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chief editor: Zsófia Kelemen

Editors: Alexa Kiss, Aapeli Nevala

chief designer: Zsuzsanna Papp

Designers: Barbara Zsidek, Kálmán Dulity

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Dear reader! We would like to Welcome you in our newsletter: the ESNews! Here you can find information about the Erasmus student life at the BKF and of course about the ESN BKF. Maybe at the moment you are asking yourself: But WHO are you guys? The Erasmus Student Network started to work in our College about two years ago and from that time we are developing continuously. Now we offer help to the Erasmus and International Students. Besides that we ensure mentors for the foreign students and we offer wide range of programs for them. Also with our new project we support those BKF students

who would like to study in abroad through to the Erasmus scholarship. Because of the size of the organization and the claim which was formed, we felt that it is the time to show you, how we work and what kind of opportunities you have. In the ESNews You can orientate also from the previous and upcoming events, the important information about the Erasmus and even the new international possibilities. We encourage you to search for us and if you have any question or you would like to join our international team for one (or maybe more!) event(s), please do not hesitate to contact us.

We wish you good and enjoyable reading! lac贸 papp

alexandra kiss

President ESN BKF

Communication Coordinator ESN BKF

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Welcome Weekend written by: Alexa Kiss, Zs贸fi Kelemen

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ESN BKF organized the semester opening Welcome Weekend for the new International Students on the 8-9 September.


here are you from? What is your We visited the Heroes’ Square, formed name? – were the most frequent the shape of the country in front of questions at the beginning of the the Basilica, collected tickets around ESN BKFs Welcome Weekend. After the Western Railway Station and get the informal „who-are-you?” part the together in the Buda Castle. international students, from at least 8 countries, have been greeted by László Papp, the President of the organization This weekend was a good opportunity and Jolán Róka dr., the Vice-Rector for for the Erasmus students and also for International Relations of the College. the mentors to become the member of Following the formal welcome speeches the new intercultural team. the mentors and the students played some funny games which helped them to get to know each other better.

After you know the people around you, you have to be familiar with to know your city. This was the thing what the international students and the ESN BKF members did on that hot Sunday afternoon by solving some joky tasks.

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International Picnic Zsófi Kelemen

This weekend the ESN BKF organized an open-air gathering for the international students of the college where the students could get a closer look at on the other nation’s cuisine and play some team sports.


here is a beautiful island in the Spanish, Hungarian and Portuguese middle of the Danube called drinks. Spontaneously the mentors Margaret Island. In case of nice and the Erasmus students formed a weather families, lovers and friends go volleyball team. In my opinion, the there to play something or just to walk. ESN BKF volleyball team was the best This island is popular among the runner all around the island! nation of Budapest as well. On 16 September the ESN BKF organized an I must mention that one of our Erasmus international picnic to this great place. students was born on this nice autumn Most people brought a piece of his/ day, so we also celebrated his birthday. her national cuisine as we had Turkish, Polish, Dutch and Hungarian food; ¡Feliz Cumpleaños Javier!

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Freshmen’s Camp alla ESN written by Zsófi Kelemen

As every year, the BKF Student Union has organized the freshman’s camp (GT) nearby Lake Balaton at the end of the summer holiday. In the end, all the teams led by “eseners” stood on the podium. The Sailor team led by two ESN members together with a senior BKF student earned the first prize and the other ESN-led-team came to the third place. After the trials all the participants had a great party together.


ince the more super power you have, the better it is. The ESN BKF’s superheroes joined the superheroes of the Student Union in their mission. During the pre-GT period their teams did almost everything together but in the camp they had to fight against each other…

8 ESNews


s every semester we have organized a visit to the Parliament where the Erasmus students and the mentors participated in a guided tour. The guide was a very nice and funny lady who told them interesting stories about the building and its history. Now we know that the soldiers who are guarding the Holy Crown are not statues, the marble columns in the

main corridor are very valuable and the usage of the cigar holders. The little group of ESN BKF could have a look at on the lounge where the Hungarian deputies discussing issues. Every time it is a unique occasion because it is the most formal of our events and the exchange students can enter the house where our laws are made.

ESN delegation in the Parliament written by Zs贸fi Kelemen

ESNews 9


300 Erasmus Students, 50 helpers, 7 leaders and an amazing weekend! The ESN Hungary organized the 4th Wondercamp for the Erasmus and international students in Balatonkenese from 21 to 23 September. 10 ESNews

complete funny tasks and also to learn the TACATA dance! After the trials everybody changed clothes, put on glasses or painted flags on his/her face and joined to theme parties like the flag and nerd night. But the organizers also waited the international students with (also) many specialities: they could try out the Hungarian folk dance, tasted our famous wines and watched an amazing juggler show. And despite the cooler weather, the campers had the chance to swim in Lake Balaton too. On Saturday night the organizers decided who won the first three rated: Tas, Huba, Töhötöm. We are really proud of it, because (of) the Huba team had BKF leaders! In my opinion I don’t have to mention that the ESN say disco, you say: Party! Maybe it BKF sent the biggest part of the staff. could have become the slogan of the I think I can say on behalf of all, at the camp, but of course it was not just end of the weekend everybody feels about parties. The basic idea of the camp that we are a big family and we don’t was the Hungarian seven leaders (Álmos, want to go back home. It means an Előd, Ond, Kond, Tas, Huba, Töhötöm) unforgettable experience to us. which was also the name of the teams. During the weekend the groups tried a fall with each other. Every team had to


ESNews 11


written by Zsófia Kelemen,

In the framework of the ESN’s Social Erasmus project which was launched in 2008 the sections all over the EU organize educational, environment saving and charity programs.


n 28 September the ESN BKF’s first The president of the Student Union of social project was a tree planting in the College, Gergely Szűcs, thanked order to commemorate this semester. the ESN to plant this red maple tree and By this gesture the organization wants to enriched the garden of BKF. create a tradition, or even more to make a memorandum of this semester for the Erasmus and Hungarian students.

László Papp, president of the BKF section, told in his speech that he hoped the tree would grow bigger as their organization did. He added that hopefully the little tree would have company, and the social team could continue this nice tradition. The new tree of the school garden is called Rosemary. The name was given by the organization and the Erasmus students.

12 ESNews

what are you studying lionel richie? Aapeli Nevala,


Erasmus Superhero from Finland

nce upon a time there was a smart guy. He was up to date, interesting and funny in a conversation. The time was like a month ago and that guy was me, or at least I felt like it. Now it’s long gone.

player. The only concert I know is Lionel Richie in November. Say those all things together, naturally, and you realize it’s really tough to talk about anything that doesn’t feel like repeating a conversation you had had with another Starting in a new country with a semi- person three hours ago. new language in an all-new atmosphere, kind of makes you dumb. One might If I met Lionel, I’d probably go up there and know a scratch of the main things of a ask him what he is studying. But, luckily, culture, but that’s all pretty useless. When there are a few things I’ve learned so far. you don’t know anything about anything, you’ll have very few things to talk about. Én Aapeli vagyok. The Hungarian prime Like “are you coming to a party,”, “did minister likes football. Kebab is smaller, you like the class?” and “what are you but cheaper and still the only food you studying?” and “what are you studying?” can buy 24/7. And the most important: and “what are you studying?”. wearing a Sweden-shirt in a dance club in Hungary is definitely not funny.

And that really feels dumb, because many have used to have real conversations. About sports, concerts, music, everything. I don’t know what’s going on in Hungary. I don’t read papers. I only know the names of the football teams, but not a single

But there is still hope.

ESNews 15

Italy written by: Zs贸fia Kelemen

Pizza, maffia, coffee, Berlusconi, renaissance, Fiat 500, Ferrari, football and handsome guys are the first things to what we associate in connection with Italy. However, there are far more miracles around the country.

16 ESNews


t’s not for sure that all of them are positive but you just need to experience the Italian lifestyle and after that even the bad seems good.

true that this attribute is consorted with a great flexibility and helpfulness. If you write them in Italian you have a greater chance to get a precise and fast answer. But feel free to use the English as well, because there are more and more who speak it. The weather of the northern part is alike of ours. The “only” difference you can experience is the hotness of summer as it is hotter than in here. Moving to the southern parts it becomes hotter and hotter. The average temperature is between 0-10 C in winter time while 25-35 C in summer time.

Since the Italians are – using the technical term- polichronical time orientated, you should count on the necessity of a more firm action with the deadlines. It is also

There is just a little difference between the prices of food but you can find a greater gap on the real estate market. A cheap, rented room is around 300 euros per a month per person in Florence. In Siena and Padova you can find it for about 270 euros per a month per person.

OPTIONAL PARTNER INSTITUTIONS: Università degli Studi di Firenze – Communication and media Università degli Studi di Padova – Communication and media Università degli Studi di Siena – Turism and catering

ESNews 17


The ESN BKF proudly presents the first editon of the ESNews. Hope you'll enjoy it ;)

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