwan

Sister Karen Kwan

Mom Estella Kwan

Education In 1985 Michelle went to Soleando Elementary School. (Public.) In 1994, Michelle started being home schooled due to figure skating schedule. In 1998, Michelle graduated from high school. And in 2006, Michelle went to UCLA.

Life Achievements

Michelle and her sister practiced a lot...


-3 hours to four hours a day,

Carrol taught Michelle and Karen when they were in

even on school days -wakes up at 3 AM every morning to train

intense training.

-after school and after homework train



Michelle fractured her second toe from training and did not enter that year’s competition.

Michelle Kwan was is a very confident and cheerful skater, look at her “quotes” on the next page.

“Try your best!”

Quotes “When I hear music, it always reminds me of angels and clouds. Thatʼs what I was thinking of while skating. That Iʼm free, and Iʼm going to cloud nine.”

“I know Iʼm capable of a lot more in skating, and I want to accomplish more. I want to to be legend. I want people to remember me after 1,000 years.”

“Practice makes perfect!”

“You never fail until you stop trying!”

“Be yourself!”

“Have fun!”

From Michelle’s point of view Hi everybody, my name is Michelle Kwan, and I am so happy to be here after all those years, I really need a break! Anyway, right now, I am 32 years old. As many people ask me, I will never stop skating even though I stopped figure skating professionally. I’m pretty busy these days you know; interviews with important people, fans, reporters, and magazine authors... I enjoy it all though. But I always make sure I have time to hang out with friends, and my boyfriend, Adrian. You can be able to see me on TV, or if you’re lucky enough, somewhere in Massachusetts...

Fun Facts

Michelleʼs skate size is 7, women.

Michelle did not roller skate before ice skate.

Michelle has a dog.

Michelle Kwanʼs favorite meal is pizza.

Michelle also likes swimming, biking, and bowling.

Michelle is five feet and two inches.

Michelle is 100 pounds.

Michelleʼs nickname was Shelly.

Michelleʼs autobiography is “Heart of a Champion.”

Michelleʼs favorite athlete is Michael Jordan.

Michelle gets $1,000,000 a year from tours and promotions.

Michelleʼs favorite book is “Night” by Elie Wiesel.

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Did you know? 4.


Heart of a Champion: Autobiography of Michelle Kwan

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Michelle Kwan. Research Project.Elena  

For my research project, I researched about Michelle Kwan. Through this past month I had enjoyed using the big 6 to follow the steps of rese...

Michelle Kwan. Research Project.Elena  

For my research project, I researched about Michelle Kwan. Through this past month I had enjoyed using the big 6 to follow the steps of rese...