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A Ninghtmare! (By Agustín) …..…………………………...………….………… Pág. 03 The twins (By Martina and Jimena) ………………………………….……... Pág. 07 Diabolica and Espantos (By Pilar and Delfina) ………………..…….. Pág. 11 Ramiro and Leandro vs the Twins (By Ramiro and Leandro)..Pág. 15 The two kings (By Santiago and Federico) …………………………....…Pág. 19 The 2 warriors (By Matías and Valentín) ……………………….……….. Pág. 23 The Fantastic Adventure (By Sebastián and Belén) ……….……. Pág. 27 The two warriors (By Francisco G. and Gonzalo) ………….……..… Pág. 31 The Zombie and the Samurai (By Tomy P. and Tomy B.) .……. Pág. 35 The adventurer girls (By Valentina and Sofia) …………………….… Pág. 39 World war (By Nicolás and Valentín) …………………………….………….. Pág. 43 The Zombie and the Zombie (By Juan Kos and Azarías)…..... Pág. 47

A Nightmare!

By Agustin

I am Agustin I fought with dinos in a forest. I am a brave soldier and I must get to the castle after the dinosaurs eat me!!

The dinosaurs appeared and attacked me but I fought bravely and beated them. I started to run in the forest and suddenly more enormous dinosaurs came to me and‌

Killed me!! I could see myself on the floor, when something strange happen and I woke up. It was just a nightmare. The end.

The twins

By Martina and Jimena

One day Jime and Marty had a mission to do in a haunted castle. And the mission is not only to kill the evil and ugly witch but also to rescue the children. Because the witch wanted to kill them with a poisonous drink.

Inside the castle everything was dark and black. They had to be very careful, it was not an easy mission. They were very afraid because they couldn't see much. They could listen the children voices crying and shouting. And the witch's evil laugh.

We could solve that difficult but not impossible mission. I am happy Jime said. Me too Marty replied. The end.

Diabolica and Espantos The two witches

By Pilar and Delfina

Once upon a time there were 2 witches. One of the witches is Diabolica and the other is Espantos. Sometimes they were good. These witches had two cats.

But one day the two witches had a big problem‌ their cats were lost! The witches shouted all night long. Diabolica said: you lost the cats and Espantos said: No, I didn´t! You lost them!! They argued a lot. The two witches went far away one from the other.

The other day Diabolica shouted: Espantos, Espantos!!!! Look there! The cats are there! Espantos run to catch her pets. Diabolica caught one cat and Espantos the other one. The two witches apologized and kept on living together with their cats ever after.

Ramiro and Leandro vs the Twins

By Ramiro and Leandro

Once upon a time in a far away land, Rami and Lean got angry with his two twins and went to fight against the twins at 9:30 one Saturday.

Rami and Lean had 3 dinosaurs and the bad twins had 2 dinosaurs . Lean and Rami fought against his twins. Luckily they won!

• Lean, Rami and the twins go to the castle without realizing that they had also gone. • Rami Father and the mother talk to Lean, Rami and the two twins, the dinosaur waited out. And they all became a big family and lived happy ever after.

The two kings

By Santiago and Federico

Once upon a time the two kings travelled into the space. They were Goku Power and Kratos who originally lived in Brazil. It was very cold in the space and Kratos was very hungry.

Suddenly they met enormous and wild dinosaurs. Kratos and Goku Power fought with dinosaurs Kratos got hurt and Goku kept on fighting.

Goku and kratos went back to Brazil. The end.

The 2 warriors

By Matías and Valentín

Once upon a time thee were 2 warriors, a dragon and a wolf. The two warriors names were Mati and Valen. They were fighting in a mountain. Mati said: Go to the castle. Valen did it. Their mission was to save some animals which were inside the castle.

Mati and Valen went to the castle. Valen saw a lot of food. Mati and Valen ate the food because they were hungry. Then Mati saw two monsters a dragon and a wolf. Mati attacked. The 2 warriors fought and killed the two animals.

The 2 warriors saved the animals. Mati and Valen were very happy. THE END

The Fantastic Adventure

By SebastiĂĄn and BelĂŠn

Once a upon a time during the afternoon ,in a rainy day in a Rain Forest, Pepe and Sherwood fought to a Dinosaur.

The Dinosaur liked humans. Because the Dinosaur was carnivorous. But these two warriors were really amazing!!! They killed the animal!!

Sherwood saved Pepe’s life. The End.

The two warriors

By Francisco G. and Gonzalo

Once upon a time there were two warriors. One was John Salchichon and Jein. John Salchichon was good and Jein was bad.

John Salchichon fought with Jein. John Salchichon played a magic trick to Jein. Then John Salchichon made the plants grew up with his magic.

Then Jein turned himself into a good warrior . He fought against the devil and John Salchichon fought with meteorite and Jein killed the devil and John Salchichon killed the meteorite and they were best friends.

The Zombie and the Samurai

By Tomy P. and Tomy B.

Once upon a time in Egypt, lived Tomy P the Zombie and Tomy B the Samurai. Egypt was a black desert with grey and white pyramids, dry trees and a lot of camels, snakes and scorpions. It was hot and it's the afternoon. Tomy P said: We lived in Hawai. Because we are brothers and Mum had to travel here to work. Soo they went to Hawai.

But they went to Berlin because they took the wrong plane. Berlin was beautiful, big, grey and it had a palm with a coconut in the centre of the town . One day Tomy P said: We are lost. I know that Berlin is beautiful but we took the wrong plane. So they went to Hawai, but without mistakes. They got to Hawai perfectly.

Tomy B said: It´s Hawaii!!! We are in Hawaii!!! We are in our home!!! And Tomy P said: Problem solved. And they lived happily ever after. The End.

The adventurer girls

By Valentina and Sofia.

Once a upon a time there were two fairies Valentina and Sofia who lived in the woods. Sofia was a good person but Valentina was naughty.

The two fairies got lost in the woods. One mosquito bit Sofia. Sofia shouted ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! one mosquito bit me!, Valentina asked her: Are you ok? Sofia answered: Nooooooo! I'm not!! It hurts!!!!

Few minutes later‌ A magic butterfly appeared. We can trap the butterfly and check if it can heal Sofia they thought. Misteriously, the insect helped the Fairy. Then Sofia and Valentina found their way home. The End

World war

By Nicolás and Valentín

Once upon a time in a jungle two knights Trueno and Dragon lived in a cave and the enemy was Dracula.

They looked for Dracula and faced The jungle of destruction. The sea of danger and The Reptile Age.

And they killed two Dracula's Soldiers and they ran to Dracula. Then destroyed and they lived happily ever after. The end.

The Zombie and the Zombie

By Juan Kos and AzarĂ­as

• Once upon a time there were two zombies and a leopard.

The two zombies went to castle and the problem was that they didn't have anything to eat. They didn`t have money. They were almost dying..

And finally died.

Green Stories  

Cuentos fantasticos creados por los chicos, donde ellos son los personajes. Escenas con diseños de fotomontaje. By 3rd. Green, Newlands Scho...

Green Stories  

Cuentos fantasticos creados por los chicos, donde ellos son los personajes. Escenas con diseños de fotomontaje. By 3rd. Green, Newlands Scho...