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19th Annual ESPA Congress

Expanding the Spa Experience May 20th – 23 rd 2014 Vejle, Denmark

May 20 -23 th


Expanding the Spa Experience Congress Outline May 20 th Arrival B2B Event Managing Board Meeting Board Meeting Opening Night May 21 st

Official Opening Introducing The THRILL Factor A Journey Through Nordic Wellness Trends Spa Care as a Means for Health and Prevention An Evening in Valhalla

May 22 nd Thalasso - Sea Side Location as Therapeutic and Recreational Opportunity AquaMeditation The Healing Forest Garden Nacadia Build Better Customer Relations and Brand Reputation Grand Finale: EU Potentials for Shaping a Healthier Europe Gala Dinner and ESPA Greatest Hits May 23 rd


May 23 rd -25 th

Capital Highlights Post-Congress Trip to Copenhagen

th Registration Deadline March 15 2014

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May 20

th Congress Program Expanding the Spa Experience

Expanding The Spa Experience ESPA Denmark and VisitVejle are honored to be

hosting the 19th Annual ESPA Congress and we are looking forward to spending these inspiring days with you. To inspire us to think beyond current spa experiences, a number of prominent keynote speakers have been invited. As part of the congress, we have arranged a number of interactive workshops and would like to encourage everyone to share knowledge, discuss the issues at hand and develop new ideas. Together, each of us contributes to making a good congress great. If you arrive in Vejle by train or by plane, you are greeted at VisitVejle in the city center. During the afternoon, you may explore our quaint shops or enjoy a good cup of coffee before shuttle busses will transport you from VisitVejle to Hotel Vejlefjord. Arriving by car, you are welcome to drive straight to Hotel Vejlefjord. Built as a tuberculosis sanatorium in 1900, the location of today’s Hotel Vejlefjord was based upon a few vital criteria: a beautiful, rural setting, far from heavy traffic and with access to good, clean air and an inviting nature. Time has changed and the sanatorium is now one of the leading spa hotels in Denmark. The beautiful setting and the inviting nature, however, are unchanged. And ESPA Denmark is proud to present Hotel Vejlefjord as the venue for the 19th Annual ESPA Congress. Meet new partners, find new customers, or use this B2B Event as a platform for testing your ideas in a new setting. Based on your requests, we will set up and facilitate B2B meetings between 14:00 and 17:00. During the afternoon, managing board and board members meet for the Managing Board Meeting (14:30-16:30) and the Board Meeting (16:30-19:30).

Opening Night Vejle’s Mayor Arne Sigtenbjerggaard hosts the Opening Night

where familiar faces come together in new surroundings at Spinderihallerne - The Spinning Mill. It is on the Opening Night, we sample the traditional Danish kitchen as well as a glass of the local beer. On this evening, you can also explore Vejle’s past as the opening event is placed in the same open complex as the cultural heritage museum

May 21

st Congress Program Expanding the Spa Experience

Official Opening We open the 19th Annual ESPA Congress with a few welcoming speeches as well as the traditional flag parade.

The THRILL Factor In a blast of a keynote presentation, Mr Henrik Meng reminds

us that our guests are the cornerstones of our businesses and that our relations with the guests are essential to their overall spa experience. Introducing us to The THRILL Factor, Mr Meng offers a variety of ideas as to how we meet our guests and give them a service that goes beyond the ordinary, thereby widening the spa experience beyond the treatments and the beautiful, peaceful settings.

A Journey Through Nordic Wellness Trends With outset in her work as one of

Scandinavia’s leading Spa Consultants, Ms Linda Myrberg presents current trends and inspirations within Nordic Wellness. Covering both the Nordic mindset and lifestyle, Ms Myrberg also reveals how old Nordic bathing traditions have long term and scientifically documented effects on our health. Lastly, Ms Myrberg takes us to the intersection between traditional wellbeing and medical technology and presents a new era of medispas with a holistic and sustainable approach.

Spa Care as a Means for Health and Prevention The balneology presentation and workshop hosted by Ms Dr. Janka Zálešáková cover the potential of spa care in primary prevention and prolongation of life span in good health. Verification of this potential is a target of research in balneology. ESPA have just commenced the process of integrating balneology in the association and this is a chance for you to get the first insights in this field.

An Evening In Valhalla Home of the Nordic gods and of the Vikings heroically

defeated on the battlefield, Valhalla is a mythical and majestic place. For this one night, all congress participants become Vikings as we spend an evening in Valhalla trying our skills at Viking jousts, challenge each other and working together to succeed before enjoying a Viking banquet. The Vikings were fierce indeed, but fun-loving and fond of good food as well.

May 22

nd Congress Program Expanding the Spa Experience

Under the headline of Thalasso - Sea Side Location as a Therapeutic and Recreational Opportunity, Mr Reiner Wieben of Klovtofte Barefoot Spa presents an inspirational workshop for those who would like to use their sea side location to include the natural elements of the sea side in their therapeutic portfolio. 3 inspiring examples will be presented to take home and use in your own practice. Ms Dr. Karin Lehmann from Kaiserbäder Insel Usedom tells you the story about how a whole region is working towards developing the region as a Thalasso destination. SPA Manager Ms Ulrike Wehner from Hotel Neptun & SPA exemplifies how a hotel can integrate Thalasso treatments and programs in the product. Mr Wilhelm Loth, Managing Director of Staadtbad Norderney GmbH shares how clear priorities and a vision have changed the product of the Staadtbad and inspired the local area to cooperate under one heading:Thalasso. Combine the restorative powers of water with the principles of meditation and hold your breath – the practice of AquaMeditation is born. Participants experience deep relaxation and mental freedom while meditating in and under water. AquaMeditation can also be used to improve the lung capacity of chronically ill patients. World Champion Free Diver and Coach, Mr. Jesper Stechmann gives an introduction to the unique practice of AquaMeditation and leads a workshop in the spa area, giving you the opportunity to experience this beneficial practice on your own body and mind.

Build Better Customer Relations and Brand Reputation Companies in

all industries are searching for new sources of competitive advantages as competition in their marketplace is intensifying. Whereas traditional marketing approaches are mostly focused on sales transactions, the “new” marketing is relational and aims at establishing a long-term relationship of mutual awareness and interest with prospective and current guests. Moderated by Ms Jurgita Kazlauskiene and Mr João Pinto Barbosa, this interactive workshop on social media and content marketing covers the strategies to develop a relational marketing agenda, focusing on awareness, brand reputation and loyalty, helping your spa to position itself as the right choice for the your guests’ needs.

May 22

nd Congress Program Expanding the Spa Experience

The Healing Forest Garden Nacadia Nature itself has a healing impact when

we are stressed. But not all nature is healing at any time. Research informs us that outdoor experiences and activities have a reducing impact on even severe cases of stress. Further studies will show which of nature’s qualities are most central in stress prevention and reduction. Nacadia is a full-scale laboratory where people suffering from stress can receive treatment, and where research is conducted in the relationship between the natural environment, people, design, and health. Nacadia is designed to support the therapeutic process while offering meaningful activities and experiences for its users. Ms Dorthe Djernis and Mr Ulrik Sidenius from Copenhagen University give a presentation about the on-going design process of the garden, the therapeutic rehabilitation methods and research projects.

Grand Finale: EU Potentials for Shaping a Healthier Europe EU funding

opportunities for projects aiming at shaping a healthier Europe be the focus of the Grand Finale. Spas and health resorts can play a significant part in these projects and in this year’s Grand Finale, we are given insights and inspiration to the path to a successful implementation of an EU funded health or tourism project.

ESPAs Annual General Assembly

We come together for the annual General Assembly.

Gala Dinner and ESPA Greatest Hits At the closing of the 19th Annual ESPA Congress we sit down for the traditional Gala Dinner, enjoying the chef’s culinary creations based on Local seasonal foods. Wrapping up the evening, the DJ will set the tunes for a night of ESPA Greatest Hits and give us plenty of opportunity to dance the night away.

May 22

nd Spouses’ Program Expanding the Spa Experience

Located on the northern shore of the Vejle Inlet, Hotel Vejlefjord is an attraction in itself. The park and the surrounding forest inspire tranquility and a variety of pathways allows you to explore the area afoot. Relaxing in the open-air pool amidst century old trees, you will experience what makes May a magical month. While at Hotel Vejlefjord, you are free to use the thermal baths as much as you like. As we get closer to the event, we will send you further inspiration from the spa. Vejle boasts of being rated as Denmark’s cosiest shopping town and not without reason. Leading chain stores and brand names neighbor boutiques, coffee houses and small restaurants and create an attractive mix for the curious shopper. On the daytrip to Vejle, you will have time to stroll the streets of Vejle, satisfy your curiosity and find your new favorite café for lunch. On the daytrip to Vejle, we would also like you to explore the art at Vejle Art Museum. Apart from an impressive collection of COBRA paintings and landscape paintings of the varied nature surrounding Vejle, Vejle Art Museum also has a collection of Rembrandt etchings and sculptures by Robert Jacobsen. The Museum Curator takes you behind the surface of the art works on a guided tour and shares the inspiration behind the current exhibitions, and you have the opportunity to enjoy a time of reflection as well.

May 23


Departure Expanding the Spa Experience

We Wish You a Safe Journey Home During the morning, shuttle busses depart from Hotel Vejlefjord to Billund Airport and Vejle Station where connections can be made by train to Copenhagen Airport.

Spending A Few Extra Days In Vejle? When asking international guests what characterises the Vejle area, the answer is most often ‘your nature’. The varied nature around Vejle attracts cyclists challenging themselves on the hills, hikers

enjoying the views and the tranquility in the Vejle River Valleys, families playing on the beachs and yachters approaching Vejle on the beautiful inlet. Yes, Vejle is beautiful nature – and a bit more.

May 23

rd Local Highlights Expanding the Spa Experience

UNESCO World Heritage Monuments in Jelling The year was 955 AD.

The Viking king Harald Bluetooth renounced the Norse pantheon and embraced Christianity. He recorded this event on a runic stone close to the stone his father king Gorm the Old had erected in Jelling a few years earlier. The runic stone also hails Harald Bluetooth’s achievements in uniting Denmark and Norway and bringing Christianity to the Danes. Therefore, the stone is often referred to as ‘Denmark’s birth certificate’ and adorns the Danish passports to this day. The Jelling Monuments with the two runic stones, the two great mounds, the world largest stone circle and the impressive palisades are the most important cultural heritage monuments in Denmark and are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Monuments. The town of Jelling holds a unique cultural heritage echoing the proud Viking past which is well worth experiencing.

World-class Wellness Hotel Vejlefjord is just one of Vejle’s two exclusive spa and

wellness hotels. South of the scenic Vejle Inlet you find Comwell Kellers Park, a five star spa hotel complete with estate parkland. The mansion buildings housing Comwell Kellers Park were turned into a spa hotel in 2008 and the hotel characterized by its spaciousness and modern edge. Along with the beautiful nature, Vejle is surrounded by, Hotel Vejlefjord and Comwell Kellers Park complete Vejle as a unique spa and wellness destination and we hope you will enjoy your stay with us.

LEGOLAND® Most children are familiar with the colorful LEGO® bricks that can

build anything you can imagine. These bricks originate in Billund just west of Vejle, where LEGOLAND® offers a world of fantastic experiences for children of all ages. More than 60 mio bricks are used to build the models in LEGOLAND® and every year, new models, rides and activities are added to the park, making it just as world famous as the LEGO® bricks that lay the foundation.

Architectural Highlights Vejle has become a veritable showcase of modern design by some of Denmark’s leading architects, including residential areas such as De Fem Søstre – The Five Sisters, Tróndur, Spinderihallerne – The Spinning Mill – and the awardwinning residential complex the wave-shaped Bølgen.

May 23

rd Capital Highlights Expanding the Spa Experience

We have put together two post-congress packages that include some of the highlights, our capital has to offer. Take this opportunity to experience a bit more of Denmark, explore our cultural history and enjoy the world class attractions. The post-congress trip to Copenhagen departs Hotel Vejlefjord at 9:00. After arriving in Copenhagen and enjoying a delicious lunch, a local guide leads the group through a 3 hour guided tour of the town centre of Copenhagen, including the following highlights. One can easily spend an afternoon just watching people at the buzzing Town Square in front of the Town Hall and across from the amusement garden Tivoli. The Town Square is also the outset for a stroll up Strøget, the main shopping street. Copenhagen has an old system of canals where ships from around the world would dock and sailors explored the delights of the growing city. To this very day, charismatic Nyhavn is a meeting place for locals and visitors alike with plenty of opportunity to enjoy a nice cold beer, a delicate meal and some friendly conversation. A visit to the royal palace Amalienborg, home of the world’s oldest monarchy is also on our list this afternoon. The colorful Royal Guards guard the Queen and the rest of the Royal Family who resides in the four palaces of the complex. North of Amalienborg on the harbor front resides another world famous Danish lady, The Little Mermaid. The fairy tale of The Little Mermaid was written by Hans Christian Andersen in 1837 and since 1913, the statue of The Little Mermaid has been welcoming sailors, fishermen and other visitors arriving to Copenhagen by the sea. After checking in at the hotel, you are free to roam the city and explore the corners that attract you the most. We suggest completing your Copenhagen adventure in Tivoli and experience the garden which has amused Danes and tourists alike the past 150 years.

May 24

th Capital Highlights Expanding the Spa Experience

“You need water internally and externally. It lets youth blossom for an entire lifetime”. Carl Ottosen 1939, Founder of Skodsborg Sanatarium

Fieldtrip to Kurhotel Skodsborg This Saturday morning, we are invited on

a guided tour of Kurhotel Skodsborg by Spa and Fitness Director Henrik Andersen. Formerly a Royal summer residence, the beautiful buildings of today’s Kurhotel Skodsborg was turned into a health sanatorium in 1898 by Dr. Carl Ottosen. Established as a forward-minded and prevention oriented facility, Skodsborg Sanatarium was also renowned for its expertise within physiotherapy. To this day, Kurhotel Skodsborg remains a forward-minded spa hotel and an architectural paradise where light and simplicity ensure the guests calmness and space. The Care & Medical division of Kurhotel Skodsborg offers active rehabilitation and treatment and several medical professions have their consultations at the Medical Center on the premises. Overall, Kurhotel Skodsborg invites us to visit “a world of its own – where nature, history and aesthetics are combined with knowledge”. The fieldtrip rounds up the official part of the post-congress trip, however, Wonderful Copenhagen has many more highlights for you to explore during your weekend here.

Practical Information Expanding the Spa Experience Registration deadline March 15 th For registration later than this date,

we cannot guarantee accommodation at Hotel Vejlefjord and participants will be responsible for arranging and paying their own transportation to the congress venue 20 km from the city center.

Congress Fee EURO 475 / 525 if registration after March 10 th Incl. all

st nd coffees and seminars. evening arrangements and dinners, lunch on May 21 and 22 ,

Spouse Fee EURO 350 Incl. all evening arrangements and dinners, lunch on May st nd 21 and visit to Vejle on May 22 .

Single room, May 20 th - 22 nd EURO 383 (3 nights) Incl. breakfast buffet and access to spa.

Double room, May 20 th - 22 nd EURO 484 (3 nights) Incl. breakfast buffet and access to spa.

Additional nights May 19 th or 23rd at Hotel Vejlefjord Single room EURO 128/Double room EURO 162 Incl. breakfast buffet and access to spa.

For more nights than these, please contact KongresKompagniet at Post-congress tour May 23rd - 24th EURO 315 Bus transportation Hotel

Vejlefjord to Copenhagen - Lunch at traditional lunch restaurant - 3 hour guided bus rd at 3 tour (English and German speaking guide) - entrance to Tivoli - 1 night (May 23 ) stars hotel within walking distance from city center (breakfast included)

Post-congress tour May 23rd - 25th EURO 415 Bus transportation Hotel

Vejlefjord to Copenhagen - Lunch at traditional lunch restaurant - 3 hour guided bus rd tour (English and German speaking guide) - entrance to Tivoli - 2 nights (May 23 and th at 3 stars hotel within walking distance from city center (breakfast included) 24 ) th - transportation back and forth to Kurhotel tour of Kurhotel Skodsborg (May 24 ) Skodsborg

Practical Information Expanding the Spa Experience Registration and Payment To ensure the best possible handling of

your registration for the 19th Annual ESPA Congress, we have partnered with KongresKompagniet. All questions regarding registration, payment and Hotel Vejlefjord et.c. should be addressed to You are only registered for the congress once Kongreskompagniet has received payment. Register for the 19th Annual ESPA Congress at

Organising Committee Questions regarding the program, presentations,

transportation and Vejle as a destination can be emailed to the organising committee at and to the European Spas Association at

Getting to Vejle

Travelling by car, Vejle is on the E45 motorway 2,5 hours north of Hamburg and 2,5 hours west of Copenhagen. Travelling to Denmark by train, the northbound trains stops in Vejle. Fly to Billund Airport and take the bus to Vejle (approx. 30 minutes). Find the airport at and for bus transit with bus 43 and bus 143. Please note that cash is required for the bus. Fly to Copenhagen Airport and take the train to Vejle (approx. 3 hours). Find the airport and for information on train connections. Fly to Aalborg Airport and take the train to Vejle (approx. 2 hours). Find the airport and for information on train connections.

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ESPA Congress 2014  
ESPA Congress 2014  

Invitation for the 19th Annual ESPA Congress May 20th - 23rd 2014 Vejle, Denmark