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Marvin始s poetry In my new clothing I do not feel like me I must look like someone else

Summer By:Marvin

SUPER SUMMER summer summer is like a wave suddenly washing over you. ring ring is the Ice cream season! finally is hear sun sun come out its summer! go to the

summer is here now nows the time to eat ice cream summer will be fun! summer hot bright playing sleeping walking park A.C sled ski sledding skiing snowboarding cold sleep summer very heated playing resting walking unbelievable heathens hottest

beach surf on the waves surf in the spectacular sea! summer summer nows the time summer is an amusement park

summer is the longest season

desert dry, cactus roasting, loosing, dyeing windy, big, soft, mushy sucking, gleaming, soaking wet, plants swamp

Gold gold is a happy color just like yellow. kings and queens love gold. gold good gold is a rare color. so rare that not many artists uses it that is why it is so rare and precise.if you see or found gold take a photo of it and use it wisely.

golden yellow brightness gleaming in the shadows unbelievable prettiness Epic

My best friend is sam broke his leg on a mountain he is a good friend

My robot is good he is a jolly old friend but he got destroyed

wet Aqua Tumbling Early Rumbling

Im generous and funny I wonder what teacher I will have next year I hear people asking and talking to me I see people helping each other I want some respect Im generous and funny I pretend to be smart I feel sand and earth in my hand I touch a smooth apple I worry about my mom and dad I cry when someone dies Im generous and funny I under that stand that no one is perfect I say treat people like you want to be treated I dream that there will be no pollution I try to be nice Im generous and funny

YOUR B-DAY If you have a birthday don始t be shy. a birthday you just will be more happy than in a party. your birthday is when you were born. you should be happy that you are alive, not dead.

MY BROTHER I have a younger brother I also have a mother I told my brother to do my homework he said “I have lone work” I told my brother to get the toilet paper he said “Im not a noilet maker” I told my brother to eat he said “Iʼl beat” so I kicked him out of the house and he never came back

now brother now !!

THE ICE CREAM TRUCK The Ice cream trucks bell rings it rings when it rains when it stop we mop and we cant look at it if we do we need to nit so don't buy the ice cream it will make you lean

THINGS IN YOUR TRASH CAN 2 rotten eegs 1 dead fish 25 broken pencils 1 can of rotten salsa 3 slices of blue cheese 3 rotten strawberries 1 empty wine bottles 2 tic-tac始s melted to paperclips 1 patch of rotten grapes and 2 sticky mango peals


this is my poetry project

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