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The champion fighters (By ( Ramiro and Agustín) ………………… Pág.03 The fairy and the mermaid (By Maite and Connie) …………….. Pág. 07 Peter Pan and Tinkerbell (By Mora and Catalina) ………………. Pág. 11 The warrior and the fairy (By Caterina and Pedro) …………….. Pág. 15 A long trip (By Ceci and Caro) ……………………………………………..…P Pág.19 Lost (By Joaquín and Vicky. R.) ……………………………………….. Pág. 23 Shrek and Smarty (By Matías and Felipe) …………………………. Pág. 27 Super power (By Nico Jaimes and Santi Sit) ……………………… Pág. 31 The princess and the witch (By Lola and Iara) ……………………. Pág. 35 The two heroes and the dragon (By Federico and Nacho C.) …….. Pág. 39 The magic knight and Yoda (By Francisco and Nacho) ……... Pág. 43 The Rescue (By Mia.R and Vicki P.) …………………………………….. Pág. 47 The problem of the fruits (By Felicitas and Camila) …......…….. Pág. 51

The champion fighters

By Ramiro and Agustin

Once upon a time in the forest there were two persons who are Gerardo and Rodolfo, they were two fighters that went to the war. Then they went walking to the war.

Then when they arrived, they started to fight with the knights. Then they won and they wanted to go to the house to celebrate.

They celebrated and they lived happily ever after.


The fairy and the mermaid

By Maite and Connie

Once upon a time, a fairy and a mermaid were two girls who were best friends. They lived in a lake .

One day they fought and then they were together again.

They went to a forest. The end

Peter Pan and Tinkerbell

By Mora and Catalina

Million of years ago a super boy and a super girl went to a big brick wall. The super boy’s named was Peter Pan and the super girl's name was Tinkerbell. The super boy said: “I'm a super boy, Tinkerbell”. The super girl said: “And I'm a super girl, too”.

And the super boy said: “Oh, no! Tinkerbell looked at the sky, there were a lot of clouds attacking with thunders and frogs, come on go to attack!!!”. And the super girl said: “Ok, but you have to be my shield”.

And Tinkerbell said: “Let's go attack!!”. And Peter Pan said: “Yes, but you have to be very specific and go to fight well, Tinkerbell!”. Tinker bell said: “Ok, don't be bad”. Peter flew with Tink and he fought against the frogs and clouds. Then they WON.

The warrior and the fairy

By Cate and Pedro

Once upon a time, in a big forest, a warrior and a fairy went hunting and they found frogs and the warrior started to kill them.

Another day the warrior and the fairy went to the forest, they saw birds and started to kill them.

The last day they found rabbits and the warrior started to kill them. THE END

A long trip

• By Ceci and Caro

Once upon a time in the forest there were two little fairies, Blum and Stella.

The other day Stella and Blum went to the forest. And then came a twister and Blum and Stella fell down. She wanted to go to a forest.

After some years Stella and Blum wanted to live in the rocks and Stella and Blum lived ever after. Without any problem. THIS IS THE END.


By Joaquín and Vicky. R.

Once upon a time in a river, Mr. Quemero and Silvermist were swimming in the cold water.

But then they got lost in the forest. But then a snake came and sting Mr. Quemero.

And they went back home!! They lived happily for ever!

Shrek and Smarty

By Mati and Feli

Once upon a time in India Shrek and Smarty had a mision in the forest. Then Shrek and Smarty didn’t have an idea but later Shrek had an idea to arrive at the forest. The mision is to get an animal.

Shrek and Smarty had to kill boys and frogs. Shrek and Smarty completed the mision and Shrek and Smarty had a new animal.

Shrek and Smarty went to Spain. Shrek and Smarty had a new animal, it was a lizard and Shrek and Smarty looked around all Spain. THE END

Super power

By Nico Jaimes and Santi Sist

Once upon a time Nico and Santi went to the woods. The wood had animals and one insect. Nico and Santi went to the wood because they liked animals and they were waiting for an enemy who never came.

Nico and Santi went to the mountain because the enemies did not come. In the mountain Nico and Santi were very big and the animals and the insect were small but the plan was to wait for the enemies but they did not come.

Nico and Santi went to the wood because the enemies didn’t come. In the wood Nico and Santi had super power but the super power, they could fly. in the wood there were animals and trees. Nico and Santi waited, waited and waited for the enemies but they did not come and Nico and Santi saw the enemies at last. The end

The princess and the witch

By Lola Louro and Iara Signorino

Once upon a time, Lola and Iara, lived in the leaves. Lola told Iara she wanted to investigate in the leaves, there were a lot of beautiful rabbits and Iara said: “Well, come on, I go with you to investigate, well, come on�.

We looked at the leaves and the flowers, “I am investigating�, Iara said I am investigating the green plants, yes I am investigating and Iara said we go to the garden to plant the flowers and leaves but they wanted other flowers.

And Iara and Lola found the flowers that they wanted and Lola said go to the house and plant the flowers that I want. And then they were happily ever after. The end.

The two heroes and the dragon

By Federico and Nacho C.

One upon a time two heroes lived in a big castle. The name of the zombie was zombieman and the name of the other was terminator. their enemy was a dragon.

They went to the space and the dragon attacked to the two heroes. The zombieman and terminator stared at the dragon. The dragon went to the castle.

And the frogs attacked the dragon. And the dragon ate the heroes and the frogs. Then the heroes broke the tummy and died. The end.

The magic knight and Yoda

By Francisco and Nacho.

One day in a far, far planet lived Yoda and a magic knight, one day one person touched the sword and the magic knight killed him. He said: this is my sword don’t touch it and don’t go to one bad group.

Yoda and the magic knight found 2 friends and found 2 enemies and fought, fought and fought and the 4 bad boys Yoda, magic knight , another knight and a devil won. the dragon put one chaos in the planet.

One day the planet had a tornado and the magic knight said run but the power took the magic knight and Yoda and this is the end. The end.

The Rescue

By Mia.R and Vicki P.

There was a dragon,spirit and a death that wanted to kill Shen.Roxy was with Shen and they went running to Fairy land to be protected‌

Once upon a time there was a beautiful fairy called Roxy and there was a castaway called Shen,she lived in the forest and Roxy was talking to her.And there was a dragon that was green‌

The dragons died and a spirit but Shen was crying because they wanted to kill Shen and Roxy said –don’t cry they will not kill you-and Roxy killed them and they celebrated with a party and they lived happily ever after. THE END

The problem of the fruits

By Felicitas and Camila

• Once upon a time two fairies lived in the big dark forest. They ate a lot of fruits. They said that fruits were the best food in the world.

• One day, the fairies went to eat the fruits and they realized that the fruits were not there. So they looked everywhere to see if they could find them.

• The following day they went to eat fruits and they saw that it was raining fruits!!! So they were happy again.

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