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Fred & Rita are talking about: Dog Diets Rita is eating her breakfast at the kitchen table. In front of her are two buttered slices of toast, an open pot of jam, her mobile phone and a book: Canine Cuisine ­ Delicious Dishes for the Discerning Dog. The phone rings ­ she sees from caller ID that it is Fred. Rita: Hi Fred, thanks for returning my call. Listen, I need some advice about this puppy I’m looking after. You know about dogs, don’t you? Fred: A bit. We had one when I was a kid. Rita: Okay, it’s about feeding him ... Fred: That’s simple enough. You open the tin and put some food in a bowl. Rita: Don’t be funny. Fred: I’m not! That’s all you need to know about feeding a dog. It’s not complicated. Rita: Ignoring this I’ve got this book from the library about animal nutrition. And there’s a vegetarian diet I think would be good for Arthur. But he won’t eat the things they suggest. Fred: Laughing Rita, I hate to tell you this but dogs are not great vegetable fans. They like meat - and plenty of it. Rita: That’s a myth, Fred. Dogs are omnivores - like us. She breaks off as she hears post dropping through the front door. She begins walking out of the room to collect it. It’s cats that are pure carnivores.

Fred: Really? Why don’t you do a test? Put a string of sausages in one bowl and some muesli in the other. See which one he chooses for breakfast. Reaching the front door Rita bends down to pick up the letters. Rita: Glancing at the letters I think it would be better for Arthur to be meat-free. Better for the planet, too. Fred: Why don’t you try him on the five-a-day diet? Rita: Brightens That sounds interesting. You mean a variety of fruit and vegetables? Fred: No, five juicy bones a day. That will keep him quiet. Rita: Sorry, Mr Meat-Head, I think you’re wrong. The book says it’s quite possible for a dog to thrive without meat.

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Fred & Rita are talking about: Dog Diets Fred: Does it? What’s this book called? The Hungry Hound? Rita: Very funny. She turns and starts walking back towards the kitchen. Anyway, I need to have my breakfast. Fred: Even if poor little Arthur doesn’t eat his? Rita: He will when he gets hungry enough … ARTHUR! What are you doing? Arthur is walking across the kitchen table. In his mouth is a slice of toast. Leave my toast alone you little beast! She chases after Arthur but he escapes out the door. Rita: That little monster! He’s eaten the butter, too. It’s all over his chops! Fred: Laughing Seems like Arthur decided to have a vegetarian breakfast after all. Quick Check: True or False? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Arthur is a dog Fred is vegetarian. Rita feeds Arthur bones. Fred suggests giving Arthur fruit for breakfast. Arthur eats Rita’s breakfast.

Match the words or phrases with the correct definitions Words

Definitions Eats only vegetables Dog Mouth/Whiskers Dried nuts, oats and fruit How food affects the body Run after

hound * chops * muesli * chase * vegetarian * nutrition

Writing/Speaking/Listening 1. A friend is looking after you dog while you are away. Write instructions about a) food and drink b) exercise c) special requests

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Fred & Rita are talking about: Dog Diets 2. Give a two minute presentation about your favourite pet.

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Fred & Rita: Vegetarian Dogs?  

Fred & Rita are college students. Their conversations are a fun starting point for language learning activities. Here Rita asks advice about...

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