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Lemmy The   Detec+ve  

The Muuch  is   back,  and   pushing  more   lemons  off   buildings  


No! Not   another   one,  I  must   stop  the   Muuch!  

I’m sorry  I   couldn’t  save   you  in  +me!   R.I.P     Laam  the  lemon     He  was  a  good   Lemon   He  died  by  the   Muuch  

Hahahahaha  hahahahaha  

Lemsquit: Lemmy,  we  got  a  new  lead  on  the  the  Muuch,  we  saw  him  in  a  dark  allyway  last  night!   Could  you  go  aNer  him?!Lemmy:  Oh  yeah,  I’ll,  I’ll  do  the  best  I  can.   Lemsquit:  Alright!  Go!   Wanted,  Muuch   $100,000  Reward  

Hah, hah,  I   really  need  to   work  on  my   stamina.  

Well hello   there!  

Hmm, were  is   the   Muuch?   Aaaaaaa aaaaaaa aaaah!   Hi  here!  

Go Lemmy!   How  is  he   going  to   survive?  

Lemmy The Decective  

The story of a lemon trying to stop a crazy killer marshmello.