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Here Comes the Bridegroom (text) 3) What is an aisle? a) where the priest stands b) where people in church walk c) where the priest speaks Answers

Writing 1. Imagine you were the priest at the wedding! 2. Write your diary entry for that day. Write about: ✴ what happened in church ✴ what you did after

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✴ what you said to the bride etc. Role Play (speaking & listening)

1. Where are the bride and groom at the beginning of the story? 2. How long have the bride and groom been together 3.What does the priest ask the congregation? 4. Who comes into the church? What does she want? 5. What does the bride ask the bridegroom? 6.What does the woman want? Can the priest do this? 7.Where has the bridegroom always wanted to go? 8.Who walks out of the church? Answers Vocabulary a) What are the following a) bride b) bridegroom c) bridesmaid d) best-man 2. The people attending a religious ceremony are called: a) an audience b) a congregation c) a crowd

Role play the wedding scene. Roles: bride, bridegroom, surprise guest, vicar, members of the congregation Five Fun Facts About Weddings

Five things I didn't know about: weddings At least one must not be from the Internet. You must give your sources for all the information you find, Think about weddings in different countries. Look for: a) Unusual locations for weddings? b) How long or short the service is? c) Strange things that have happened at weddings? Project 2 Create a presentation about weddings You can find the text and more activities here

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