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Editor-in-Chief Maaike Aans Design Kiki van der Meijden Editor-in-Chief Maaike Aans Dear readers, After months of windy, cold and rainy Dutch winter weather, we can finally wave goodbye the winter blues, and start welcoming the arrival of spring. The air has lost its winter chill so it’s time to go out and soak in the brilliant spring sun. This season is known as the time for new beginnings, baby animals and spending days out in the sun again, meaning that the fun days are about to begin! As an international, this might be your first time to experience spring in the Netherlands. Well, we can assure you that you’ve chosen well since spring in Utrecht is one of the most blissful times of the year. You will definitely notice right away when the Spring fever has found its way to the hearts of the Utrechters. When the first rays of sun break through the clouds, you’ll see

all the Dutchies immediately heading outside and wearing less and less clothing. The flowers and trees are starting to blossom and the charming terraces in the city centre are filled with people again. Although mild weather and fresh hopes are nice, spring doesn’t only revolve around these events. More importantly, raging hormones are overflowing and pheromones are floating in the air. Yes, Spring is definitely the time of the year to start off a passionate romance with your crush. This edition of the Abroad magazine will provide you with some great ideas on where to take your lover on a date; go see some cute and fluffy farm animals at a petting zoo, take your date on a bicycle tour around the blooming nature the Netherlands has to offer or snuff around in the cute shops of Utrecht!

Cover Willeke Geertsema Evelijn Hillebrand Annalise Garrett Writers Betti Csiba Evelijn Hillebrand Una Omeragic Annalise Garrett Kiki van der Meijden Maaike Aans Sammy Shawky Vera Janssen Willeke Geertsema Special thanks to Elvira Moonien Anshul Ponnappa De oude Hortus Contact ESN UTRECHT Achter Sint Pieter 25, room 0.03 3512 HR Utrecht 030-2538781 esnxutrecht www.esnutrecht-blog. com

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06 ESN Love

15 Second-hand

08 The wonders of

16 Spring cycle tours!

09 Dutch traditions:

18 Street style: What

Keukenhof Kingsday


to wear to a party?

10 The best terraces in 20 Committee page: In town

spring I get butterflies...

12 Newborns in the

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petting zoo!



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Newbies By Una Omeragic & Annalise Garrett

in Utrecht

Tipsy beginnings

ALcoholic toast

Catch me if you can

non stop cricket

Ahmed, Egypt: “Before coming to Utrecht, my Dutch friends told me that drinks here are expensive and that I will not drink too much. During my first night in Utrecht, I decided to go out with some friends. However, no one introduced me the concept of ‘rounds’, meaning that friends buy drinks for everyone in the group and the round keeps going. That time, we were with a group of ten people and someone bought the drinks. The rounds of beers kept on coming and we had to drink every time. I was just given loads of beer from everyone that night, and I ended up drinking about 17 cans of beer. It was quite unexpected, but I had great fun, I must admit!”

Joe, Half Spanish Half British: “During Easter in Spain I normally eat a lot of Torrijas, it’s like this French Toast kind of thing, they’re drenched in this sweet wine. We then eat it when we feel it is ready to our taste, there is probably a recipe for it. Sometimes during the day, I go out with my friends to ‘procesiones’ which translates to Holy Week. It is very traditional and what happens is large religious figures are displayed and walked through the town and we watch in silence and the children ask for candy. In the evening I spend time with my friends drinking. This Easter I will be going back to Spain and spending it with my family rather than in the Netherlands.”

Myriam, Spain: “I came to Utrecht in February and after a cold and snowy ESN Introduction Day, my friends and I went to a nightclub. We had a great time clubbing, but the party was over and we had to get back home. After not being able to find a night bus, we decided to take a taxi. Unfortunately, every time we would tell the taxi driver that our destination was Pythagoraslaan (our student house), he would refuse to drive us. It was snowing a lot and we were cold. We finally stopped a taxi in the middle of the road and the driver simply closed the window in our faces. After that, totally desperate, we decided to go home walking. These have been the longest 40 minutes of our lives.”

Will, British: “To me Spring is cricket season. I would go to the cricket club and play games one or two days a week. I’ve always played cricket and I played to quite a good level when I was younger. My brothers and family are into sport so it was something that I had grown up with and I really enjoy it! When I was 17 I went to the Caribbean to play cricket during the cricket tour with Worchester and it was quite intense having to play cricket in the heat, but it was really fun! But this year I am going to Dublin, probably going home and have people visit me here in the Netherlands. I hope the weather is good here because I would like to cycle to a few places, read outdoors and just explore Utrecht more.”


ESN LOVE Moving across the globe for your love

That love travels beyond borders is no secret to insiders of ESN. But how do you make your relationship last after ESN? The JoCo spoke to Dennis (Dutch), who followed his love Kaja (Polish) all the way from Utrecht to Warsaw. By Evelijn Hillebrand The girl with the red suitcase ‘’We met each other for the first time in December 2014 at the train station. At that time I was a member of the Activities Committee and waiting for the group to gather for the departure to the Weekend Abroad to Gent. I remember Kaja walking towards the bus with a red suitcase. She immediately made an impression on me and I poked my fellow committee member after she walked away.’’ Discovering Utrecht together ‘’Only a few days after the trip we went on our first date. When we met at the Neude square, the weather was typically Dutch: it was cold and raining. We strolled around town and warmed ourselves in different cafés with a drink. Kaja was only in Utrecht for the Autumn Semester, so we had little time together in Utrecht. Every date we did something new and discovered the city


Abroad Magazine

and each other at the same time.’’ Going the distance ‘’When Kaja left Utrecht, I suggested to visit her dad’s mountain house in Poland. The answer was yes! So two days after she left I spontaneously booked a ticket and we decided to go for it. From that moment on we saw each other every (other) month. We never really thought about whether our relationship would be able to survive the long distance. We just planned to keep on seeing each other frequently and to keep having fun. We gave ourselves a year or two in this situation to arrive at a make-or-break point; either we would go our own ways or we would take a step forward. We didn’t see ourselves having a long distance relationship forever.’’ Taking the leap ‘’About 1.5 years after our first meeting I moved to Warsaw. I was quite flexible, because I just finished my studies and wasn’t committed to a job. The support I got from my friends and family helped me in this transition period. And hey, Warsaw isn’t that far away so people can visit me all the time. Besides, we don’t plan on staying in Warsaw forever. In a year or so we will see where our new home will be, perhaps in the Netherlands.’’ Daily life in Warsaw ‘’As soon as I got to Warsaw I started building up my life; I made friends, started a language course and I quickly found a job. Nowadays we’re both working, so sadly the ESN party life is over! Lucky enough the Polish are masters of celebration: good food and long intense conversations are their speciality.’’ A word of advice ‘’If you want your long distance relationship to succeed, it’s very important that both parties have an open view and are ready to jump into this adventure together. In addition, you should be realistic. Don’t just follow your heart, but make sure you have a well thought-out plan. It might look like a fairy tale, but in the end normal life goes on.’’

“I spontaneously booked a ticket and we decided to go for it”



Abroad Magazine

The wonders of KEUKENHOF When you hear Netherlands, you think tulips. What’s a better place to see where the Dutchies got their reputation from than one of the largest flower gardens in the entire world? Keukenhof, which is also called the Garden of Europe, will not fail to amaze you. By Betti Csiba

The 32-hectare garden is located just outside of Lisse, a town South-West of Amsterdam easily accessible by public transportation; the correct bus will drop you right at the entrance of this wonderful garden. If you decide to visit Lisse itself, rent a bike to discover the picturesque medieval town and maybe even pay a quick visit to the nearby beach!

Open: 23rd March - 21st May

Keukenhof can only be explored on foot, but you can rent a bike to visit the gorgeous surrounding flower fields. If you still long for a different means of transportation, you can go on a boat trip around the garden or simply join the guided walking tour within Keukenhof (pre-registration required). Every year, the garden follows a theme and this year it’s Dutch design. This means that famous artists and designers participate in preparing for this season; their flower bulb mosaic creations will surely blow you away!

Opening hours: 8:00 -


The millions of flower bulbs and the breath-taking flower shows will leave you speechless, not to mention various events such as the Holland Heritage Weekend (the very first weekend of April) or the bright Flower Parade on the 22nd of April!

DUTCH TRADITIONS: KINGSDAY On the 27th of April the entire country turns orange, all in honor of our King’s birthday, Willem-Alexander. Don’t miss out on this massive celebration with great parties, DJ’s, boats, and flea-markets all across the Netherlands. By Maaike Aans

Kingsday, what is that? Koningsdag, as we call it in the Netherlands, is the celebration to honour our King’s birthday. People from all ages have a day filled with fun activities. Large cities as well as small villages host flea-markets, where you can find the most random second-hand items at bargain prices, people performing funny acts and stands where you can play classic Dutch games. Wander around the city to explore the street markets, and get to know the real Dutch culture. Traditionally, the Dutch royal family visits one or two municipalities on this day, this year they’ll be paying a visit to Tilburg, a city in the south. What about the parties? Luckily, Kingsday offers much more than only flea-markets, as throughout the day big cities host

parties and festivals with the world’s most famous DJ’s. Especially in big cities such as Utrecht, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Eindhoven the streets are transformed into one big party, with entertaining live music and delicious food-stands. In these cities many professionally organized Kingsday festivals are also hosted. Make sure to get your tickets in time for these festivals, as they will sell out pretty quickly! Also, don’t forget about King’s night; most cities already start early and host some vibrant parties already during this night! So, take this special day to pay homage to the Dutch Royal family. Don’t forget to spice up your outfit with some orange clothes and accessories, because this day means: no orange, no fun!


The best terraces in town

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of the first rays of sunshine hitting your face. No wonder all Dutchies run outside to find the best sunny terrace spots. But where do you find the best terraces of Utrecht? By Evelijn Hillebrand


Abroad Magazine

“Enjoy some nice wine and great tapas” First sun of the season Early in the season it can still be quite chilly, even though the sun shows its face. So what you need is a sunny ánd sheltered terrace. In between the iconic women of the Winkel van Sinkel you’ll be protected from any nasty wind. Order a delicious white beer, some bitterballen and you’ll be the happiest kid in town. The Neude Square offers all the main ingredients a proper terrace needs: sun, space, plenty of tables ánd a location at the heart of the city. So claim your seat, put your sunglasses on, and go see and get seen. Sun all day long If you want to make the most out of a sunny day, you should think smart. No worries; we did the thinking for you, and after a long period of extensive research (such a hard job) and sun trials we managed to find the terraces with the highest amount of guaranteed vitamin D. Descend on the sun-kis-

sed terrace of Louis Hartlooper to take the best advantage from a sunny day. At their neighbour, Speck, you’ll be even better off, since the sun won’t be blocked by the nearby buildings. If you like some water close by, (water reflects the light = more sun!) look for a table at Orloff aan de kade. Seats guaranteed The historical city centre of Utrecht can be quite busy, and especially if it’s one of the first sunny spring days it seems like everyone is on the hunt for a seat outside. Lucky enough there are a few terraces which are less known and more spacious. At the Rechtbank you’ll find a spacious terrace within a stone’s throw of the Dom tower. Another well-hidden spot is the roof terrace of tapas-restaurant El Mundo at the Voorstraat. Celebrate your sunny day at an appropriate height with some wine and tapas.

“Celebrate your sunny day”



Abroad Magazine

Newborns in the petting zoo!

It stares right at you, still a little bit fuzzy but with his dazy but mesmerizing black eyes. The world around you disappears for a moment, all you can see is a cute little baby-lamb. By Willeke Geertsema

This memory always pops up into my head when thinking of Spring season. As a kid I always loved going to the petting zoo with my mom and siblings. But secretly, I’m still very keen on paying a visit to my fluffy friends. And hey, why not take your crush on a date to the petting zoo? Guaranteed she will fall in love with the animals and, most importantly: you. A visit to petting zoo ‘Gagelsteede’ in Overvecht. At the moment, Petting zoo ‘Gagelsteede’ houses around 72 farm-animals, which will soon be expanded by some newly born animals. This miniature animal kingdom consists of little ponies, cows, fluffy rabbits, guinea pigs, mischievous goats and many more. Desiree, one of the zookeepers at the farm, knows all the ins and outs of this place and took me on a tour around the site. The tour started in the stables where most of all the little animals are housed. Three fluffy bunnies were too cute to handle and invited me for a cuddle. During this moment Desiree started to explain their daily routine on the farm. “The animals must be fed at set times and they have the freedom to go outside whenever they like. You might wonder what we do during a workday at the petting zoo; well there happens a lot! Especially right now when we are awaiting the birth of the baby animals. However,

visitors take up a lot of attention during a day as well. They ask questions about literally everything, simple questions about the name of specific animals or how to take care of an animal. We aim to inform visitors about the nutrient cycle in the production of meat and dairy products from our own animals because education is an important factor of what we do.” In our round along the cows, sheep and ponies, I asked Desiree the question why petting zoos are mainly visited by children, and not adults. According to Desiree “it is the best place to take a deep breath and come a bit closer to earth during stressed times. Research and experience show animals have a relaxing influence on people, which reduces our stress level a bit.” In for a visit? Gagelsteede offers a special theme week four times a year. These weeks are inspired by different themes, such as: water, harvest and fur and feathers. Coming March/ April the theme-week is all about nature & health. Check out their freshly updated Facebook Page for more info on the theme weeks and opening hours. Address: Stadsboerderij Gagelsteede Gangesdreef 7a


Spring’s Superfood: Asparagus! This lovely vegetables are only available during spring. The Dutch are big fans! Want to know how you can make your own Dutch style asparagus? Here’s the recipe, eet smakelijk! By Sammy Shawky

1. Peel the asparagus from tip to bottom. Remove the woody bottom. Put the asparagus in a pot under water, but make sure the tips are not submerged. Bring the water to a boil, and turn it off after 5 minutes. Leave the pot with the lid on for another 10 – 15 minutes. You can also boil the asparagus in a pot where they can lay down. 2. In the meantime, boil the eggs for 8 minutes until they are hard boiled. Run them under cold water and peel. 3. Melt the butter in a frying pan and stir it 1 on 1 with the cooking liquid of the asparagus (for 100g of butter, add a 100 ml of cooking liquid) and stir until it is a smooth sauce. Put the ham slices in, folded, and let them warm up for 5 minutes on low heat. 4. Cut the eggs in parts and chop the parsley. Divide the asparagus over the plates. Serve the ham on the side, and pour over the delicious butter sauce. Put the eggs next to it, and sprinkle with some parsley. Enjoy!


Abroad Magazine

Second-hand shopping

Tip: Also yummy with some baked or cooked potatoes!

Do you love flea-markets? Here we’ll introduce you to some amazing vintage places! By Vera Janssen

35 min

Ingredients 1.5kg of white asparagus 4 eggs 100g of butter 200g of sliced ham 10g of parsley

For all the shops mentioned below; follow the course of the Oudegracht in the direction of Ledig Erf and you’ll find a large offer of antique and vintage shops on both sides of the canal! Real antiques Walking past the Oudegracht you’ll find (open from Wednesday to Saturday) many little antique shops where you’ll come across old records, postcards, little trinkets, jewelry, furniture and so on. These antiques are of high quality and if you look carefully, you might find some very beautiful pieces. Also, if you’re on the look-out for secondhand books in all kinds of languages, give one of the bookstores that are situated on the Oudegracht a try! Antiques and second-hands Not only is the Oudegracht filled with antique shops; it hosts a large selection of second-hand shops

(Kringloopwinkel in Dutch). Here you’ll find pieces of furniture, cutlery and kitchenware, books, toys and games. Here you really feel as if you are standing at a flea-market and might actually return home with some very useful stuff. Sometimes, you do find that one item you’ve been looking for for ages and the best perk is... it is probably incredibly cheap! Vintage Items You might have noticed already but Utrecht is filling up with vintage clothing stores selling items that can be the new eyecatcher of your wardrobe. Vintage is popular these days but where to find the right stores? You can find some on the Oudegracht with a large selection of clothing and accessories. Further, the items are of high quality and organized neatly around the store which eases the searching process for you!



Abroad Magazine

Spring Cycle Tours! The rain has stopped. The birds sing sweet hymn to welcome the spring. In true Dutch manner, you welcome the nice weather with open arms, on your bike, but where can you go? Add these locations to your adventures! By Annalise Garrett

Kasteel de Haar Utrecht This is a perfect location if you want to make a day trip! Kasteel de Haar is situated in a beautiful location and the cycle there is just as breathtaking as the final destination itself. Dependent on where you leave, let us say from the Neude, the journey is roughly one hour on flat, effortless ground with plenty to

see. On the way you pass a beautiful alley of trees on a long road, Amsterdamsestraatweg, and later pass through various little villages and little canals that promote envy towards the residents living there. Needless to say the castle and its surrounding lands are beautiful and worth the journey. Bring water, snacks and money! This castle is a

must see – Just look at the picture I took! Tienhoven If the weather is nice, either simply a sunny day or warm, you should cycle to this beautiful lake! The cycle there is lovely with little streams and fields on the way. Here you will find a bike path that passes various patches of grass that separate you from your neighbour. Bring your friends and have a dip in the water, sunbathe or revise in peace! People have BBQ’s on the grass and even fish in this lake, some went off on their little boat into the sunset. This is a definite location for me once the weather brightens up and the grass dries. Again, from the Neude, this is a 30-minute cycle, why would you not check out this location! Rhijnauwenselaan Another place, suggested by Dutch locals, is near the Uithof. The Rhijnauwenselaan is a long road surrounded by forest areas and in particular I was suggested to go to Theehuis Rhijnauwen which hosts a castle next to a river. This area is surrounded by vast greenery and a beautiful vista that will bloom to life with the coming spring and summer! Not only can you endorse in nature but there is a famous pancake place to further your Dutch cuisine experience! There are a few restaurants in this area! So, if you fancy seeing a green, tree dominate landscape then Rhijnauwenselaan is the place to be!



Abroad Magazine

Name: Danny


What are you wearing right now? I am wearing clothes which I bought in Mexico, a Calvin Klein t-shirt and a pair of Levi’s jeans. Which item makes your perfect party outfit? My smile. Where do you find your inspiration? James Bond is my main inspiration but my sister helps me to choose my clothes as well. What is your must have for spring season? A good pair of jeans.

What are you wearing right now? I am wearing clothes from Danish brands, and Nike sneakers. Which item makes your perfect party outfit? My black unique sneakers. Where do you find your inspiration? I have two sisters who love fashion and help me. What is your must have for spring season? Nice sunglasses.

Name: Cigdem

Name: Juba

What are you wearing right now? Both my sweater and shirt are from H&M. Actually everything is from H&M. Which item makes your perfect party outfit? My blue hair! Where do you find your inspiration? Within myself, I do not look up to someone else. I wear whatever I feel like wearing in that moment. What is your must have for spring season? Long khaki jackets.

What are you wearing right now? I am wearing pants from the Sting or Zara, and a T-shirt I got from my parents. Which item makes your perfect party outfit? Comfortable shoes in which I can easily dance. Where do you find your inspiration? I follow some famous people on Instagram who are wearing cool outfits. What is your must have for spring season?

By Willeke Geertsema & Una Omeragic




Abroad Magazine

In spring I get butterflies from… ...Walking along the Singel and looking at all the little flowers popping up, like crocuses and daffodils - Sammy ...Smelling the coming of new life in the form of freshly dug-up fields, flowers and a whiff of fresh air - Betti ...Sitting on the terrace in the lovely spring sun, enjoying a nice glass of wine (or two) with my friends - Maaike

Club Poema

Every Tuesday it’s ESN Student Night at Club Poema! If you enter before 00.30h you can skip the line with your ESNcard by entering through the VIP entrance and you will receive three coins for 50% discount on your drinks. Wine beer and soda are only €1,80, so Club Poema is the place to be every Tuesday! Address: Drieharingstraat 22, 3511BJ Utrecht

...Waking up to bird songs and being surrounded by a beautiful vista of colourful landscape - Annalise ...The fresh air, sunlight, smiling faces, going outside without a jacket. What’s not to like about spring? Evelijn ...The moment the sun is shining increasingly and turns the landscape in a beautiful portret where all the colours come together - Willeke ...Enjoying nice walks in the nature, the smell of fresh spring air, and freezing a bit less - Una ...The nice atmosphere that arises when the sun finally comes back! The whole city changes into one happy place, really ‘gezellig’ - Kiki ...Letting my face being kissed from the sun, drinking wine in the parks and seeing daffodils unfolding their little heads - Vera

Café Hofman

At Café Hofman you can find everything. Not only is it a bar and a restaurant, but they also organize little concerts, comedy nights and you can even dance here untill the late hours. Many ESN activities, like the monthly pubquizes take place at Café Hofman and with your ESNcard you receive 15% discount on your drinks! Address: Janskerkhof 17 A, 3512 BM Utrecht



Abroad Magazine

Stone Hostel

Having friends over, but your room is too small? Use your ESNcard and let them stay at Stone Hostel with 5% discount on their stay! This comfortable hostel is located at walking distant to every hotspot in Utrecht. They will never forget their trip to Utrecht! Address: Biltstraat 31, 3572 AC Utrecht


Too lazy to cook, but still want to eat healthy? Use your ESNcard to get 10% off your order at Eazie! Eazie offers Asian dishes, salads, wraps and smoothies. Take-away is also possible. Address: Voorstraat 8 3512 AM Utrecht

Bar Walden

Want a drink in a relaxed environment with a view at the Dom? Try Bar walden! Your ESNcard gets you 20% off any drink you order! But also for good food you are at the right place here, as they offer delicious and very affordable menus. Address: Domplein 16, 3512 JD Utrecht

If you want to play pool, there is no better place than Hart van Utrecht! With your card, all beer, wine or soda you order is only €1,50! This pool centre is located in the heart of Utrecht and is recently renovated. Address: Ganzenmarkt 16B, 3512 GD Utrecht

LNP performances in Theater Kikker Thu 9 – Sat 11 Mar | dance GRIP Evenings by Jan Martens & Kompanen Sat 25 Mar | 08:00 PM | dance Three Times Rebel Marina Mascarell Mon 27 Mar | 08:00 PM performance The Automated Sniper Julian Hetzel / Frascati Producties

Thu 30 Mar | 08:00 PM | dance Krisztina’s Keuze 2: Perela, Schumacher, Molenaar, Kranidiotis & Khoshoie Thu 20 – Sat 22 April | dance Moving Futures Festival Tue 2 & Wed 3 May | 08:00 PM theatre The L.A. Play | Abattoir Fermé

Want to have fun on the water? Rent a boat at De Rijnstroom! With you ESNcard you always get 15% discount when you rent a canoe, Canadian, row boat or day tour. Experience the centre of Utrecht from a whole different perspective! Address: Weg naar Rhijnauwen 2, 3584 AD Utrecht

Theater Kikker is a multifaceted theatre with two auditoriums, located in the centre of Utrecht. Its focus is contemporary theatre, modern dance, and youth theatre. Theater Kikker, Ganzemarkt 14, Utrecht |

Foto Giannina Urmeneta Ottiker

De Rijnstroom

Hart van Utrecht

Abroad magazine spring 2017  
Abroad magazine spring 2017