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POems by emil kali

Sports are Fun Sports are as fun as an amusement park Sports are cooler than an amusement park Sports make you as active as a horse in a horserace Sports is like something teaching you how to be active A lot of hitting with equipment is sports Booom! Hiiiit! Monkeys running away from a tiger is as active as someone playing sports

Sports are Hard I think you need training... to be athletic Bt you need to be athletic.... to be in new sports you learn You need to be good in new sports you learn... to be good at different sports I think you have to be good in different sports...... to be a pro in a sport I think that if you are a pro.... you can be a pro in different things too Sports could be as hard as you lifting a 10,000 pound weight

Ice Cream Whenever I see ice cream I think that I will scream! Ice cream feels as cold as snow but just without a wind blow My favorite flavors are Mango and Cookies ʻn Cream whenever I eat those flavors I feel like Iʼm in a dream! Other good Flavors are Lime and Lemon but they are very sour If you want the sour to go away it will just take an hour Lick, Lick, Lick...Lick, Lick I see Ice cream! Whenever I see ice cream I feel like I need to scream AHHHHHH!!!!

“Are you still playing ping pong?” “No. The games are just too long.” “If you play ping pong Iʼll give you some money.” “Okay but that is just dumb but funny” Swing hit...Darn he won the point trip...fall...”Ouch I think I hurt my joint!” and thats why I donʼt want to play ping pong so I guess that he is wrong “you still owe me that money,” “Iʼll just spend it on a pet bunny”

Mango Ice cream

Skiing Haikus

I’m up the ski lift going down the biggest hill sliding crashing friends Rolling down this hill get up on my feet to ski don’t crash! here we go

Go and win that race go ski as fast as you can slide before you crash

Tennis Cinquains tennis Awesomest sport balls flying everywhere unstoppable to play tennis tiring

Tennis tiring sport every ball everywhere cheerful, exciting when winning awesome

skiing down a hill bumpy moguls make me Jump! landing on the snow(or:landing on my face!)

Zoom! Zoom! this is fast going down t he speed of light focus or you’ll fall


I am Poem am motivated and athletic wonder if I will be a successful person hear the crowd cheering for me when I won match point see the city cheering for me want to be well known am motivated and athletic


pretend I’m a professional tennis player without a racket feel the frozen grip on my ski poles touch famous tennis player’s hand and shake them worry about my family members when they’re sick cry when I fall off my bike onto the scratching concrete am motivated and athletic


understand how people have rich lives say I am awesome and epic dream of winning a grand slam tennis tournament try my best i n everything I do hope for a successful life am motivated and athletic

Life Happy, cheerful living, playing, earning Jobs, education,gravestone,honor resting staying dissolving peaceful, safe Death

Sharp dangerous, scary stabbing, breaking cutting blade, point, front, rounded part smoothening, flattening, not cutting harmless, flat(or:round) Dull

Sports List

Sports are fun Sports could make you athletic Sports are hard competition trophies medals auto racing badminton baseball basketball biking cricket football (American) field hockey floor hockey gymnastics golf handball horse racing ice hockey inline speed skating inline hockey lacrosse mountain biking ping pong polo rugby running racket ball softball skiing soccer swimming tennis


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