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Izmir University of Economics 2019 - 2020 Spring Term



1-WELCOME TO IZMIR! Climate Getting to Izmir (by Air, Rail and Road) 2-IZMIR UNIVERSITY OF ECONOMICS AND the ESN ESNcard Our Board 3-GETTING TO IUE From the Airport


4-ACCOMODATION General Rent - and Monthly Cost of living

5-SETTLING IN IZMIR Ögrenci Izmirim Kart (Student Bus Card) SIM Card Residence Permit Muze Kart What to eat (famous foods, local groceries, sunday market) What to see Recommendations from the Koala Important Numbers 6-END NOTES



Merhaba! Congratulations on starting your Erasmus journey at Izmir University of Economics (IUE). Sincere greeting and a warm hug from all of us at ESN IUE and from Skyler – the Koala - our mascot. This Survival Guide has been prepared to assist you during your stay and help you settle in ASAP. We recommend you keep this guide and go through it properly before you arrive. But keep your chill socks on, your buddy is also here to help you. Regards, ESN IUE Family.


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Turkey’s third largest city is not only known for its ancient history, but also the many distinct features of its contemporary culture. This gives Izmir a unique vibe, and it is one of the most important cities in the Aegean in terms of trade, arts and culture. The city of Izmir has around 4,000 years of recorded history to its name, which makes it one of the oldest settlements in the Mediterranean! By 1500 BC the region was ruled by the ancient Hittite Empire, before it was taken over by the Lydian and Persian Empires. Izmir then enjoyed an age of prosperity under the Roman Empire, starting from around 133 BC. In the early 14th century, the Ottoman Empire captured Izmir, and by the 16th century it was established as a modern, international port city. Today you can still see the remnants of the many empires that occupied Izmir’s various eras, mixed with the more modern constructions in the wider Izmir area.




Konak Alsancak Urla Balçova


CLIMATE Contrary to popular belief, Izmir unfortunately does not have 365 days of summer‌ But there is still plenty of sun: 305 days! Izmir is situated on the Mediterranean coast, it has relatively mild humid winters, and hot, dry and sunny summers.

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GETTING TO IZMIR Izmir is one of the most well-connected cities in Turkey and can be reached by plane with direct routes from a handful of European cities, and a couple from the Middle East and Asia. Izmir is also easily accessible from all the major cities in Turkey by air, train and road - something that makes travel to and from Izmir quick and convenient. If you have plans of travelling around Turkey during your stay in Izmir, it’s the place to be.


By Air

Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport is located 20 km south of the city center, 20 min by car from the University of Economics. There are several daily flights to catch to most cities in Turkey, such as Istanbul, Antalya and Ankara. Most domestic flights are just one hour! Izmir's airport is a relatively new airport, and is expanding rapidly. A few airlines have started flying to Izmir directly from Europe, such as SunExpress. There are also regular domestic and international flights from many Turkish and European cities to Izmir.



By Rail

Izmir has two big railway stations; Basmane and Alsancak stations. Basmane, in the city center, connects to regional trains and the Metro. Alsancak, in the north of the center, is where you can catch intercity- and commuter trains. There are regular train services from Izmir to Ankara, Istanbul, Denizli and Aydin. Many other cities can be reached by train if you catch connecting trains, and going by train is not only environmentally friendly; it is also a great way to see the Turkish countryside!


By Road

Reaching Izmir by car or bus is very easy. Travelling by bus in Turkey is very popular, and the Izmir Bus Terminal is huge and busy, with bus service to all parts of Turkey. Bus tickets are typically very cheap, and you can go with overnight buses too! This is a great way to save on travel costs if you want to explore the country. Minibuses go frequently between Izmir and the smaller towns in the Izmir region; about every 20 minutes or so throughout the day. These can be catched from either Uckuyular (close to university) or Bornova. All year round there are regular bus and minibus services from Uckuyular Bus Terminal to Cesme, Urla, Karaburun, Seferihisar and Gumuldur districts; where all the nice beaches are!


IZMIR UNIVERSITY OF ECONOMICS Izmir University of Economics was established in 2001 by the Izmir Chamber of Commerce, Education and Health Foundation, as the first foundation university in Izmir and in the Aegean region as a whole. IUE has a very diverse and vibrant student culture and is making strides in academics every year, making it a dynamic university to be in!



WHAT IS ESN? The Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is a European student organization, based on the European Erasmus program. Its goal is to support and develop student exchange through Erasmus on a local, national and international level, to further intercultural understanding across borders, and is present in over 40 countries. The ESN Section at IUE has been working in the interest of exchange students for several years, and we are constantly trying to improve the social and practical integration for all exchange students at IUE. We value participation, volunteering and active citizenship both in and outside of the organization.

ESNcard The ESNcard is the membership card of the ESN. It gives you access to all the services offered by ESN and all our partners, and will also give you some discounts and access to affordable opportunities during your period abroad. With the ESNcard you will enjoy plenty of discounts not only in Turkey but all over Europe. You will also have the opportunity to participate in most of the events arranged by ESN in Izmir, and all over Turkey. The ESNcard is valid for 12 months, and only valid with a photo and correct personal data. The card is non transferable.






It can be quite hectic and stressful remembering all the routes, you can download these apps to get around Izmir easily. Safe travels!

FROM THE AIRPORT IUE is located in the neighbourhood called Balcova, and this is probably where most of you will find apartments - so this guide on getting to the university will hopefully help you arrive home! You have three ways to get from Adnan Menderes Airport to IUE:


Note: To use public transportation you will need to purchase the local bus card, “Izmirim Kart”. At the airport this can be purchased at the Izban Station’s Ticket Office, outside the domestic terminal (please note that you can only pay at these offices by cash). To reach the domestic terminal, you walk left when you get out in the international arrivals hall. This card can also be purchased at all Metro and Izban Stations in Izmir, along with a handful of kiosks (cash only though!). The card costs around 6 TRY and one trip is 3.56 TRY during normal hours, and half during rush hours. The ESHOT Buses at the airport cost 6 TRY. The card is empty when purchased, so make sure to load at least 20 TRY just to be safe. You can find more information on page 16. 12


By Bus

1. 202- Leaves once an hour

From the airport to Fahrettin Altay Station (Metro and Tram)

2. 480 or 969

to bus stop called ‘Teleferik’

These will take you directly to IUE. If you are too confused about the bus stop, just ask the driver for ‘ekonomi universitesi’. The total trip will take around 60 minutes and cost 6 TRY. The phone apps usually show you on the map where on your journey you are, so hopefully you won’t get lost! For the adventurous: If you feel like taking an adventure you can ride on the infamous ‘Dolmus’ once you arrive at Fahrettin Altay. Take the green minibus that has ‘Oyak Sitesi – Inciralti’ written on the side. The Dolmus follows a route but has no formal stop, so you have to ask the driver to stop by saying “mĂźsait bir yerde" (moo sigh eet beer yair day) which more or less means "stop at a convenient place". The dolmus costs 2,5 TRY. See this WikiHow article on how to take a Dolmus:


By Train

You can take the train called ‘Izban’ outside the domestic terminal and take it towards the ‘Aliaga’ direction. You can ride it until Hilal (or Halkapinar) Station, and from there change the train lines from Izban to Metro, and ride the Metro towards the Fahrettin Altay Station (end station). Once you are at F. Altay, exit the Metro from the Pazaryeri or Terminal exit and follow the instruction above for how to take the bus. Total trip will take almost 90 minutes and cost 9 TRY. Please note on the Izban you pay by the kilometers


By Taxi


you have travelled, so makessure you swipe your card on the on the orange both once you exit.

Perhaps the easiest way to arrive on the first day, but also the most expensive: You can take a taxi directly to IUE from outside of the Terminals. This will cost you between 70 to 80 TRY (12 euro). Make sure the taximeter is on (usually not a problem)


ACCOMMODATION Finding the perfect apartment can be stressful, but don’t worry, because we will try to make things as easy as possible for all incoming students. You have th ree options when trying to find your apartment: The most common arrangement for exchange students is that you find someone from whom you can sub-rent a room. There are many IUE students who are renting out spare rooms. The best way to find an apartment like this is on Facebook, there are several groups where people are asking and posting information regarding free rooms. The second option is to ask a real estate agency to find an apartment for you. They will take a commission for this, equal to one-month worth of rent, in addition to the deposit. This total sum, for one month rent, deposit and commission can be up to 6000 TRY (900 euros), if your rent is 2000 TRY. You will of course get your deposit back at the end of your stay (unless you break something), but this option is still quite expensive, especially when your stay will be only five months. Lastly, the third option is to find an apartment yourself, and rent directly from the landlord. Unless you already speak Turkish this can be a difficult process, and we don’t generally recommend this.


Dikkat! (Watch out!) Bills are very easy to pay in Turkey, but make sure you pay on time, otherwise your electricity, water etc. will be cut off. Bills are paid at all banks, mobile phone stores and specialized shops around your neighborhood. In addition to service bills, almost all apartments in Turkey have a monthly maintenance fee called Aydat (pronounced like "eye-dot"). This is a monthly payment which covers common area lighting, cleaning, elevator maintenance, and the salary of the kapıcı (doorman), if there is one.



Links for finding apartments: Facebook groups:


Note: We are not endorsed or in contact with any of the group’s owners. Also please be careful of scammers – We don’t recommend that you pay them the full amount of what they ask prior to your arrival and make sure you verify the address and location of the apartment. (sahibinden means "from the owner," but you'll also see property companies advertising there as well. Look for "Emlak" (real estate, or property) and "Konut" (Residence) Look for "Konut" (Residence). It has English listings. This one has English listings also.

General Rent - and Monthly Cost of Living *As reported by the members of ESN IUE

Please note: The amounts are based on averages; your cost will differ from the figures given above significantly depending on your lifestyle – This is just to give you a general perspective.



To make your first few weeks in Izmir as smooth as possible, we have gathered some information and tips on how to get settled quickly.

ÖĞRENCİ İZMİRİM KART (Student Bus Card) For this you need to headover to Konak. The office is close to the metro exit that goes towards the clock tower. Head in to the office, go to the reception and tell them you are an erasmus student. They will send you to a desk specifically for International and Erasmus Students. Documents you will need: - Student Certificate Once you submit all this, you will receive - Biometric pictures your student transportation card on the spot. - Bank deposit worth 20 TRY


All transportation cards are prepaid, and you can only charge the bus cards via cash! Be careful while putting bills in the machines as they don’t give back change. To charge the cards you can simply go to any metro station, and use the machines there or go to any shop in your neighbourhood that has the sign ‘Kart Dolum’ or ‘Izmirim Kart Noktasi’. The machines at the metro and izban stations have English language.

SIM Card To use data. It will be expensive to call your parents. There’s no “roam like home” in Turkey… There are three mobile operators in Turkey: Turkcell, Vodafone, and Türk Telekom. T urkcell has the greatest coverage and most customers, and is the best option for most visitors to Turkey. It’s the company I chose to go with. Vodafone sits in second place in terms of both coverage and subscribers. It’s a reasonable alternative if you need vast amounts of data, as it offers larger prepaid data package options than Turkcell. Türk Telekom is the smallest operator, with the least coverage outside the major towns and cities. There’s no reason for you to go with it, unless you plan to only visit larger centres and cities and happen to come across a particularly good price.



Note that all foreign phones will stop working 120 days after they are first used in Turkey, unless you visit a tax office and pay a significant fee to register them. This won’t affect the vast majority of short-term Erasmus students, but is something to bear in mind if you plan to use your device for a long period inside Turkey. All three operators have stores on the arrival terminals at most airports in Turkey. So, you don’t have to set a foot inside the country without coverage. Unfortunately, this convenience comes at a high cost, operators at the airport will charge extra. We recommend you use roaming upon arrival as you’ll find cheaper rates once you’re in the city and you purchase it from the operators there. You only need your passport during purchase. The average price for the first time is 100 TRY* which includes the sim card and first package. *Price may vary

RESIDENCE PERMIT This is probably the most stressful task you will have during your semester but no worries – we are here to make this process as kolay (easy) as possible.


Documents you will need: - Residence Permit Application: printed and signed - Passport: Original, a copy of the picture page, and a copy of your entry stamp page - 4 Biometric photos - Health Insurance and a copy of it - Student Certificate from IEU - Notarized Address Document or Contract - Proof of payment


1. Tax Number: to get this you need to go to Balcova Vergi Dairesi (Balcova Tax Office). The only thing needed for this is your passport & a copy of your passport. They will ask you to fill a simple form asking address, date of birth and your parents name etc. This will take 15 minutes and is a simple and easy process. Also while getting your tax number you can pay for residence permit in advance at the Cashiers Desk (Vezne). Before paying check step 4 and 6. We recommend that you wait till you complete the online form. Address: Fahrettin Altay, 65/20. Sk. No:2, 35140 Karabağlar/İzmir (Google Maps Code: 93W8+G5 İzmir) It is on walking distance from F. Altay Metro Station. 2. Insurance: For those who have health insurances from the countries given below, you can check its validity through the agreement codes. You might need to ask your insurance provider for the code and information.


If the insurance agreement code matches with your insurance code (will either be on your Policy document or you will need to ask for it), you can go to the General Health Services Office (SGK). They will then register you in the system, and give you two copies of a document that states you have been registered. One of these copies is for the Immigration Office, the other is for you to keep.


If your code doesn’t match with the table, we ask you to contact the International office at the university or go to the SGK office with the copy of your insurance, the address is given below. Otherwise you will have to get a insurance here, which meets the following minimum requirements:



We have got you covered though ESN IUE has an agreement with Gulf Sigorta.

Gulf Sigorta: SGK office: SGK Yurtdisi Hesaplama ve Saglik Isleri Birimi, Milli Kütüphane Cd. 37-35 Konak 35250 Konak/İzmir (Google Maps Code: C48H+JM İzmir) 3. Pictures: If you don’t already have, take biometric photos. Go to a photography studio and they will give you the type of picture you need, just tell them it is for Ikamet. You need 4 prints, but remember to get a digital copy as well because you will need to upload one on the online form. There are several studios in Balcova, on Ata or Sakarya caddesi. 4. Complete the online application on the Goc Idaresi (Immigration Dept.) website: You will need to upload the digital copy of your biometric photo. You will also need to give your insurance policy number and student details to complete your application, and only then will you be able to complete the form and make an appointment. The website is very buggy and will give errors constantly if you try to do it in English, so you are better off doing it in Turkish. Just use Chrome and it will automatically translate system will ask you to pay your residence fee online but it doesn’t work, so just go and pay it in person (see step 6). Website: 19

5. Address Document: If you have a rent contract on your name, you just need to go to the Notary Public (Noter) and get it notarized – the cost of notarizing varies from office to office because it’s a private institution. You can find these offices throughout Balcova. They might ask for a copy of the owner of the flat’s ID, but this rarely happens. Address: Noter, Eğitim, Gazi Osman Paşa Sk. 19 B, 35330 Balçova/İzmir If the rent contract does not have your name on it, or you don’t even have one, just go with your landlord or with the person who is sub-renting you the apartment, and ask him to make a declaration at the office that you are staying with him. Note: your flatmate can only make the declaration if he/she has their name on the contract, or his/her name is on the utility bills. Your flatmate will then need to first go to the Public Registry (Nufus) and register. Balcova Ilce Nufus Mud. (Local Registrate) Address: Korutürk, Yonca Sk. No:19, 35330 Balçova/İzmir (Google Maps Code: 92RW+VX Balçova, İzmir) After that, he/she can help you with the Address document at the Notary. Normally this will cost somewhere between 70 and 140 TRY. Price may still vary. 6. Residence Permit Fee: You can pay this in Konak or Balcova Tax Office You will be able to see the amount you have to pay once you have completed and printed the online application. The amount you are required to pay is on the first page of your application. Address: Vergi Dairesi Balcova – Vergi Dairesi Konak Address By now you should have everything done! You need to be at the Immigration Office on your appointment date and time. The Konak streets are small, so might take some time to find the office. Try to be there at least 15 minutes earlier and get your number. Once you are there, it is a quite quick and smooth procedure! Pro tip: If you are nice to them and patient, they will give you tea. Address: İl Göç idaresi Müdürlüğü Konak, 855. Sk. No:40, 35250 Konak/İzmir (Google Maps Code: C4CJ+4J İzmir)



Documents you will need: - Residence Permit Application: printed and signed - Passport: Original, a copy of the picture page, and a copy of your entry stamp page - 4 Biometric photos - Health Insurance and a copy of it - Student Certificate from IEU - Notarized Address Document or Contract - Proof of payment

Once you give them all these documents and fingerprints you are done! You will get a printed temporary residence permit, and your card will arrive at the post office or your home address within 20 days – You will receive a text message when it is there. Hopefully you are done with your permit and you can put your headphones on and celebrate with this song: Ice Cube - It Was A Good Day

MUZE KART Turkey is a country with a rich history and traditions, and is blessed with plenty of cultural, historical and archaeological sites but seeing all the Museums and historical sites can be very expensive at times so we recommend you get a Muze kart. The MĂźzekart gives you entry to more than 300 attractions across the country managed by the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Holders of the card can avoid lines at larger sites (using the group entrance) and are also entitled to discounts at other museums, cafes, and so on. The card can be purchased from all ticketing booths outside museums, and costs 30 TRY. You just need your student ID for the process.


WHAT TO EAT Turkish breakfast Sis Kebap Doner Kofte Pide (vegetarian options) Cig Kofte Turkish breakfast

Kumpir Meze Manti Corba Kuzu Tandir Mercimek Koftesi

Sarma Dolma Imam Bayildi Borek Simit Boyoz

Desserts Kunefe Lokum Helva Tursu Suyu (You will need it during your hangover)


Kunefe Kuzu Tandir Sis Kebap




Sunday market If you don’t like eating out and enjoy cooking at home, you can head down to the Sunday markets buy fruits, vegetables etc. from your local Sunday market. Fruits and vegetables there directly come from the producers/farmers and are super fresh.


WHAT TO SEE IN IZMIR Clock Tower Kemeraltı Kızlarağası Han Kemeraltı Hisar Cami Salepçioğlu Cami Archeological Museum Karşıyaka and Bostanlı

Agora Open Air Museum Asansör ve Darío Moreno Sokak Kordon Kıbrıs Şehitleri (Alsancak) Sahilevleri History and Arts Museum Konak Pier

Folkart Gallery Nese Karikultur Muzesi Resim ve Heykel Muzesi Ahmet Adnan Saygun Bostanli Acikhava Tiyatrosu Bornova Devlet Operasi Arkas Sanat Merkezi

Bostanli Acik Hava Tiyatrosu Kemeralti


Folkart Gallery


Clock Tower


IMPORTANT NUMBERS Medical Emergency - 112 Health Information - 184 Fire Department - 110 Police - 155



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