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Executive Summary ESNE - University School of Design and Innovation, is holding a Worldwide competition among the most prestigious universities in the world with bachelor in videogames. The main goals are to develop 1000 apps for mobile platforms, and to promote partnering and collaborations between skillful and talented students around the world in future design and development of apps and games. ESNE is promoting this challenge providing participation in the ESNE Hackathon Global Challenge (1.000 apps).

ESNE is the only Pearson’s Center of excellence in Spain. ESNE is member of the Sony Playstation First Advisory Board, an academic program that wants to prepare the next generation of game creators. ESNE is a Center of Experience for Microsoft, where key products from Redmond are showcased. ESNE has created the Spanish Design Observatory which led to the creation of the first study about the economic impact of design in Spanish GDP. ESNE is leading the knowledge transfer in the game and animation industries, with two monthly programs, Madrid Game Conference, a four years old program that has generated over 30 events with more than 50 keynote speakers; and is creating this year the Madrid Animation Conference to replicate the results toward the animation industry.

Background In the videogames industry, working under strict constraints is a normal process. The success of developing new games are determined by the ability of designers and developers to close in a timely matter the production of games. ESNE already have experienced developing apps and games via a two-day intense hackathon, and last year became the larger publisher of apps in the Spanish Windows platform It allowed our students to replicate a near-to-reality process, which increases their potential of success, and allowed them to have published videogames.

Objectives To move the ESNE Hackathon Global Challenge to an international level. To promote academic competiveness among students from the most prestigious universities, for the sake of scholarship and promotion of learning videogames development, in terms of production, development and certification skills. To promote partnering and collaborations between skillful and talented students around the world in future design and development of apps and games. To increase the number and innovative apps available in mobile platforms. To promote collaboration among the top 10 most prestigious universities in the field of game design and development, in the world.

Proposed Schedule 21 October 2013

Call for participation send out to selective top 10 Universities around the world, by sending them the Global Hackathon information Package.

31 October 2013

Top 10 International Universities must confirm their participation by registering in the event. (No cost associated)

14 November 2013

Kickoff of a 1 month of the development of the apps, culminating in the 48 hours Hackathon on the 14 an 15 of December.

14 and 15 December 2013 48 hours to close the apps

16 December

starts the process of submiting, (QA process and publishing) apps in digital stores. A Quality Assurance process will take place of the 1000 apps will be uploaded into the mobile platform holders.

3 Months

will be given for commercial operation of the games. The games are upload to the platform holders and monitored to check on the download status.

The kick-off meeting will take place via video streaming 14 March 2014 A carefully selected professional team made of industry around the world to explain the bases of the program, list the requirements, and initiate the countdown clock. leaders professionals and university faculty members will choose the best 100 apps worldwide, based on their number of downloads. Teams will start to work on projects, there will be also social media support through Twitter/facebook

The list of 100 top downloaded apps are used to select the 100 teams, which will be identified as finalists. Out of these 100 apps, the professional team will select the top 10 apps in a Gala celebration at ESNE in Madrid, Spain.

Benefits for the Universities The possibility of having their students to participate in a global fast development process. The possibility to have 100 apps published in mobile platforms participating in the Global Hackathon. A benchmark of their current program quality when compared with international references

What is needed? By October 31th, 2013, universities must sent their confirmation of participation into the program, by sending confirmation letter to the email of By November 14th, 2013, universities must sent a list of the teams participating. All students participating must be enrolled in a Bachelor degree during the 2013-14 academic year. The list should include their names, ages, course year, and degree name. All teams must be committed to do all development of their Apps at the University facilities on December 14 and to 15. All teams will have a month after the 15th of December to download statistics for the games uploaded. In case games developed by University are in the final, each University will have to commit to be present in the March 2014 final.

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