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Snow Leopards Facts:


Before You Watch You are going to watch a short presentation about cats. Think about these questions. Where they live? * What do they eat? * How big are they?

Now Watch Here Try to answer the questions below before you watch again.

True or False a) There are not many snow leopards. b) They have long tails. c) The smallest snow leopard is around 45 kilograms. d) Snow leopards don't eat mice. e) They have big paws f) They usually live to 20 years of age.

Vocabulary Choose words from the box which mean: 1. A cat's feet? 2. To turn something? 3. What you can remember? 4. What keeps a cat warm? 5. A great ape?

muscles * paws * rotate * degrees * rows * whiskers * orangutan * memories * Tests * memory* lasts * monkey

Reading Snow leopards are cats. Their scientific ---- is uncia uncia. They live in Central ---: from Mongolia through to -----. There are thought to be only 4,500-7,500 snow l-----. They are on the endangered species ----. This means there are ----to protect them. But hunters --- these laws because snow leopards are very ------. Fill in the gaps with these words list * leopards * Pakistan * break * Asia * name * valuable * laws Fill in the gaps with these words

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Fun Facts about Snow Leopards  
Fun Facts about Snow Leopards  

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