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Video transcription Nailea: W elcome to the Amazing Race my name is Nailea Arceo. Nice to meet you! Reina: W elcome to the Amazing Race Chetumal. Today our contenders are Esmeralda and Sergio. As you know they have to get to our goal place by asking directions, the first across the finishing line will be the winner. Good luck guys!! Sergio: Thank you! Nailea: Ready, set, go!! Esmeralda: Excuse me. Can you help me? Man 1: Yes, I can. Esmeralda: Where is the “Puerto Pirata restaurant”? Man1: Go along this street to Calzada Veracruz. “Puerto Pirata” is on the left. Esmeralda: Thank you very much! Man 1: Good bye. Esmeralda: Excuse me, where is “The Mayan Culture Museum”? Man 2: It’s around the corner, in front of the market. Esmeralda: Thank you! Man 2: No problem. Sergio: Excuse me Miss. Do you know “La Casa Voladora”? Nancy: Yes I do. Sergio: W here is that? Nancy: Go along this street, “La Casita Voladora” is on your left. Sergio: Oh! Thank you so much. Nancy: You’re welcome! Sergio: Can you help me? Reina: Yes, what do you want?

Sergio: I’m looking for “El Faro” Reina: “El Faro”…ah…“El Faro” is on the Boulevard Ave. Sergio: How can I get there? Reina: ok. You have to go along this road and then you have to turn right on the Boulevards Ave. then walk up to Plutarco Elias Calles. “The Faro” is on the right. Sergio: Excuse me, where is “El Museo de la Cultura Maya? Nancy: It’s behind the market. Just go along this street and you will see it. Sergio: ah…oh thank you so much. Nancy: No problem. Sergio: I’m going to win! I’m going to win! Reina: And the winner is Esmeralda and she won $1000, 000 (one million dollars) THE END

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video del amazing race chetumal