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February Writing 1. A Variation Of Poems 2. Out of Control (Jerome Singh and My Semi-done Novel) 3. Medgar Evers Report 4. Brown VS. The Board Of Education Case Study

Poem Variety


  It  hums;  it  wiggles,  and  practically  jiggles   It  glows  and  glimmers  casting  a  dangerous  silver  radiance  on  your  face   You  place  your  finger  on  its  glassy  skin   You  keep  placing  your  finger,  jamming  your  passcode  into  the  machine   All  you  see  is  black  dots,  but  you  don’t  know  it’s  a  passcode  to  a  whole  other  world   A  world  full  of  apps,  gadgets  and  gizmos   You  turn  it  off  and  jam  it  in  your  pocket.   Oh,  how  envious  I  am  of  you.    

Cup Song  

As  the  Cup  slams  down  and  the  rhythm  stops     I  have  a  sudden  urge  to  join  in…   To  learn,  the  compulsive  rhythm  that  has  captured  nations     A  cup  and  a  song   As  I  learn  the  rhythm  my  hands  are  automatically  repeating  the  rhythm     I  start  singing     Jubilant  and  exultant     Now…   That  song  is  my  kryptonite   So  familiar  yet  I  want  to  forget  it   Someone  is  always  captured  in  it’s  grasp     It’s  gotten  boring.    

The Valuables  Box    

As a  saunter  to  my  bag  and  grab  my  valuables   I  have  a  sinking  suspicion  that  my  valuables  aren’t  safe   Who’s  the  real  culprit,  can  I  trust  anyone?   Is  this  valuable  box  just  a  façade?   Lure  us  into  a  safe  feeling  and…   BAM!   It’s  all  gone…   Who  can  I  really  trust...      

The Valuables  Box    

The Valuables  box  is  my  savoir   A  place  where  my  items  can  rest  in  peace   Safely   The  valuables  box  is  a  place  worth  thousands  of  $$$   Making  it  something  to  guard  with  all  your  heart.   No  one  would  want  his  or  her  valuables  going  missing   So  the  valuable  box  is  safe   And  it’s  under  lock  and  key.  


Love, Peace,     Happiness,   And  a  Volkswagen  Van,     Is  what  you  need  to  be  a  hippie,   Fighting  the  system,   Is  what  you  need.   Live  life  to  the  fullest   Be  a  Hippie.    

Hippe 2.0    

Ti Dye   Pretty  eyes   Dreads  and  Beads   Colorful     Nehru  Jackets   Dark  shades     And  long  hair   Be  a  Hippie  if  you  dare.      

Hippie 2.5  

Make peace  not  war   Build  love  not  hate.   Keep  calm,   Carry  on.   RECYCLE  BABY!  

     A  Hippie’s  Perspective    

Waiting for  tomorrow     Preparing  for  today   Anticipating  for  the  paycheck   Money,  money   Money   Is  all  on  his  mind   Corrupt  and  cruel    Money   Money  doesn’t  make  the  world  go  round   But  he  thinks  it  does   He  thinks  about  it  day  and  night    When  he’s  not  thinking  about  it  he  using  it   Part  the  ‘Establishment’            The  man   Is  what  he  is.          

Out of Control (Free write)

Out Of Control


All the while, I think about my past. I see flashbacks about my family… the raging fire, the hardened blood, the lone shack on the prairie, and the mirrored knife … I regret meeting her. Who is she? Well, she is the girl of my dreams, or at least she was. Weird… right? Anyways, I’ll tell you my story. It all started at the Senior Prom of Ryan Paul High School, the only high school in Little Haven, California…the 80’s theme prom.

. 1: The Meeting...


I met her at the party with my best friend, Jack Williams. As usual, all the girls were trying to get me to dance with them, but I was denying all of them. I was preoccupied…I was just staring at a girl I’ve never seen before. A new girl, by her looks… Blonde hair, blue eyes, typical girl next-door, American girl… She twirled around the dance floor, smiling at the ground, no one to dance with. I gladly took her by the hands. She tried to shove me away, but stopped. “Hi,” she said shyly, staring at the ground. Her footsteps were swift and light, while mine were slow and clumsy. “Hey. My name is John Dough.” I said. “You’ve gotta be kidding me.” She replied, “No one names their kid John Dough…that’s sounds like the name the police give to dead bodies.” “Yep, I’m John Dough, the mysterious guy...” She grinned, flashing her pearly white smile, her face lit up while her golden skin looked flawless in the multicolored disco lights. Her long red dress swirled around her. “Well anyways, I heard that you are pretty cool around here, the girls seem to like you. I hope we could, you know, get to know each other.” She seemed surprised when the girls were throwing themselves at me, begging to dance with me. I was going to dance with one of them until, I saw her. I was about to ask where she moved from, until Ben, the self-absorbed douchebag, decided that flirting with all the cheerleaders wasn’t enough. He sauntered towards me…or towards her; all the girls were hoping that he was coming to them. I protectively stepped in front of her. There we were. Me, the 5ft 7 dude VS. Ben, the 6ft 5 jock. He grabbed her and pulled her towards the

wall. Her fidgeting hand wasn’t enough to get out of his grasp. The next thing I know, it turns out that I knocked Ben out cold and everyone stared at me. Silence… As I come to grips with reality, the murmuring starts, the pointing finger, the shocked faces and the stoners cheering me on. I unclench my fist and feel the beads of sweat trickle down my bloody palm. I look around and all I see is her, leaving. Her crimson nails tighten around the cold metal door handle of the blue front door with the Ryan Paul High mascot, a raven. I run up to her and grab her arm before she leaves. “You’re leaving?” I ask panting, “Yep, to much drama,” “Hey, I didn’t catch your name,” “Cecelia, my name is Cecelia.”

. 2: Cecelia


Cecelia, Cecelia, Cecelia. Cecelia. I can’t stop thinking about her. All I can say about her is… WOW. Perfect. Amazing. I have the honor of meeting her today at “Ryan Paul High School,” the only high school in Little Haven, California. The first day after the prom, an eventful night, the best night. I couldn’t sleep. What is Cecelia doing? I peered out of my window to the pearl house on the left, the one that was rotting away. The white picket fences crumbling and being eaten alive by millions of termites, the one where the poor paint job on the house if peeling, the house littered with bottles of beer, that vacant house I would always play in when I was young, being Captain Awesome, fighting off the dirty gross cooties. I grinned when I thought about those days. As a peer of a see a short, faired skinned, bald man stumble outside drunk, the door slams behind him he yanks the “For Sale,” sign off the dead grass and chucks it at the street, he screams at the door, trashing and cussing till the door is opened and he is served another Bud light. Poor Cecelia. If only I saw that as a warning.


3: A False Encounter

There she was her blonde hair tied in a side braid, she wore a floral tank top and bleached flare jeans. She strode down the corridor…was she coming to me? I jumped up, all giddy inside…I waved, why did I wave? I looked so strange. She strutted towards her glistening, green locker. She awkwardly fumbled with the black lock, trying it on her locker. It fitted…she took the lock

off and opened her new locker. As it creaked open, a note zipped past Cecilia’s face. It landed at my feet, and I bent down to get it. As I opened it, I could see the author of the notes name, backwards. I’m not really good at backward reading, but I knew what those two words said. Jack Williams. I was about to rip the piece of paper apart, but I thought of reading it. It said, “Hey C.C.! I hope you can meet me at the gym in the free period. Jack Williams.” Cecelia rushed at me and took the note from my hands. “I don’t know where that came from!!” She speedily said. “Then why does Jack even know your nickname?” I blurted. “I…I…I,” she stuttered. “Whatever. Just make sure it doesn’t happen again.” I sighed. “Sorry. I am truly sorry. It will not happen again,” she muttered. I don’t know if Cecelia thought she could trick me, but I saw the shadow of a smirk on her face. I just walked away. I thought going away from her was as easy as pie, but the very next day, I couldn’t stop my feet from dragging my body towards class number 148, Cecelia’s homeroom. When I got there, I still couldn’t stop. I continued to walk towards her desk, the one in the front, middle of the row, the center of attention. I still couldn’t believe myself. After I vowed to not see her again, I still stood next to her.


4: The Confession

I soon realized that my legs carried me to the right place. It turns out the Cecelia was planning everything, all along. I figured that out, when she suddenly walked up to the front of the classroom. As suddenly as she stood up, she opened her mouth. She said, “I will be leaving. Where? I don’t know. But, this is just a foreshadowing. I hope you all will respect me more, and this message is directed to one person. A person that thinks he in a relationship with me.” She glared at me like I was an ugly, really ugly, like seriously ugly. I realized that I wasn’t supposed to be there. I quickly scurried towards my first period class, Science. With Jack, that guy. The cruel, manipulative son of a gun…

I sauntered into the AP Science classroom with Ms. Valdez. She is…pretty, BUT NOT AS PRETTY AS CECELIA, but pretty. Her luscious brunette hair was tied in a tight bun and he red dress was covered with the tacky oversized lab coat and the plastic goggles strained her almond shaped eyes. According to my used-to-be-best-friend she is a demon on the inside, but I don’t trust anything that slimy son of a gun says. Ms. Valdez’s red stiletto pumps slammed onto the floor and all the students immediately ran to their seats… Most of the kids did, except for Jack. He was to busy flirting with Amy Clark the head cheerleader… The only reason she’s in this class is because he dad basically funds everything at this school. “JACK!!!” Ms. Valdez’s voice echoed across the room. Her eyes were burning with rage. “Y-y-yes, Ms. V-v-valdez!” Jack said quietly, quite sounding like he was talking to himself. “JACK! COME HERE, RIGHT NOW! Everyone is seated just you aren’t. What do you expect me to feel about that kind of action? Go to the office. Right. Now.” “Yes, Ma-am,” Jack immediately said. I couldn’t stop chuckling. Mr. I-love-science got into trouble, during his favorite class? Well, that’s a good change. CH

5: Fly on the Wall

I saw Cecelia in the hall looking… different, her glow was gone, she looked like a mess and her eyes were welled with tears. She gave me a dirty look and grabbed Susie Sue, Susie’s maraschino cherry lips curled into a cruel grin and her pearly whites were so visible, that they were blinding. No one, and I mean no one, is as noticeable than Susie Sue, the fashion tycoon Agnes Sue’s daughter. Susie wears the newest, flashiest clothes that the expensive Sue Outfits’ designing branch made. The flashiest outfit so far that Susie wore, was the one-piece sparkly, silver dress, complete with 9-imch stilettoes. Wherever she walked, all the eyes were focused on her. Now, as I looked at her, I found out she kind of looked like Cecelia, just Asian. Anyways, my mind urged me to talk to her. I don’t know why, maybe because she looked like Cecelia, but my body obeyed. “Hi…”I said, awkwardly. I couldn’t start a good conversation with her, just because we didn’t know each other that much. We just knew each other. “HI!!” She said. Susie was the more energetic type, the more talkative type. Actually, she is the more annoying type. She can start a conversation with anyone. Even with that nerd Danny, a.k.a. Homework Machine. Everyone uses Danny as a homework do-er. It works like this you invite him to the party of the year you got him doing your work for a year, or if you give him a beer he’s yours for a week. He sorta likes… girls, especially Susie, he always tries to… take a peek at her and with the clothes she wears it’s easy.

“So, this is my first time talking to you. How’s your relationship with the girls these days? Let me guess, it is going as well as normal. Right? Yes? I knew it! I talked to Jack the other day, and he said you were snickering at him when he got in trouble during science, his favorite class. I have to admit, that is a reasonable reason to laugh at him, but that is really impolite. If I were you, I wou--” I shoved her. I shoved Susie Sue. I shoved Asian Cecelia. That’s All For Now…

Medgar Evers Report

Medgar Evers     • • • • •

• •

• •

• • • •

Medgar Evans  was  born  July  2,  1963   Megdar  Evans  was  a  native  in  Decatur,  Mississippi   Evers  dropped  out  of  high  school  at  17  to  join  the  army   Evers  fought  in  the  Battle  Of  Normandy  but  realized  that     because  of  his  skin  color  he  had  no  freedom.   Evers  served  in  WWII  when  he  came  home  he  decided  to  finish   high  school  and  graduated  from  Alcorn  A  &  M  majoring  in   business  administration.   Evers  married  his  class  mate  Myrlie  Beasley  on  December  24,   1951   Before  Evens  was  a  member  of  the  NAACP  was  a  salesman  for  T.   R.  M  Howard’s  Magnolia  Mutual  Life  Insurance,  Evers  helped   organize  RCNL  (Regional  Council  of  Negro  Leadership)  boycotts     In  late  1954  Evers  was  elected  as  NAACP’s  first  field  secretary   for  Jackson,  Mississippi.   Evers  first  big  boycott  organization  for  the  RCNL  was  protesting   how  service  stations  didn’t  let  black  people  use  the  restroom,   the  boycotters  distributed  stickers  with  slogans  “Don’t  Buy  Gas   Where  You  Can’t  Use  The  Restroom”   Evers  applied  to  the  segregated  University  of  Mississippi  Law   School   Evers  was  one  of  the  key  people  to  desegregate  schools   In  December  that  year  Evers  became  NAACP’s  first  field  officer   June  12,  1963  Medgar  was  coming  back  from  a  meeting  with   NAACP                                                                                                                                                                                  (National   Association  for  the  Advancement  of  Colored  People)  lawyers   just  a  few  hours  after,  President  John  F.  Kennedy’s  speech  

• • • •

• • • •

supporting civil  rights.  As  Evers  left  his  car  he  was  shot  by  a   white  supremacist  Byron  de  la  Beckwith.   Evers  was  one  of  the  key  people  to  desegregate  schools   Evens  was  involved  in  the  creation  of  many  boycotts  and  set  up   local  chapters  for  the  NAACP.   Evers  civil  right  work  and  investigative  work  made  him  a  target   of  many  white  supremacists.    Weeks  before  his  death,  the  aggression  towards  Evers  grew.  His   public  investigation  into  the  murder  of  Emmett  Till,  his  role  in   James  Meredith’s  efforts  to  enroll  black  people  in  the  university   of  Mississippi,  his  vocal  support  of  Clyde  Kennard  and  his  role  in   many  boycotts  made  him  a  protuberant  black  leader.     On  May  28,  1963,  a  Molotov  cocktail  was  thrown  into  his  home   One  June  7,  1963,  Evers  was  nearly  run  down  by  a  car  after   emerging  from  the  NAACP  building.   After  Evers  was  shot  he  staggered  9  meters  (30  feet)  before   collapsing.   Medgar  Evans  died  50  minutes  later  a  local  hospital.    

• After Evers  died  his  wife  Myrlie  Evers-­‐Williams,  continued  his   work                                                                                                        


Brown VS. The Board Of Education Brown VS.  The  Board  Of  Education    

• In 1951,  a  class  action  suit  was  filed  against  the                Board  Of   Education  of  Topeka,  Kansas  in  the  United  States  District  Court   for  the  District  of  Kansas.     • The  plaintiffs  were  thirteen  black  Topeka  parents  on  behalf  of   their  children   • The  lawsuit  called  for  the  school  district  to  desegregate   • Separate  elementary  schools  were  operated  by  the  Topeka   Board  of  Education  under  a  1879  Kansas  law  which  permitted   (no  required)  districts  to  have  separate  schools  depending  on   your  skin  color   • The  plaintiffs  were  recruited  by  the  Topeka,  Kansas  NAACP   (National  Association  for  the  Advancement  of  Colored  People)   • Among  the  Topeka  NAACP  leaders  were  McKinley  Burnett,   Lucinda  Todd  and  Charles  Scott   • The  named  plaintiff,  Oliver  L.  Brown,  was  a  African  American   parent  a  welder  of  the  Santa  Fe  Railroad,  a  assistant  pastor  at  a   local  church   • Brown  was  convinced  to  join  the  lawsuit  by  Scott,  a  childhood   friend.     • Brown’s  daughter  Linda,  a  third  grader,  had  to  walk  6  blocks  to   get  to  her  bus  stop,  so  she  could  ride  to  Monroe  Elementary   School,  her  segregated  black  school  one  mile  away.  While   Sumner  Elementary,  a  white  school  was  seven  blocks  form  her   house.   • As  directed  by  the  by  the  NAACP  each  parent  enrolled  their  child   to  the  closet  school  to  their  home.  They  were  all  denied  and   directed  to  the  segregated  schools  

• The Kansas  case  ‘Oliver  Brown  et  al.  v.  the  Board  of  Education   Topeka,  Kansa,”  was  named  after  Oliver  Brown  as  a  legal   strategy.  The  NAACP  lawyers  believed  that  having  Mr.  Brown  as   the  head  of  the  roster  would  appeal  more  to  the  U.S  Supreme   Court  Justices.   • The  thirteen  plaintiffs  were  Oliver  L.  Brown,  Darlene  Brown,   Lena  Carper,  Sadie  Emmanuel,  Marguerite  Emerson,  Shirley   Fleming,  Zelma  Henderson,  Shirley  Hodison,  Maude  Lawton,   Alma  Lewis,  Iona  Richardson  and  Lucinda  Todd.   • The  district  court  ruled  favor  to  The  Board  of  Education.  But   when  the  case  was  cited  to  the  U.S  Supreme  Court  the  case  of   Brown  VS.  Board  of  Education  consisted  of  five  cases,  ‘Briggs  v.   Elliot  (filed  in  South  Carolina),  Davis  v.  County  School  Board  of   Prince  Edward  County  (filed  in  Virginia),  Gebhart  v.  Belton  (filed   in  Delaware)  and  Bolling  v.  Sharpe  (filed  in  Washington  D.C.)     • All  the  cases  were  NAACP  sponsored.  The  Davis  case  was  the   only  case  originating  form  student  protest   • The  Davis  case  began  when  sixteen-­‐year-­‐old  Barbara  Rose  Johns   organized  and  led  450-­‐student  walkout  to  Delaware  Supreme   Court.  All  the  other  cases  the  plaintiffs  lost  because  the  jury  had   found  discrimination  to  be  lawful   • In  spring  1953,  the  Supreme  Court  heard  the  case  but  was   unable  to  make  a  decision,  so  they  asked  to  rehear  the  case  in   the  fall  of  1953.     • There  was  special  attention  to  weather  the  Fourteenth   Amendment’s  Equal  Protection  Clause  prohibited  operations  of   public  schools  for  blacks  and  whites.   • The  justices  supporting  desegregation  had  a  hard  time   convincing  the  others  justices  who  finally  agreed  and  the  vote   was  unanimous.   • Oliver  L.  Brown  won  the  case,  schools  around  the  U.S.A  were   desegregated.  

My Febuary Writing  

This is my professional Febuary writing