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Communicate Well In English Language Learning the global language is not just an advantage for communicating with English speaking people but it is actually an advantage especially in the corporate world. The lack of communication between two parties is frequently the reason why they don’t agree with the same goal. Miscommunication can lead to disaster if it has not been settled accordingly. Maybe some people only lack the right communication to agree on the same terms. Language barrier is still an important factor to consider especially nowadays. Nowadays, learning English offers an advantage in many aspects of life. With the emergence and advancement in today’s technology, it is a big advantage to learn English since this is global language.

Getting Out of the Traditional Method 

Learning English in traditional textbook and classroom method still plays an important role. But the technological advancement has proved to the world that it can help enhance the traditional way of things. Since people nowadays are fond of using the internet, it offers an easier way to learn the basics of English language. While classroom method’s interactive learning offers an advantage to only textbook learning of language, it can still be enhanced with today’s internet advancement.

With the help of the technological advancement, people can choose to learn English with their own preferences. Using the latest gadgets of today, there are plenty of ways to learn the art of speaking English. Even without the four walls of the , there are online programs that can be as interactive as classroom learning. Because of this and with the help of the internet, people can now learn English at the most convenient time.

Top Language Learning Tips: How to keep your sanity while acquiring a new language

Speak right away even though you sound crazy! Typically, I listen to radio news broadcast and CD learning programs from the library but I enjoy finding interesting articles or love letters and translating them.  Then based on my knowledge of pronunciation, I recite the articles or letters no matter who’s around.  Sometimes people laugh at me or ask me if I know what I’m saying; fortunately, I don’t care what people think so I just smile and keep going.

Practice every day. With life come interruptions so there will be times when you don’t have the time to study as intensely as you’d hoped.  I suggest carrying a pocket dictionary with you and learning at least one new word a day. If you do this every day, you will have at a minimum 365 new words per year.   It’s a good start!

Write down your language goals. This is very important because if you don’t know why you’re learning the language, you won’t stick with it when times get rough. Are you learning for travel? Job? Love? Hobby? Whatever the reason, write it down and review it daily.

Learn a new phrase daily. It’s better to remember phrases than words because you get a broader understanding of the language.  Certain words are used in specific phrases and if you can remember the sound of those phrases, you are on your way to speaking fluently.

Reward yourself for your progress.  Be grateful for where you are and where you’re going.  There’s no point in mentally punishing yourself for not reaching your fluency goals overnight.  These things take time!

Track your progress.  On a daily or weekly basis, monitor how much you’ve learned.  Keep track of your vocabulary and other lessons.

Visualize your vocabulary.  I find it easier to remember words if I attach a visual picture of the word instead of attaching it with my native language.  Words are just a way to express an idea and ideas can be visualized.  For example, in French, doormat is la paillasson. Instead of attaching doormat to this word, I visualize the actual doormat in my house or in an office building.  I try to visualize 2 or more situations where this word can be used that way it’s implanting into my memory. Your mind remembers what’s important.  If learning this language isn’t as important as you thought, you will soon find out by the lack of remembering.

Try to think in your target language.  Visualization is useful here as well.  Create a fantasy of conversing with a native speaker and you are being asked certain questions. Imagine the questions and answers in the target language and see how much your mind remembers.  You will be amazed how effective this technique is. When you wake up, you will want to research anything you couldn’t remember in the dream.

Find a conversation partner. Sometimes, it isn’t the easiest thing to do but you have to get practice with someone who knows the language. There are plenty of language exchange programs online as well as meet-up groups. Locate someone who has the same skill level as you in your target language and set up a regular schedule to communicate.

Appreciate the language “As-Is”.  Stop questioning why something is one way in the target language and another way in your language.  The two languages are different for a reason.  If you can appreciate the differences, you’re studies will go a lot better.

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Communicate Well In English Language  
Communicate Well In English Language  

Learning the global language is not just an advantage for communicating with English speaking people but it is actually an advantage especia...