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Jack Russell  Terriers   Andrew  Chang  

Contents Jack  Russell  Terrier  physical  characteris9cs     History  of  Jack  Russell  terriers     Jack  Russell  Terrier  unique  spots   Jack  Russell  Terrier  usages   I  can’t  wait!   Jack  Russell  Terrier  catching  procedures   Famous  Jack  Russell  terriers   Jack  Russell  Terriers  in    your  house   And  other  facts  too!  

How Jack  Russell  Terriers  are  unique   When  people  say  the  word  dog,  you  think  of  a   cute  liEle  dog  wagging  it’s  tail.  However,  the   Jack  Russell  Terrier  is  different.  The  Jack  Russell   Terrier  was  bred  to  hunt  foxes,  bears,  and  other   wild  animals.  Jack  Russell  Terriers  are  small  so   that  they  can  climb  in  foxholes  and  other  hiding   places.  They  are  playful   and  good  pets.   You  can’t   Oh  yes  I  can!  

catch a   sleeping   cat!   I  wish  they’d   stop  arguing  

Jack Russell  Terriers  and  people   Jack  Russell  Terriers  are  kind  to  people,  but   some  Jack  Russells  need  some  9me  to  get  used   to  living  with  people  and  as  a  house  pet.  The   speedy  Jacks  can  trip  small  children  and  old   grandparents,  so  try  to  keep  them  in  your  sight.     I  am  trained   to  not  trip   people.  

Jack Russell  Terrier  usages   Jack  Russell  Terriers  are  outside  dogs,  trained  to   catch  Badgers,  Red/Grey  foxes,  and  groundhogs.      

That’s a  lot  of   different   animals   Useful,  don’t  you  think?  

Catching Procedures   Jack  Russell  Terriers  use  this  method  when   hun9ng:  First,  the  JRT  finds  the  prey  (  Usually  a   fox  ).  Then,  it  chases  the  fox  into  it’s  foxhole.   There  it  guards  the  foxhole  un9l  a  hunter  comes   and  kills  the  fox.     Correct!  

Jack Russell  Terrier  Physical   Characteris9cs   Jack  Russell  Terries  are  12-­‐14  inches  tall  (  30-­‐35   CM)  and  Weighs  6-­‐8  Kg(  13-­‐17  Ibs)    

The History  of  Jack  Russell  Terriers   The  Reverend  John  Russell  bred  the  Jack   Russells,  so  they  are  named  aber  him.     The  Reverend  used  Fox  terriers  to  breed  The   Jack  Russell  Terriers,  so  they  are  descended   from  Fox  terriers.     Giddyup,  horsey!   I’m  a  Jack  Russell   Terrier!  

Jack Russell  Terriers  in  your  house   Jack  Russell  Terriers  can  be  pets,  but  they  s9ll   need  a  lot  of  space  to  run  and  play,  like  your   garden.    If  your  fish  or  turtle  disappears,  your   Jack  Russell  Terrier  has  likely  done  it.  Those  dogs   are  unsuitable  with  other  smaller  animals  and   other  Jack  Russell  Terriers  under  8  weeks  old.     What?  I  didn’t  do   anything...okay  ,   okay...not  yet!  

More about  the  Jack  Russell  Terrier   Jack  Russell  Terriers  are  athle9c,  they  are  best   kept  on  a  leash,  bred  with  bull  terriers  to  begin   Badger  digging,  is  a  rela9ve  of  the  Parson  Russell   Terrier  ,  and  guards  quarry  for  weeks-­‐months   without  food/water.     Stop  bragging,   dog!!   That’s  us!  

Famous Jack  Russell  Terriers   A  Jack  Russell  Terrier  Named  Bothy  went  to  both   the  South  and  North  poles     A  Jack  Russell  Terrier  called  George  saved  5   children  from  2  Pit  Bulls.  He  was  killed  by  the  Pit   Bulls  and  received  the  animal  equivalent  to  the   George  Cross.    

Where I  got  my  informa9on   •  •  •  • 

Encyclopedia Britannica  Online   Wikipedia      Encyclopedia  of  dogs   American  Kennel  club    

Am I  Cute?  

Did you  have  fun?!?!?   I  did,  how’   bout  you?  

The End  

Jack Russell Terriers  

This is a powerpoint about Jack Russell Terriers, a breed of dog.

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