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03. November 2009

101 reykjavík Story: hallgrímur helgason Director: Baltasar Kormákur (2000)

named after a postcode of the capital centre, this is a story of the geek hlynur. approaching the grand old age of 30. he still lives with his mother, downloads cyberporn and wanders around reykjavík half-heartedly searching for a job while spending lots of time in kaffibarinn. hlynur’s isolated world —no small metaphor for his home country — is going along rather blissfully ignorant of the greater joys involved with engaging in life until his mother’s friend lola arrives. His life takes a huge u- turn.

Starts at 18:00 in classroom 201. oddi.

10. November 2009

englar alheimsins Story: Einar már guðmundsson Director: friðrik þór friðriksson (2000)

Páll lives with his parents and dreams about being a painter. Complaining of a pain “in the heart,” he starts to exhibit bizarre, occasionally violent behavior -until eventually his parents are forced to commit him. In the sanitarium, he encounters a number of colorful characters, one signs cheques for Adolf Hitler, another has taken too much drugs and the third believes that he writes songs for the Beatles and then telepathically transmits them to the band. Music: Hilmar örn hilmarsson and sigurrós.

Starts at 18:00 in classroom 201. oddi.

17. November 2009

Börn/foreldrar Story: Vesturport Director: Ragnar Bragason (2006/2007) Börn (children)- a single mother of four struggles, and is oblivious to what’s going on with her twelve year old son, Guðmundur. her sons only friend is a schizophrenic in his forties, who lives with his mother in the same apartment building. Paths cross when Guðmundurs dad shows up from the underworlds. Foreldrar (parents)- The movie is about various parents, and the question about who is a parent and who is the child, relationships and family. is family your blood relatives or does that even matter? the films is a indipendent sequal of börn.

Starts at 18:00 in classroom 201. oddi.

24. November 2009

Nói albinói Story: Dagur kári Director: dagur kári (2003)

Nói is a 17 year old living in an unnamed remote fishing village in western Iceland with his grandmother. His father the alcoholic taxi driver, also lives in town but Nói appears to have a distant relationship with him. Things begin to change for Nói when he encounters the new gas station attendant, an attractive young woman who is new to the village. Nói Albinói is a breathtaking story about life.

Starts at 18:00 in classroom 201. oddi.

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