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Ingredients Cod belly Bilbao miso: 180g water; 10g lemon juice; 120g dark miso; 15g garlic; 1/2 glass olive oil; and 4g xanthan gum. Sweat the garlic in the oil. Mix everything together in the Thermomix and whip. Creamy carrot escabeche: 3 carrots; 3 cloves garlic; 250g olive oil; 100g cider vinegar; 250g water and 5g xanthan gum. Sweat the garlic in the oil and put all the ingredients together in the Thermomix. Cook for 10 min. at 100ยบC in the Thermomix. Add the xanthan gum and bind. Add salt and sugar to taste. Ibarra chilli pepper dressing: 8 Ibarra chilli peppers; 50g olive oil; and 10g apple vinegar. Use a sharp scalpel to cut the chillies into slices as thin as possible. Mix the oil, vinegar and chilli slices. Rocket couscous: 40g mayonnaise; 40g rocket; 4g salt-packed anchovies; and 80g couscous. Blend the mayonnaise, rocket and anchovies into a fine green cream. Cook the couscous. Mix the rocket sauce with the couscous until it is well thickened, as if it were a risotto. Red chard shoots

Finishing touches and presentation

Smear the cod belly with the Bilbao miso and leave to macerate for 10 minutes. Then lightly roast it with a powerful blowtorch. Cover the bottom of the plate with the creamy carrot escabeche. Place the cod which you have just roasted with the blowtorch on top of the escabeche: the cod should be served lukewarm. Arrange small mounds of the rocket couscous around the cod. Dress the cod with the chilli dressing and place red chard shoots on top. Serve immediately.

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