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We are pirates

3rd. Blue Newlands School

The identic pirates Once upon a time there was a pirate called Isabella who went to Romantic Island. When she arrived, she looked and said “This is Boy Island�. She was disappointed but Finally, she realized it was Romanic Island. She was very happy. The end By Isa

The sisters’ pirates By Miche and Ludmila

Once upon a time there was a girl called Ludmila. The girl had a sister and her name was Michela .One day, the two sisters went to an Island. They got lost in the island.

One day, Miche and Ludmi went to the sea. In the sea, there was a ship. In the ship there was a parrot and it was now, a new friend.

Two pirates girls By Luli and Juli

Once upon a time there was one pirate. The name of the girl was Julieta. Julieta had two boots, one hat and a dress. She was very beautiful. One day, Julieta went to the zoo and saw a Monkey and some giraffes.

There, she met LucĂ­a, another pirate who was talking with the animals. Finally, Julieta got a new friend and they enjoyed the time with the animals. The end

Captain Mayra Captain Mayra had a lot of adventures, but this was the best one. This was the beginning. She went to magic island and took the treasure and when she was sailing, she saw a map island. She took all the maps and she went to look for the treasure. By Agus.

Pirates best friends By Josefina Galup and Violeta Castro Olivera

A long time ago there was a girl called Violeta. One day, Viole was bored and her father talked to her. He asked: ‘What happens to you?’ ‘I want to go to Sofia´s house, she is my Best friend’. Her father answered: ‘yes, go’.

Sofia called her to come to her house and sleep there. Viole went to her house. They agreed that nothing or anyone could separate them. One day, a beautiful boy fell in love with Sofia and Sofia fell in love with him, too. His brother fell in love with Viole and she fell in love with him. They had a beautiful castle and they lived together happily ever after. The end

ยกIn an island! By Miranda and Franco

They were pirates. They went to an island and jumped into the river. There, they found a treasure with a map and it indicated where their parrot was. Finally, they found it and they celebrated and lived happily ever after. The end

The two best friends. By Guada and Caro

Once upon a time there was a girl called Guada. She was very beautiful. She lived with her family in a beautiful house near the beach. Guada dreamt that one day she would became a brave pirate.

There was another pirate called Caro. She was a brave pirate and she won all the fights. She lived in a very big boat. One day, Guada went to the beach and met Caro. Caro invited Guada to her ship and Guada accepted. The years passed and they became best friends. Guada was very happy because her dream came true and she had found her best friend. She lived happily ever after with her friend Caro, the nice pirate. The end

Looking for a treasure By JoaquĂ­n and Matias

This is Joaquín and his bird Matias Sguera. One day, they saw a map in the ocean and they took it. There, they saw a man and he asked: “What are you doing?” The man answered: “I’m looking for a treasure, Did you see it?”

Finally, they shared the treasure with this man because he was looking for it for about 10 years. The end

The super pirates By Manu and Bruno

A long time ago in a forest, there were two babies, one of the babies`s name was Manuel and the other was Bruno, they were alone. One day two men cought the babies and ran away from the forest. The men went to the bridge and entered into a ship. The babies were four years old. One day, the children escaped from the ship and found a dog, the children called the dog Mike.

They took care of him as if he he was a gold chest. When Mike was young, he protected the pirates and they loved him. Manu and Bruno were 16 years old, the pirates were very young. Then, the pirates called Manu and Bruno pirates. Manu had to wash the dishes and Bruno cleaned the deck. Manu and Bruno were very happy and they lived happily ever after. The end

The pirates Mori and Pili By Pili and Mori

A long time ago there was a girl called Pili, Pili wanted to be a pirate. One day Pili was in the sea. She started swimming very deep in the sea and there was a pink ship. Pili started swimming quickly to the pink ship and there she found a pirate called Mori.

Mori was a good pirate. Pili entered to the ship and said to her: - Hello, I am Pili and you? -I am pirate Mori. Finally, they were friends. The end

The pirates Sofi and Rena By Renata and Sofia

Once upon a time there was a girl called Sofi. Sofi had a best friend called Rena. Rena and Sofi were PIRATES. One day the girls went to an Island to find a TREASURE.

The girls arrived at happy Island. Finally, they found the TREASURE. The girls were very happy.

The end.

A super adventure By Vito, Salvi and Santi

The super adventure • Once upon a time there was a pirate called Santi. One day, he met a man who was very similar to him. His name was Vito.

The super adventure One day they went to an adventure and he met a boy called Salvi. They went to an other adventure and a person said to them: “you are twins�.

The super adventure They went to an adventure and Santi killed a monster. Salvi killed a bad bird .A crocodile wanted to eat Salvi but Vito saved him but finally, he died. Santi killed the crocodile. Inside the crocodile there was a treasure. Santi opened the chest and found a lot of money and gold. The end

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3rd. Form Newlands School