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Celebrating the

2018-2019 School Year

A letter from

THE HEAD OF S CHO OL Dear Friends and Supporters of Episcopal School, I have come to believe that there is no means to an end in school building. Many of you will remember just four short years ago, when in August of 2016, Episcopal School of Nashville welcomed sixteen founding students to school. Now, four years later Episcopal School’s program has grown to serve 70 students. This fall, Episcopal School took the monumental step of opening a new fifth grade, which is the entry point to our new Intermediate School.  Thankfully, and due to strong planning, the school’s modular facility continues to provide a more than adequate space for the students and teachers. The school, still located on the campus of St. Ann’s Episcopal Church in East Nashville, is using every square inch of the facility as it prepares the next generation of leaders for our community.  The student and faculty population are not the only growing aspects of the school. The annual operating budget, a mere $285,000.00 in 2016, has grown to more than $1,200,000.00 in year four as it meets the demands of our growing program and exceptional staff.  While tuition income is increasing, so is the need for charitable support. This year 50% of the student body receives some level of need-based financial aid, a number that we celebrate, as we cater our services to children of all socio-economic backgrounds.  Episcopal School is an important opportunity for Nashville and we strive to earn your investment. Within these colorful pages are the photographs and names of hundreds of Episcopal School of Nashville friends and benefactors from the 2018-2019 academic year. I am humbled beyond measure for this critical groundswell of support. Without it there is no Episcopal School of Nashville.  I hope you will soon consider a visit to Episcopal School and experience your immeasurable return on investment! All too simply, thank you for your support, love and prayers. 

Harrison Stuart,




Episcopal Diocese of Tennessee

Louise and Donald McKenzie

Trina and Jay Secor

Episcopal Diocese of Tennessee/

Marilyn and David McMackin


Peggy McGuire

The Parent Company

Louie M. and Betty M. Phillips

Mary Knox and Fred Pilkerton

Joyce Family Foundation Caroline and Marty Masterson Ketch Secor

SCHOLARSHIP SOCIETY Carolyn and Jim Beckner Seawell Brandau Anita and John Hayes Alex Joyce Katherine and Jason Murrie Agatha Nolan Peggy and Dick Raney

Dandridge Trust

Leslie and Dr. Jeff Overby


The Rev. Mark Robinson

Bets Ramsey

Mary and David Rollins

Janna and Brooks Smith

Beverly and Ron Rossini

St. George’s School, Memphis

Dr. Helen T. Schley

St. Ann’s Episcopal Church

Diana and The Rev. Roger Senechal

Lynda Clare and Stuart Vidockler

Sewanee: The University of

Bronwyn and Richard Westling

the South

William Morris Endeavor

Mary Jane and Gilbert Smith

The Rev. Lissa Smith and

Muffy Stuart

Dr. Edwin Williamson

Barry Baird and Joseph Taylor Jean and David Thibodeau

Janna and Paul Roper


Dr. Paul E. Teschan

Lesa and William Agee

Brad Thomason


Mary Candice Burger and

Dru Anderson

Jerry and Ernest Williams

Daniel Ashmead

Gail and Hart Applegate

Robin and Sandy Stuart Foundation

Maureen and James Baldock

Debbie and Brown Bannister

St. George’s Episcopal Church

Melinda Balser

Julie and Robert Blagojevich

Melinda Bass

Jean and Lee Bowden

Sally Williams and Brad Bissell

The Bryant Family Foundation

Lillian R. Bradford

Caroline and Austin Cox

Donna and The Rev. Rick Britton

Michelle and Bobby Cudd

Church of the Advent Women

Frederick Dent

Helene Cole

Mary Dale and John Fitzgerald

Susan Collins

Tench Forbes

William P. Cooper

Cathy and Clay Jackson

Linda Crane

Mary and John Jackson

Christine Cronk

Peggy Joyce

Ellen and Townes Duncan

Carol Bitar and John Lehman

Peggy and Richard Fitzgerald

Monica Mauk

Heather and Patrick Galloway

Michelle and Shane Morris

HEAD OF SCHOOL’S SOCIETY Julia and Gareth Aden Anonymous J. Pickslay Cheek Katie and Kevin Crumbo Sue Keith and Brand Elverston Mark Melton Rosemarie and Kenneth Peelle Dr. Nancie Schweikert St. George’s Kindergarten Katherine and Harrison Stuart Kathe and Edwin Williamson Drs. Ellen and George Wright

PURPLE MARTIN SOCIETY Rose and Dr. Billy Ballard Audrey Brown Wyeth and Edward Burgess Christ Church Cathedral

Dana and David Herbert The Honorable and Mrs. John Hickenlooper

Martha and John Phipps

Annette Pilcher Martha and Dyer Rodes

Natalie and Brian Hickman

Michael Meranda and Leroy Sharer

Ellie and Drew Holcomb

Dr. Jesse Van Volkenburgh

Holy Trinity Church Bernard Kosowski



Kelsey and Heather Davis

Merrie and Robert Alexander, Sr.

Mia and John Abernathy

LaTerra Davis

Michelle and John Andrade

Katie and Lewis Agnew

Magruder Dent

Caroline and The Right Rev. John


Grace and Paul Dent


Helen Derryberry

John Auston Bridges

Beth and Ben Aplin

Margaret Jane Dodson

Susie and Jan Callen

The Rev. Kira Austin-Young

May Dean Eberling*

CFOtoGo Business Strategies

Carol and John Bachmann

Elizabeth and Bob Eckert

Kylie and Kevin Dailey

Rachel and Gentry Barden

The Rev. Donna Scott

Daughters of the King

Melissa and Nicolas Beaudoing

Elizabeth and Fyke Farmer

John Beckner

Anne and Robert Erwin, Jr.

Shawna Gehres

Ed Benson

Patzy Ezell

Brenda and Donald Hawkins

Margaret and Sam Bessey

Agnes Fair

Nancy and Hampton Holcomb

Emily Girvin and Mike Beyer

Margaret and Richard Fitzgerald

Lois and Ed Holt

Robert Black

Mimi and Bill Fondren

Marie and George Masterson

Jack Blaess

Katie and Ben Gambill, Jr.

James Mathis

Dot Blue

Douglas Gortner

Sandra and Cullen Merritt

Jane A. Boram

Gloria and David Graves, Jr.

Metro Gov. of Nashville/

Denis and Jerry Brock

Emily and Mark Griffin

Anne Brothers

Jane Hannon

Sally C. Miller

Blythe Cate

Betty Joe Hardiman

Connally and William Penley

Faye Chiles

Rick Hart

Becky and Bob Pringle

Church of the Advent

Jane and Brevard Haynes

Sandra and Bob Sarratt

Cammie and John Claybrook

Lue and Howard Hickman

Judy Simmons

Christine Coughlin

Morgan and Steve Hinkley

Source Books, Inc.

Sharon and Dr. John Cranwell

Patricia Wilkes Hogg

Amy Sovine

Patricia and Pete Curry

Felicia and Pete Holst

St. George’s Senior Ministry

Rachel Czechura

Susan and Bill Huggins

Lane and Bill Yoder

Helen Dale

Katie Donald and Brian Hughes

C. Bauerschmidt

Davidson Co.

and John Eley


The Episcopal School of Nashville, a diverse urban independent school, is dedicated to nurturing the joy of learning and the spirit of discovery in each of its students.


To shape students who are intellectually, spiritually, and responsibly engaged with the place, community, and world they call home.

The Rev. Richard Kew

Lydia C. Peelle

Patricia Horne Stanley

Paula and Bob Kinard

Marguerite and Lee Peterseim

Jess Stein

Kim and Joe King

Barbara and Bob Phillips

Stratton Foster Foundation

Robert W. Kitchel

Kate and Matt Pilcher

Ruth Starr* and Al Strayhorn

Karen and Jim Lackey

Pamela and Frank Puryear

Anne and Badley Stutz

Betty Lentz

Patsey Reed

Ellen and Hugh Tanner

Mary and Calvin Lewis

The Rev. Catherine Regen

Vicky and Bennett Tarleton

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Lineberger

Martha and Buist Richardson

Eleanor Templeton

Julia and Robert Lowe

Amy and Cory Richardson

Saralene J. Thomas

Elizabeth Maddin

Marianna and Henry Richardson

Kathy Tompkins

Julie Malott

Malli Richmond

Susan and Bob Tuke

Jennie and Rob McCabe

Ann and Charles Riddle

Margie and Jack Turner

Carol Lynn and J. Hunter McCarty

Shyanne and Seth Riddle

Margaret and Bo Tyler

Debbie and Wylie McDougall

Mia Rollins

Mary Spottswood and

Dallas McGurgan

Caroline and Jeff Rossini

Missy and Leonard McKeand

Graham Rossini

Lea and Robert Van Cleave

Matthew McKenna

May Sue and William Saltsman

Frank Wade

Pamela McWilliams

Marlin and The Right Rev.

Dee Ann Walker

Linda and Brian Moore

William Sanders

Joseph Underwood

Patricia W. Wallace

Mia Walters Zeoli and Travis Moore

Julia and Noah Saterstrom

Miss Irene W. Ward

Mary and Brian Moran

Anna and Roger Saterstrom

Gail Warlick

Ann Narula

Dana and Tom Sherrard

Elizabeth B. Wheeler

Nashville Concerto Orchestra

Susan and Dr. John Shuster

Dudley B. White

Ann Neely

Sally and Dr. Geoff Smallwood

Gina and Joe White

Sarah Nelson

Emily Leonard and Sloane Southard

Karen and Gregory Wilber

Britton and Norris Nielson

Catherine and Harvey Sperling

Shirley and John Williams

Christopher O’Donnell

St. Anselm’s Episcopal Church

Carol and Tommy Wilson

Nan Parrish

St. George’s Alferic’s Readers

Martha Winston

Frances and Faxon Payne

St. Peter’s Episcopal Church

Amy Woodson

Mary Margaret and Joe Peel

Cynthia Stamps

Christine Zychal

and The Rev. Col Hugh

Jean and Lee Bowden

Julia and Noah Saterstrom

Denis and Jerry Brock

In honor of Vanessa and

Anne Brothers

Withers Moncure

Susie and Jan Callen

Muffy Stuart

Faye Chiles

In honor of Annette Pilcher

Christine Cronk

Dr. Paul E. Teschan

Ann and Charles Riddle

Patricia and Pete Curry


In honor of Lynn Ragland

Helen Dale

Irene Ward

Helen Derryberry

In honor of Bets Ramsey

May Dean Eberling*

Bernard Kosowski

Elizabeth and Bob Eckert

In honor of Mia Rollins

The Rev. Donna Scott and

LEGACY SOCIETY Marcy and Seawell Brandau Wanda Smith Jones Annette Pilcher Dr. Helen T. Schley J. Harrison Stuart

Seawell Brandau

SCHOOL BUS Caroline and Marty Masterson

NAMED CLASSROOMS Kindergarten Classroom in honor of Janice and Joe King Kim and Joe King 1st Grade Classroom in honor of Marcy Brandau Anita and John Hayes 2/3rd Grade Classroom in honor of Reverend Lissa Smith Dr. Edwin Williamson

GIFTS IN HONOR In honor of Avett Brothers Ketch Secor In honor of Carolyn Beckner John Beckner In honor of Sam Bessey Lane and Bill Yoder In honor of Seawell Brandau Susan and Bill Huggins Nashville Concerto Orchestra In honor of Episcopal School of Nashville Staff and Board of Trustees Sandra and Bob Sarrat In honor of John Hayes Katie and Ben Gambill, Jr. In honor of Emmylou Holcomb Nancy and Hampton Holcomb In honor of Mrs. Dale Bickley

Brenda Hawkins

John Eley

In honor of Cooper Schley

Anne and Robert Erwin Jr.

Dr. Helen T. Schley

Agnes Fair

In honor of Lydia Peelle and

Elizabeth and Fyke Farmer

Ketch Secor

Mary Dale and John Fitzgerald

Rosemary and Kenneth Peelle

Margaret and Richard Fitzgerald

In honor of Ketch Secor

Mimi and Bill Fondren

Becky and Bob Pringle

Heather and Patrick Galloway

In honor of Eli Stamps

Gloria and David Graves, Jr.

Cynthia Stamps

Emily and Mark Griffin

In honor of The Stuart Family

Rick Hart

Grace and Paul Dent

Jane and Brevard Haynes

In honor of Larry Trabue

Dana and David Herbert

Paula and Bob Kinard

Patricia Wilkes Hogg

In honor of Susannah Aplin

Felicia and Pete Holst

and Rate Wooster

Lois and Ed Holt

Susan Collins

Kim and Joe King

GIFTS IN MEMORY In memory of Roberta Abstein Seawell Brandau In memory of Marcy Brandau Julia and Gareth Aden Katie and Lewis Agnew Merrie and Robert Alexander, Sr. Dru Anderson Gail and Hart Applegate Carol and John Bachmann Carolyn and Jim Beckner Ed Benson Julie and Robert Blagojevich Dot Blue The Rev. Chris Bowhay

Karen and Jim Lackey Betty Lentz Mary and Calvin Lewis Dr. and Mrs. Robert Lineberger Julia and Bob Lowe Elizabeth Maddin Peggy Maguire Julie Malott Jennie and Rob McCabe Carol Lynn and J. Hunter McCarty Debbie and Wylie McDougall Missy and Leonard McKeand Marilyn and David McMackin Sally C. Miller Linda and Brian Moore Sarah Nelson Britton and Norris Nielson

Leslie and Dr. Jeff Overby

In memory of

Brooke Gilliam

Frances and Faxon Payne

Diana R. Thompson

Emily Girvin

Mary Margaret and Joe Peel

Carolyn and Jim Beckner

Laura Lea Goldberg

Marguerite and Lee Peterseim

In memory of

Doug Gortner

Barbara and Bob Phillips

Eleanor Van Cleave

Grand Ole Opry

Annette Pilcher

Patzy Ezell

Emily and Mark Griffin

Mary Knox and Fred Pilkerton

Betty Joe Hardiman

Tony Halligan

Bets Ramsey

Jennie T. McCabe

Cass and Martin Hickman

Peggy and Dick Raney

Mary and Brian Moran

Natalie and Brian Hickman

Catherine Regen

Frank Wade

Ed Higgins

Martha and Dyer Rodes

In memory of

Jim Higgins

Marianna Richardson

Beth Washington

Ellie and Drew Holcomb

Martha and Buist Richardson

Seawell Brandau

Felicia and Pete Holst

Amy and Cory Richardson Malli Richmond May Sue and William Saltsman Marlin and The Right Rev. William Sanders Dr. Helen T. Schley Trina and Jay Secor Diana and The Rev. Roger Senechal Dana and Tom Sherrard Judy Simmons Mary Jane and Gilbert Smith Amy Sovine St. George’s Episcopal Church St. George’s Epsicopal Clergy Patricia Horne Stanley Ruth Starr* and Al Strayhorn Katherine and Harrison Stuart Anne and Badley Stutz Vicky and Bennett Tarleton Eleanor Templeton Jean and David Thibodeau Saralene J. Thomas Kathy Tompkins Larry Trabue Susan and Bob Tuke Margie and Jack Turner Lea and Robert Van Cleave Patricia W. Wallace Miss Irene W. Ward Dudley B. White Martha Winston Drs. Ellen and George Wright

GIFTS - IN - KIND AND SERVICES ACME Acsend Ampitheater Adventure Science Center Caroline Allison Donna Anderson Dru Anderson Michelle and John Andrade Hayden and Steve Avery Melissa Baldock Beaudoing Carolyn and Jim Beckner Jess Benefield Mike Beyer Allie Bohannon Stephanie Burk Ken Burns The Calhoun Family Camp Gailor-Maxon Evans Clements Crom Tidwell Merchandising D’Andrews Bakery Kylie and Kevin Dailey DET Distributing Katie Donald Anne Doolittle Edley’s Bar-B-Que Elements Salon Face Nashville Firepot Nomadic Tea Heather and Patrick Galloway Amy and Jeremy Gill

Elliott Kyle Emily Leonard Little Seed Farm Sue-Anna and Amos Maley Marketplace Interiors Gareth McGurgan Miel Campbell Mobley Rick Moore Mia and Travis Moore Morgan Stanley Katherine and Jason Murrie Eden and Jon Murrie Jennifer Nettles Will Newman Nisolo Nobles Bar and Grill Otis James The Parent Company Matt and Kate Pilcher Please Be Seated Bets Ramsey Red Dog Dumpsters Regions Bank Susie Reis Richards Bespoke Tom Roady Mia Rollins Janna and Paul Roper Beverly Rossini Bob Sarratt Julia and Noah Saterstrom Anna Saterstrom

“Episcopal School of Nashville is more than the place our daughter attends school: it’s a village of people engaged in raising the next generation to continually grow in learning, faith and love.” KATHERINE AND JASON MURRIE, ESN PARENTS

Ketch Secor

Luanne Waltemath

Joe King

Kristi and Jon Skeeters

Annie Williams

The Rev. Rick Britton

The Rev. Lissa Smith

Drs. Ellen and George Wright

Dr. Jeffrey Overby

John Stuart

Yeast Nashville

Dr. Gracie Porter

Katherine and Harrison Stuart


The Rev. Lissa Smith

Muffy Stuart Sweetfarm Jewelry The Southern Warner Tidwell Larry Trabue Two Ten Jack Uncles Classic Barber Shop

BOARD OF TRUSTEES Ketch Secor, Co-Chair Dr. Ellen Wright, Co-Chair Dr. Billy Ballard Carolyn Beckner Seawell Brandau

Richard Westling The Right Rev. John Bauerschmidt, ex officio Harrison Stuart, Head of School, ex officio

A SPECIAL THANKS TO OUR 3RD ANNUAL LOBSTER BAKE SPONSORS Pinnacle Bank Katie and Kevin Crumbo The Parent Company Decker Investments The Burton Hills Group Morgan Stanley Cass and Martin Hickman

Castle Homes

Crom Tidwell Merchandising


DET Distributing

Cornelius and Collins

Liberty Party Rental

Equitable Trust

Please Be Seated

Honduras Development Network Louise and Donald McKenzie Mr. and Mrs. John D. Stuart

* deceased We apologize for any errors or omissions. Please contact Heather Galloway, heather.galloway@ esnashville.org with corrections.

Novatech Southeast Venture St. George’s Episcopal Church


nu e v Re

n l Fu a u nn


A Fund Annual




A ial nc

er bst Lo






million 7%

Lobster Bake


Financial Aid



n itio


“The first time I called the school and Harrison Stuart picked up, I have to say I really was not expecting such a welcoming and embracing encounter. I was waiting for him to say sorry, you don’t have enough income or that there was a three year waiting list or something else prohibiting my children from attending. To my surprise it was just the opposite. Harrison was this ball of energy that cared, accepted and embraced my family with love.” JEELISSA BROWN, ESN PARENT

Celebrating Our 3rd Annu al


“Lobsters & laughter — two words that seemingly don’t pair up with one another. For anyone who has attended an ESN Lobster Bake, you know without a doubt it is the most fun charity event in Nashville, not to mention it serves the best lobsters! But, it’s not until you walk the halls of the school or pass by the playground and hear all the laughter from the happy students that you realize all those lobsters allow the school to excel at its mission to nurture the joy of learning and the spirit of discovery in each of its students. Yes, lobsters & laughter most certainly go hand in hand!” LARRY TRABUE


October 4th, 2018

BLESSING OF THE PETS Each year, we celebrate “Blessing of the Pets” in remembrance of Saint Francis of Assisi’s love of animals. Priests come and bless a wide variety of animal friends, including dogs, cats, and stuffed animals.

2 018

November 2nd, 2018

G R A N D PA R E N T S AND SPECIAL F R I E N D S DAY Each year, we welcome grandparents and special friends to campus for a memorable day with their beloved students.

March 5th, 2019

PA N CA K E SUPPER Families and friends of Episcopal School of Nashville joined together in St. Ann’s in celebration of Shrove Tuesday just before the start of the Lenten Season.

2 019

April 20th, 2019

WA L K I N L OV E We participated in the 2.2 mile walk led by Chaplain Mary Murphy to remember the life of Z. Alexander Looby. The walk began at TSU and ended at the courthouse steps downtown.



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Susan Collins, Episcopal School Grandparent

“My two grandchildren, Susannah (5th) and Rate (PreK) love ESN. When I came to my first Grandparents’ and Special Friends’ Day I was immediately struck by the positive atmosphere at the school. My feelings were strong: this is the perfect place for a child to thrive. The small classes give every student the opportunity to shine and the extracurriculars give them opportunities to expand their horizons and learn more about their community. The spiritual aspect opens their minds to what is possible to become. I love this little school!”

Nashville, TN 37206

413 Woodland Street

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Episcopal School of Nashville - Report of Giving, 2018-2019  

Report of Giving, 2018-2019

Episcopal School of Nashville - Report of Giving, 2018-2019  

Report of Giving, 2018-2019