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Contents GO Stock Sale - May 25 Amsterdam - Loods 6 A mission to connect communities of young, modern designers

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Elements of Freedom, a way of living

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A brand that is more than just fashion, Choclo Project

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A new generation of labels with endless design possibilities, Ee labels

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A modern collection inspired by nature, made in France

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Top artists design T-shirts with Indonesian kids’ drawings

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About the next fair and Green Orange Fashion

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GO Stock sale - May 25 Amsterdam - Loods 6 We are very excited to host the first GO Stock Sale for our sustainable brands. We not only got a beautiful fair fashion brands but even the location breathes fashion and eco goodness. It is an area distinguished by the industrial look with great accessibility. Below couple of the participating brands, come to the sale and get surprised, because there are more!


Arthur & Henry

Barbara Munsel


Choclo Project

Der Kommissar i

Dutch Basics


Face this T-shirts


Green This Season

Hellen van Berkel


Les Racines du Ciel




Rianne de Witte

Royal Republiq

True Colours


Dress me Dutch 5

A mission to connect communities of young, modern designers In 2008, Abury founder Andrea was in Marrakesh when she found herself captivated by the immense handicraft heritage of the Moroccan people. These men and women passionately and skillfully carved, tinkered, blew, sewed and embroidered their wayinto, frankly, what can only be described as magic. Sadly though, some of these skills were

ecological expectations in this day and

vanishing as a taste for fast consumerism

age. Daniela Franceschini stayed in

reached their shores. With them, the

Salinas de Tombela for ten weeks, from

beauty, wisdom, identity and stories were

August through October 2013, and

also at risk of being lost to the past.

worked with a community of 80 women to

Andrea realized that these cultural gems

create this collection.

could be revived if explored in a new way – by infusing the old world appeal

The Kuya Collection consists of warm,

of handicrafts with a spunky twenty first

cozy sweaters, cute ponchos and playful

century spirit. Doing so would allow many

accessories such as necklaces from

to earn their sustenance practicing

seeds and stones, knee-high socks, hats,

their heritage and thus allow for a more

headbands, and hand-knit backpacks.

inclusive and harmonious world economy.

The timeless collection, predominantly in

The aim for this collaboration is to

off-white and navy (“the new black”) color

pave a way for tradition to find not just

schemes, evokes a feeling of warmth, and

relevance, rather delicious appeal on an

right away you feel enveloped by the love

international stage. And a dream was

and passion of these women who hand-


knitted each piece for up to 85 hours.

The ABURY Collection began with a mission to connect communities of young, modern designers with those who work according to the traditional, old craftsmanship. The results are highquality, handmade fashion items that simultaneously satisfy our social and 6





Elements of Freedom, a way of living A sustainable brand with collections for contemporary and conscious woman of today. Own designs with an eye for beauty of man and its environment, rich fabrics and fit are guaranteed. Everyday fashion fitting natural style for those who create their own world with a conscious mind.



A brand that is more than just fashion, Choclo Project Choclo believes that there is nothing more important for a child than being creative. The major goal is to provide these children with the opportunity and an environment in which to express themselves. Each garment in the Choclo range has a personal touch, inspired by the creative hand of one of the children in the program. The Choclo Project offers their customers a means to positively impact the lives of underprivileged children in Peru. The touching drawings of the children are transformed into graphics used on their colorful garments that are then sold to generate funds to finance projects that allow the children to grow up in a creative and safe environment. By nourishing their creative skills, teaching them new artistic techniques, and giving value to their work, they hope to present art and design as a potential path to positively change their lives. Last winter the Choclo team spent two months in Peru getting inspired not only by the children, but also by the rich textile tradition, the colorful culture, the vibrant markets and the diverse landscape and imagery of Peru. During this two-month period they hosted multiple creative workshops with the kids at the Mundo de Ni単os (a center created to reintegrate ex-street kids back into society) teaching them new artistic techniques and 12

encouraging them to grow on a creative

A part of the collection was manufactured

level. With 5% of all sales going back to

in Peru using organic cotton, farmed by

the welfare of the children, the objective

local farmers who use ancient techniques

for the 2014 collection is to finance a

to avoid the need for harmful chemicals.

years schooling for the 18 children at

These products are certified by GOTS, the

Mundo de NiĂąos. Education is key in

global reference for organic and fair-

keeping them off the dangerous streets of

trade manufacturing. With modern living in

Trujillo where they are exposed to drugs,

mind their versatile garments are designed

violence and abuse - believes founder

to take you from the yoga mat to your

Roland Wimbush.

local cafĂŠ.


A new generation of labels with endless design possibilities, Ee labels EE Labels is a family business that operates on a global scale. Our focus is on local markets and close relationships with clients that carry strong and beautiful brands. Our core values have remained the same for over 110 years: craftsmanship, sustainability, innovation, and corporate social responsibility. Together with clients, designers, and

Corporate Social Responsibility

innovators, we are continually exploring

EE Labels is an integral part of its

the limits of what is possible in terms of

surroundings, and Corporate Social

technology, artistic design, and the market

Responsibility (CSR) is part of our DNA. For

in all areas related to labels and stickers.

us, CSR is not some final destination we need to reach but rather a continuous

Besides the traditional labels EELabels

and ongoing process of implementing

also makes clever and interactive labels. A

improvements in this area.

new generation of labels, which magically

How do we apply CSR in our business?

connects people with each other and brands: Magic Labels. These are labels

• Working with Oeko-Tex certified

with endless design possibilities, labels with

products and New Life yarns recycled from

smart electronics, such as RFID tags and


that can connect to the

are for example Expresso and Babylonia

bottles, brands we are working for

Use of green electricity and wind energy Reducing our CO2 emissions Working with partners who also attach a great deal of importance to CSR. The minimumquantity for ordering labels is 500 pieces. For more information http:// Our salesteam is at your disposal, call 0031 40 2241144



A modern collection inspired by nature, made in France 
The Tbo label was born out of a mother’s passion for her children, a love of fabrics and nature. The designer has always created clothes for her children, as well as family and friends.

Living in Germany for three years, she

Her son likes to wear uncluttered designs

discovered bio-living and recycling and

in bright natural colours without logos

started making modern and uncluttered

or branding. Her daughter likes simple

clothes for her children and wider family.

and feminine lines (not too much) and a

2004, encouraged by her friends, she

mix of bold colours and styles from the

decided to launch her first collection,


achieving sales in Germany and

Nature is a strong influence for all the

With her clients loyal to the quality

clothes, with the basic elements of nature

of fabrics used and her intuitive designs,

inspiring a range of colour dyes created

the designer has developed her trademark

especially for the collections.

style of simple lines and designs and plans to launch Tbo as a modern, organic clothes concept from January 2011. The Tbo philosophy is to create uncluttered and timeless clothes using high quality cottons and dyes conform to ecological standards to promote the health and wellbeing of our children.
The Tbo collection is manufactured in France; Characterized by attention to detail, quality stitching, Tbo clothes are designed to be worn and passed on as handme-downs. Her children are her greatest inspiration. 16




Top artists design T-shirts with Indonesian kids’ drawings Nine renowned illustrative artists from around the world have teamed up with the Dutch based Face This foundation to design their 2014 T-shirt collection. All artists created their T-shirt with drawings made by underprivileged kids living in Bogor, Indonesia. The tees are available through facethis.

Their art is what I aspire to achieve in

org and the profits made will be used to

my drawings.’

improve the community center of the kids. The artists also donated their original

Indonesian kids’ drawings

drawings to Face This which it will use

The Dutch charity asked the artists to

to generate extra funding for the kids in

design their T-shirt with drawings made

Bogor. Dutch top photographer Jaap

by the underprivileged children of the

Vliegenthart photographed the 2014

Asy-Syifa community center in Indonesia.

Face This T-shirt collection.

All proceeds will be used to improve the community center which educates around

Cecilia Carlstedt, Ana Benaroya,

60-70 kids. ‘We visited the kids in February

Marguerite Sauvage, Kate Gibb, Dan

and did a drawing session with them. We

Page, David Despau, KT Smail, Frida

scanned their drawings and sent them to

Wannerberger and Billie Jean usually work

the artists resulting in a gorgeous T-shirt

for clients like The Chemical Brothers, The

collection,’ says Jos van der Hoek, founder

New York Times, Stella McCartney, H&M,

of Face This.

Louis Vuitton, Nike and many others. But in March they’ve been working voluntarily with drawings made by underprivileged kids from Indonesia. They mixed elements of the kids’ drawings with their own art, which ended up with a remarkable T-shirt collection. For artist Ana Benaroya the collaboration was very inspiring: ‘I love the process of Face This and to me the kids’ drawings are inspiring to work with. 20


Face This 22


Green Orange Fashion About the platform “Leaves, blossoms and flowers often overlap in a way that makes it hard to tell whether they originate from one or multiple structures. Nature is the world’s best designer. „ Tanja Vana

Green Orange Fashion (GOF) is a

Sylvie and Stephan came into contact

family business set up four years ago

with a lot of young eco-brands that

by Sylvie Verdierre and her son Stephan

had difficulties in exporting. In order to

Waals. After having worked in the fashion

help them out, they started to organize

industry for a long time, they started

projects with the support of the Dutch

the company “WaVe-Up marketing and

government. Green Orange Fashion was

promoting”. They promoted international

the promotional name of these projects.

fashion trade fairs in the Netherlands and Belgium such as: “Who’s next”, “Mode Shangai”, “Pret a Porter Paris” and many more. Because of their work,


About the fair Because of the close contact with

more information about the brands and

their members, the Green Orange

the fair gets promoted as well. A win-

Fashion team soon learned that a lot

win situation for everyone, which is the

of brands and buyers were interested

philosophy of Green Orange Fashion.

in a sustainable fashion fair. To help

The first edition of GO Fashion fair, which

their clients better and to draw

was the first independent sustainable

more attention to sustainability, they

fashion fair in the Netherlands, took

started the GO Fashion Fair. Having

place on the 26th and 27th January

promoted a lot of trade fairs in the

2014 in the very special Maritime

past, they decided to do things a little

Museum in Amsterdam.

differently with this fair. By promoting each participating brand individually, the brands are able to prepare their participation better, buyers can get

What can we do for you? GOF is the international business to business platform for sustainable fashion. Are you a: looking for new collections

or service provider that wants to present its business

that wishes to increase its sales and publicity

looking for information regarding our brands

interested in new brands to represent

We can help! Check our website for more information. www.greenorangefashion. com 25

The next GO Fashion Fair Scoop: a new location Bigger, open and more accessible. At 13th and 14th July GO Fashion Fair organizes for the second time a trade show only for fair brands. We choose the KromhoutHal as location because it is for participants and visitors a convenient and beautiful location.

Check for more information!en/about-go-fashion-fair


The next issue July 2014 The fair catalogue


GO magazine - Issue two  

Magazine of Green Orange Fashion. Packed with the most beautiful sustainable fashion brands, companies and more!

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