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VI CampusGuía 2011


VI CampusGuía Organized by Red espacioGuía

workshop in residence + course september 26 to october 8

cultural autonomy, creative community and city making

LPGC_LAS PALMAS DE GRAN CANARIA CANARY ISLANDS_SPAIN / Pi y Margall, 5 - 2º dch. / 35006 Las Palmas GC (+34) 928 245 649 - 667 585 630 - 667 585 658

VI CampusGuía objectives Cultural Association RED ESPACIOGUÍA announces the VI CampusGuÍa 2011, an event of creative experimentation applied to the territory, which has been held annually in Gran Canaria since 2006. Under the title “CUADERNOS A LA DERIVA - DRIFTING NOTEBOOKS”, 60 creative residences are offered to participate in a self-organized process centered on TRAVELLING, OCUPATION, OBSERVATION, RECOGNIZING and RE-Significance of the city. An urban exploration as a conscious tourist, with the collective purpose of: (1) Producing an alternative guide to LPGC. (2) Experiencing from direct confrontation (person -creativitycity), a model of ACTIVE-CULTURAL TOURISM 'under construction'. (3) Participating in a COURSE-DEBATE-PRACTICE about INDEPENDENT CULTURE, CREATIVE COMMUNITY and CITY MAKING . (4) Co-creating and producing ARTISTIC CONTENT related to the event's meaning and context.

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VI CampusGuĂ­a conceptual framework and working lines The collective construction of an ALTERNATIVE GUIDE to LPGC work involves a thorough re-mapped on a human scale, from direct and immediate experience, generating a new tool for exploration and territorial reflection. This event includes activities of conceptual design, urban drift, fieldwork, data collection and archive organization. Editorial design, publication and dissemination of the guide will be undertaken in subsequent phases. Within the context of re-design of the tourism industry, especially in the Canary Islands, the concept of ACTIVE-CULTURAL TOURISM, which is not the same as cultural tourism consumption, explores dynamics of CULTURAL CO-CREATION and the value associated with such practices. This event proposes methodologies and tools for self-observation of the tourist experience itself, from a critical and proactive perspective, where each participant is both subject and object in the investigation of a potential model. In the field of research and production of a territorial, participative and collaborative culture, the INDEPENDENT CULTURAL MICRO-STRUCTURES are showing a prominent role. In line with the emerging network of independent cultural spaces REDECI, we search the spirit of the INTERNATIONAL MEETING, to strengthen links from shared practice and with the intention of becoming an initiative that roams yearly through different cities. From a SYSTEMIC VIEW OF THE CITY, we understand the concept of CREATIVE COMMUNITY as a possible strategy to stimulate non-linear and SELF-ORGANIZING CREATIVE ENVIRONMENTS. Where utopias and real entrepreneurship can go hand by hand. This initiative searchs for participatory micro-dynamics of analysis, identification, visualization and strengthening of the creative potential in LPGC, through interaction with diverse agents, spaces, groups and local citizens.

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VI CampusGuĂ­a a glimpse of the activities

workshop in residence (september 26 to october 8) A transdisciplinary and collective cultural production searching new visions for local development. A process of creative experimentation on the city to symbolize, visualize, interpret, understand, promote...a new perception of the city and to map the creative potentials of LPGC. An exercise of diversity and interdependence, integrating the main lines of work of the campus: alternative guide, active-cultural tourism, independent micro-structures and creative community.

course (3 to 6 october) A workshop as a space for reflection, debate and action - consisting of a series of lectures and practical application on the following topics: 1. New perspectives, new perceptions: social maps and emotional mapping. 2. Social creativity, creative city, creative community: participatory design. 3. Independent culture and cultural creation: self-management. 4. Residences and places for artistic production: catalyzing new territories.

"new" already exists... but you have to find it out!

VI CampusGuĂ­a

registration, selection and enrollment Please send your Application by email using the form available at the event's blog (address below). Once the application is received we will inform you the acceptance attaching the instructions for carrying out the appropriate tuition.

workshop in residence

general profile

Includes: workshop + accommodation with breakfast + course + basic materials

Makers, entrepreneurs, researchers, managers, technicians, activists, students ... and all people connected with the sociocultural field (society, art, science, technology): artists, designers, architects, journalists, educators, cultural workers, tourism managers, environmentalists, historians, philosophers, geographers, landscape architects, sociologists, biologists, educators, psychologists, librarians, anthropologists, economists, journalists, publicists ... and all people with desire and motivation in the theme of the event, irrespective of the degree knowledge and / or technical skills.

september 26 to october 8

60 international art residences available 1) full assistance: 150 eur. 2) partial assistance: 15 eur./day 3) assistance without residence: 80 eur. 4) additional accommodation**: 5 eur./day (*) Accommodation and workspaces at the Youth Hostel "San Antonio" (Vegueta, historic district), in 6people rooms , with swimming pool and common kitchen. (**) Additional days of accommodation within September 23 and October 10, 2011.

application form: sending requests and information: (+34) 928 245 649 - 667 585 630 - 667 585 658

VI CampusGuía travel* as a creative practice As proposed cross VI Campus Guía, we ask your help to: 1. To help in the promotion of the event in your geographic location and your web site. 2. To organize your trip to Las Palmas in ways that help to connect and exchange between different cultural practitioners and existing independent cultural spaces, making the trip an art drift. Monitoring in the open facebook group: "Cuadernos drifting - Drifting notebooks." 3. Bring a document or publication which is essential from your point of view and that relates to the themes proposed by the event, dus creating a spontaneous and collective library service. (*) Travel to LPGC: by plane from multiple national and international airports and by boat from Cadiz, with Acciona-Trasmediterránea and from Huelva and Portimao (South Portugal) with Naviera Armas.


VI CampusGuía 2011

Organizes Asociación Cultural Red espacioGuía Participate TYDES-ULPGC Instituto Universitario de Turismo Campus Coordination Fernando Maseda y Manena Juan Course Coordination Federico Castro Coordination of the Alternative LPGC Guide Elena Pérez Coordination of research on active-cultural tourism Carmelo León Collaborators Paco Rossique, Alejandro González Morales, Matilde Obradors, Carlos Jiménez, Sergio López, Anna Recasens, Edurne González, Olivia Mendoza, Mª José Ollero, Mª José Planells, Asunción Jiménez, Laura Fernández, Juan M. Cruz, Rosario Miranda.


Cultural Association founded in 2008 in the Canary Islands in order to "develop and promote culture, art, design, craftsmanship, communication and teaching for sustainable local development and increased quality of living and collective research, disseminating and promoting aspects of innovation, creativity, social responsibility, civic participation and personal and community development, and the interplay between them, using multidisciplinary strategies, interdisciplinary and trandisciplinares. "

Update on teams in the blog

LPGC - Canary Islands - Spain - - Facebook: “Cuadernos a la deriva - Drifting notebooks”

VI CampusGuia (English version)  

Cultural autonomy, creative community and city making. LAS PALMAS DE GRAN CANARIA, CANARY ISLANDS, SPAIN. Workshop in residence. September 2...

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