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Introduction Our for SS15, our Yucatan jewellery collection uncovers the essence of the mysterious and highly developed Mayan people. From secret Shamanic healing rituals and the significance of Cocoa as the ‘Gift to Mankind’ to the flat topped Pyramids, we take you on a historical and exciting adventure to unearth the rich fabric of this amazing society. We are launching 4 distinctive and interrelated jewellery collections, which make up the Yucatan collection. Each collection is conceptually unique, and we know that every piece will speak differently to and relate to the modern woman, in a special way.

Luna Estrella Collection Goddess Ix Chel, is the Mayan interpretation of the Triple Moon Goddess, an archetype found across the world since the dawn of Humanity. She is the complete Goddess in Her Maiden, Mother and Crone forms. The quintessential feminine energy; with the Moon as her sphere of influence on the Earth plane. Our Luna Estrella Collection pays homage to Goddess Ix Chel, the Moon as a symbol of Regeneration and the Mayan people as master Astronomers and Mathematicians. It is inspired by the cyclical nature of the Moon and it’s relationship with fluid concept of Time.

The Limpias Collection We present the delicate and sublime Limpias Collection. Inspired by the healing aspect of Goddess Ix Chel, the Shamanic system of Mayan medicine and the sacred Cocoa seeds. The Sip-Che Tree plays an important role in Mayan medicine. It’s branches were used in cleansing rituals and Cocoa seeds became the most prized commodity in Mayan society, more precious than Gold itself. The Limpias Collection celebrates the Sip-che tree in both it’s healing/protective quality and as a conduit between Man and God through the Cocoa pods growing on it’s branches.

The Duality Point Collection The Mayans were master Architects and constructed huge Pyramid complexes which correlated to Astronomical events such as Equinoxes and Solstices. In this very vein, we have constructed our Duality Point collection. Inspired by both the Mayan super structures and the form of Goddess Ix Chel in Her wise crone form, the Keeper of Souls and granter of New Life.

The Cozumel Collection The Goddess of Becoming is an epithet of Ix Chel, referring to her presiding over the life-sustaining Element of Water. Cleansing and purifying rain is considered Ix Chel’s blessing on the Earth Plane. Her sacred island is Cozumel which inspired this collection.

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