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Founded in 1994, Espaรงo t - Social and Community Integration Support Association, is a Private Institution of Social Solidarity, with a Public Utility Status under tutelage of the Health Ministry, that promotes the integration of a very diverse group of people, using art as therapy process. Through over 20 years of existence, Espaรงo t had been developing an innovative and pioneer work, promoting the social integration of a very heterogeneous group of individuals using art as a therapeutic process.

Espaรงo t arises in a social context in which the need for new tools to combat exclusion becomes urgent. A group of professionals from the fields of health and arts mobilized expertise and, above all, much effort for the creation of a reality underpinned by a primary objective: the fight against social exclusion by adopting the arts, language of emotions, as a privileged instrument of communication.

By fostering creativity as a common language, we at Espaço t want to wake up to in our users, trainees and others an active social participation, conscious and free. In this way, the work developed daily on the premises of this institution brings together different areas of interrelated interventions: • The workshops of artistic expression, complemented by a psychological follow-up;

• The Employment Department that ensures employability; • The Training and Projects Department accredited by DGERT; • The Espaço t Brigades, which have the mission to take the activities of this institution the other realities; • The Espaço t Emergency Line that supports individuals in extreme situations.

Espaço t is based in two major vectors: • Frame the individual in cultural/artistic and/or formative (formal or nonformal) activities, in a way that stimulates the expressive capabilities and the development of the selfinvestment with the objective to change attitudes, values, skills, promoting a positive life-style change, developing self-esteem and selfconcept. • Promote a social change, aiming the acceptance of difference by society, using for that the divulgation of the Espaço t culture.

These activities are further enhanced with the activities developed by the Espaรงo t UNESCO Club (founding member of the Portuguese UNESCO Federation of Clubs, Centers and Associations - FPACU) with lectures, meetings and thematic tours.

The work developed by Espaรงo t should be understood primarily as enhancer of change, consciousness and behavior. By promoting the acceptance of difference and the integration of those who are usually allocated to the socalled "social margins" we promote a more cohesive society, awakened to social issues, more balanced and sustained.

By promoting the integration into working life of disadvantaged and/or the socially excluded, we not only contribute to the production of wealth, making them productive elements of society, but we also reduce the weight that these people have over local and national administrations, through assist systems that only contribute to maintain the situations of exclusion.

In this line, the potential created for the development of critical mass contributes, in the short and medium term, to a more active and responsible participation in the life of the city, the region and the country.

CHARACTERIZATION OF ESPAÇO T VALENCES SOCIAL ACTION • Personal development and artistic workshops • Employment offices • Espaço t Brigades • Espaço t Emergency Line TRAINING • CESFOR – Social Entrepreneurship and Training Center • CERCAR-TE E5G Project – Program Choices CULTURE • Espaço Con(tacto) magazine • Body Event / Corpo Evento: Cycle of Performances in Theatre and Dance • Galleries (Espaço t Gallery, Espaço t Itinerant Gallery, Almost Gallery) • Congresses • Espaço t UNESCO Club • Public Art • Store of Happiness


Personal Development and Artistic Workshops • Espaço t, through the Artistic and Personal Development Department promotes weekly about thirty workshops (Theater, Dance, Painting, Journalism, Tai Chi Chuan, Physical Education, Music Therapy, Photography, Musical Expression, Handicrafts, Yoga, Ballroom Dancing, Computers, Gardening, Creative Writing, Cinema, among others), guided by professionals from each area.

These workshops are targeted at heterogeneous groups in a perspective of full integration.

Also within this department Espaço t has a Psychology Office that promotes support interworkshops by conducting weekly Group Dynamics, in order to promote reflection on the work done in workshops and training for personal and social skills.

This office also promotes, individual appointments whenever necessary.

SOCIAL ACTION Employment Cabinets โ€ข Espaรงo t has two departments of employment / Professional Insertion Offices that support the users in the search for employment or in vocational training, working in Porto and in Trofa.

SOCIAL ACTION Espaço t Brigades • The Espaço t Brigades are intended to disseminate the creation of workshops with other therapeutic institutions who require their implementation • outside the physical reality of Espaço t. It is a reapplication abroad of courses and workshops developed by this institution. • From 2003 to 2013, the brigades have covered institutions as: • - Student Associations • - Colleges • - Prisons • - Prisions • - Educational Centers • - Schools • - Clinics • - Parish Councils, among others.

SOCIAL ACTION Espaço t Emergency Line – 707 201 076 • The Espaço t Emergency line is a service that comes as a response to the need of telephone support for persons crossing times of crisis and situations of distress (depression, suicide attempts, exclusion, etc.). • This is a quick and confidential way to provide information, support and / or referral to our services and / or services from other institutions. All the calls are answered by psychologists who evaluate the state of the person and refer to the appropriate institutions to the cases presented.

TRAINING CESFOR – Training and Social Entrepreneurship Centre • CESFOR assumes as a specific mission, support the (re) integration into work life and professional disadvantaged groups through the design, promotion and implementation of training projects. • To direct their education and training activities to disadvantaged groups, providing them with personal and professional skills, this department operates with a goal: The fight against social exclusion by professional integration. • Parallel to these activities, CESFOR promotes continuous training (seminars, workshops, awareness campaigns) aimed at health technicians and social area technicians. • The ambition of this department is to implement as a true Total School where should advocate a handson training, as a way of organizing the training focused on dynamic methodologies that enhance learning and facilitators are elements of autonomy and personal development.

TRAINING CERCAR-TE E5G / SURROUNDING YOU E5G Project – Escolhas / Choices Program • The consortium of the project consists of: Cerco Group of Schools; Children and Young People Protection Commission East Porto; Northern Regional Directorate of the Portuguese Institute of Sport and Youth; Youth Foundation; Serralves Foundation; Campanhã Municipal Hall; SOS Racism Movement. • The project aims to enhance the social inclusion of children, youth and families in vulnerable situations , giving the to the neighborhood integrated responses to combat the abandonment, absenteeism and failure at school, promote the acquisition of skills, support the employability and vocational integration and promote digital literacy.. This project operates in 5 areas in order to respond to the needs identified, these being : CIEPRE - Information and Referral Center for Educational Responses ; CEPJ - Professional Youth Referral Center ; CAL - Local Artistic Center; CID @ NET Center for Digital Inclusion ; CEJ - Center for Youth Entrepreneurship . • The Cercar-te E5G Project is responsible for the promotion of a School of Rugby, Federated of the Rugby Portuguese Association.

CULTURE Espaรงo t through the Department of Communication and Image is responsible for the preparation and dissemination of Espaรงo t cultural action, so that our daily work developed is sedimented abroad, establishing channels of communication with the media, institutions and society in general. The realization of artistic, cultural and social events, reflect on what is the "Espaรงo t culture", sensitizing the general population to social problems and risk groups, promoting the acceptance through the difference.

CULTURE MAGAZINE Espaço Con (tacto) • On March 18, 1998, was published the first issue of the magazine Espaço Con (tacto). Since then 18 numbers have been published, semi-annually and distributed throughout the national territory. • With the collaboration of professionals from different fields who voluntarily and often poorly resourced, make this magazine a quality communication means for all. • It is in this sense that "Espaço Con (tacto)" is printed in black, Braille and audio format, enabling a greater diversity of people, easy access to a wide range of updated information and diverse areas. • The contents of the "Espaço Con (tacto)" always respect themes that stimulate curiosity, reflection and sensitivity by who conceives it and its readers. • The latest issue of Espaço Con (tacto), is available in audio format and for download on the website of Espaço t in


Corpo Evento / Body Event - Cycle Shows of Theatre and Dance Corpo Evento / Body Event is a cycle of performances in theatre and dance which aims to function as a space of integration according to the concepts of integrated and inclusive work. Held since 1998 Corpo Evento / Body Event has created an assiduous audience that follows this event (last edition was attended by about 1000 spectators). The space t performs annually this cycle, now in 16th edition which in recent years has elapsed in the Rivoli Municipal Theatre. Eight groups from Espaço t and 6 groups invited from various institutions (psychiatric hospitals, prisons, Cercis, APPCDM, etc.), present their creations of stage, for about 15 days. People with different bio-psycho-social characteristics shows on stage what transcend them and that are able to excite the crowd, not because they are different from the standard norm, but because they are able to be the protagonists of their lives, showing that we have a role to play that is ours by right.

CULTURE Espaço t Gallery • Since March 2011 the Espaço t Art Gallery performs six annual exhibitions - a space of convergence of different kinds of art, from art "marginal" to the contemporary art. • Thus, is a laboratory for artistic experimentation, aimed at creating new concepts of art, including: art as a form of transversal communication between different audiences; the art as a form of integration of groups in a society increasingly segregated. • Opportunities to our students show their work, but also for all the community, who otherwise have no opportunity to expose and promote work. The aesthetic is there, we want to go beyond...

CULTURE Espaço t Itinerant Gallery • With the same purpose of Espaço t Gallery, a new exhibition space is available to everyone in the new premises of the Delegation of Trofa’s Espaço t.

CULTURE Quase / Almost Gallery • A contemporary art gallery with a well-defined purpose: to present contemporary Portuguese art. With this concept we intend to create a new vision of Espaço t, as a place to other audiences can show their art, this time not an art therapy but in the real sense of the term that will inevitably be therapeutic because everything that produces well-being to the individual who creates is therapeutic.

CULTURE Congresses • Espaço t holds biannual congresses in order to discuss some topics less discussed in this kind of initiatives. Espaço t promotes a space for reflection on the importance of affects and other pressing issues in the development of the human being. • To reflect about happiness, death, sex, desire, dream... as something essential for the development and welfare of the individual and the society in which he is inserted. Will also be an opportunity to think about these issues in a therapeutic perspective and spread the form of Espaço t expression and culture. • Thus, over two days, several speakers from different nationalities and from various areas reflect on these themes, in order to promote critical thinking and the share of ideas.

CULTURE Espaço t UNESCO Club • The Espaço t UNESCO Club is based on the following principles: to promote a conscious and participative citizenship, instilling a change in behaviors and mentalities; as a Social Integration Support Association, to show its social responsibility and civic participation, through environmental policies; actively contribute to awareness of the goals of Kyoto, as well as its fulfillment. • The Espaço t UNESCO Club duties go through the collaboration/cooperation with local, regional, national and transnational institutions in activities and accomplishments related to the objectives of UNESCO, particularly the UNESCO National Commission; to evoke and encourage de defense of the values proclaimed by UNESCO, searching and promoting effective ways to achieve them; contribute to the promotion of a more conscious and participative citizenship around environmental issues. • In June 2011 was formally constituted the Portuguese Federation of UNESCO Clubs, Centers and Associations (FPACU).

CULTURE Public Art • Espaço t, periodically invites artists resident in Portugal and abroad to intervene with their work in public places (Streets, railway stations, Metro stations, etc.), demonstrating that art can be a major instrument in revitalizing and humanization of places of public use, contributing to greater socialization and satisfaction of all. • Objectives: • Decentralizing the contemporary artistic creation, leading this cultural initiative to places usually considered with other activities, thereby enabling the creation of synergies between areas considered as distinct poles of interest. • Creation of new audiences • Demonstrate and disseminate artistic expression as a privileged instrument of social intervention.

CULTURE Store of Happiness • Looking the achievement of greater sustainability of its activities, Espaço t opened the Store of Happiness. • This solidarity shop, was supported by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. • The store with decoration project of Susana Camelo Atelier, also has the support of Q’ria Ideias Company. Companies like Portugal Genial; Confiança – Soaps and Perfumery; Expoconser – Canned Exporter, Herdade do Espoão; Sogevinus Fine Wines, Jubileu, among others are associated to this store. • In this new space, in addition to various publications, are on sale products so different, united by the condition of providing Happiness sensations.

CULTURE Ambassadors of Happiness • • With the purpose of disseminating the work that Espaço t develops since 1994, using art as a therapeutic process with a very diverse group of people, with the aim of contributing to an increase in self-esteem and self-concept of each, we invite different personalities from different areas of the Portuguese society, to be Espaço t Ambassadors. • • Whereas the mission of Espaço t is to contribute to the lives of 500 people who enjoy the valences of Espaço t to be happier, the Espaço t Ambassadors of space t, shall be replaced by the designation "Happiness Ambassadors". • • From politicians, to showbiz and television individualities, to the creation and the arts, among other areas we joined several personalities that side by side with Espaço t students are protagonists of this campaign.

Thank you! Francisco Garcia Reis

Espaço t - Social and Community Integration Support Association  
Espaço t - Social and Community Integration Support Association