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Fun Facts


Before You Listen

You are going to hear about the bones in the human body. Write down three things you already know? Now listen:

How much did you understand?

Did he say any of the things you wrote down? Write three more things you learned about bones

How much do you remember?

Which animal has the same number of neck bones as humans?

True or False? 1.The smallest bone in the human body is in the middle ear. 2.More than half of adult bones are in the hands! 3.Adults typically have around 206 bones! 4.There are around 14 bones in each hand 5.Adult human bones are 40% of the body’s total weight. 6.Bones consist of 50% water 7. Our ribs move every time we breathe! 8. We have over 290 moveable & semi-moveable joints. 9.Fingernails grow 4 times faster than toenails!

Writing: Connect the bones You may know the song ‘ Dry Bones/Dem Bones (listen here). The foot bone is connected to the leg bone. Bones are connected by joints e.g the knee joint. Write sentences about which bones these bones/joints are connected to: thigh * neck * hip * ankle * elbow

Jokes: Complete text using these words: skeleton(s), bone(s), body Question 1 Why didn't the -------- dance at the party? 2 What's a skeleton's favourite musical instrument? 3

How do ----------- call their friends?

4 The most famous ------- detective?

Answer He had no ----- to dance with. A trom----. On the tele---Sherlock -----.

Bones: Worksheet  

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