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Advantages of Digital Signature Certificate

Digital Signature Certificate is online identity of any individual person or authorized individual person to sign any documents online. In India, Digital Signature Certificate is mandatory to use in some departments like Income Tax Department, ROC/MCA, Provident Fund, e-Tendering, e-Ticketing, Trademark and Patent e-filing, DGFT, e-Procurement, e-bidding , e-Auction and many more. Class 1, Class 2 and Class 3, these are the Classes of Digital Signature Certificate (DSC). Class 1 is lowest level of DSC which is lesser secured. Class 2 DSC is safer than Class 1 DSC and in India. It is mainly used in e-filing of ITR, e-Filing of Tax Audit Reports, EPF, Form 16/16A Signing, ROC, MCA, e-Mail Signing, Document Signing. Class 3 is the highest type of DSC which is basically used for e-Tendering, IRCTC e-Ticketing, and Trademark e-filing. Digital Signature Certificates can be issued in two versions signing ONLY and Signing & Encryption (Combo). DSC can be issued for two validity i.e. 1 Years and 2 Years. There are mainly three Certifying Authority who provides DSC, these are (n) Code Solutions, e-Mudhra Consumer Ltd and Sify. Technically, Digital Signature is issued on SHA-256 Algorithm with 2048 Bits Length. Recently, CCA mandate to use USB Tokens to download the DSC for security reasons. In coming days, Class 3 Digital Signature is going to implement in Net Banking. Importers Exporters also use DSC to communicate with DGFT Website to apply advance license and other tasks. DGFT DSC falls in either Class 2 or Class 3 Category depending on Certifying Authority. E-Solutions is a Licensed Registration Authority to provide Digital Signature Certificate in India. We have issued more than 2 lacs DSC to our Clients all over India. provide digital signature certificate at lowest prices with post sale support. is registered under (n) Code Solutions and e-Mudhra as a RA. Digital Signature Certificate can be issued to an Individual Person or Authorized Individual person. An Authorized Individual Person shall be required an Authorization Letter from Organization to take DSC on behalf of Company. In Class 2B, Class 3 and DGFT, Applicant need to present himself at RA officer for In-Person Verification. In Class 2, there are two category Class 2A and Class 2B. As well as in Class 3 also, Class 3A and

Class3B two types of DSC are there. DGFT DSC can be issued in form of signing ONLY. In India, Digital Signature Certificate comes under IT Act 2000. CCA (Controller of Certifying Authority) is a Unit who handle RAs. To download DSC, USB Token is required. USB Token is a Cryptographic device to download DSC. As per CCA Order, ONLY FIPS Certified USB Tokens can be used. deals in Trust Key, Aladdin and e-Pass 2003, Gemalto USB Tokens.

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Digitalsignaturecertificates info provide digital signature certificate at lowest prices with post sale support. Digital Signature Certifica...