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Cafeteria  food  Insanity!  

Have  you  ever  seen  the  cafeteria  at  ASIJ  at  lunchtime?  It’s  a   good  thing  you  haven’t!    ASIJ  also  won’t  even  let  you  choose   what  you  want  to  eat.  They  always  serve  the  first  thing  they   see  in  the  refrigerator  and  then  cook  it  and  hope  it  LOOKS   edible.  Some  high  school  students  even  put  gum  under  the   table  and  then  sometimes  us  elementary  school  students   touch  it.  It  gets  worse…       Messy  1st  graders,  kindergarteners  and  2nd  graders  use  the   cafeteria  first.  They  always  leave  their  crumbs  and  sauce  or   whatever  was  in  their  mouth  and  came  out  while  they  were   talking,  on  the  table!  Then,  we  come  in  a  minute  later  and  we   sit  down  at  the  same  table  where  there  are  little  pieces  of   meatballs  and  wet  saliva-­‐soaked  spaghetti  everywhere.     Also,  the  occasional  dunderhead  drops  his  tray  spilling  soup   and  food  everywhere.  I  guess  it’s  not  that  bad  unless  that   person  is  standing  next  to  you…    

Akira Hagiwara’s  quotes,  “  I  think  all  the  meals  taste  like   poop  and  they  only  serve  a  small  variety  of  things.  Only  one   or  two  things  are  actually  good.”        Nicholas  Glassenapp  also  says,  “We  should  be  able  to  sit   where  we  want!  Even  though  most  of  the  food  is  ok,  the   pizza  is  absolutely  horrible!”     The  teachers  might  think  it  will  be  expensive,  take  a  long   time  and  cause  a  lot  of  grief,  but  I  think  if  the  teachers  really   try  they  will  be  able  to  transform  the  cafeteria  into  a  better   place  for  everyone.        In  conclusion,  I  think  we  should  be  able  to  have  our  own   cafeteria  rights  and  be  able  to  do  what  we  want  to  make   lunch,  a  very  fun  20  minutes.      

Snowy problems!     I  cannot  believe  that  we  are  not  allowed  to  go  outside  and   play  when  there’s  snow  if  don’t  have  boots  on!  It  only  snows   once  or  twice  a  year,  and  the  unlucky  students  who  thought   it  wouldn’t  snow  have  to  wait  one  WHOLE  year  longer.  The   snow  hardly  ever  goes  higher  then  about  1  centimeter!  We   are  also  not  even  allowed  to  throw  snowballs  at  each  other.   SNOW=SNOWBALLS!  We  should  at  least  be  able  to  do  that!   Snowmen  are  ok,  but  only  making  snowmen  are  boring.  I   think  that  this  is  the  most  stupid  rule  EVER.      I  guess  some  teachers  might  think  it’s  “dangerous”,  but  ask   yourself  teachers,  is  snow  really  that  “dangerous”?     I  think  that  most  children  will  agree  with  me  that  we  should   be  allowed  to  throw  snowballs  too.  This  is  making  some   children  have  to  be  very  stealthy  to  throw  any  amount  of   snow  without  getting  caught.       Akira  Hagiwara  thinks  that,  “We  should  be  allowed  to  throw   snowballs.  Where  is  the  fun  of  snow  which  we  have  twice  a   year,  if  we  don't  get  to  throw    snowballs  at  each  other?”     If  we  look  at  the  teachers’  point  of  view,  there  are  not  a   whole  lot  of  reasons  and  almost  NO  good  reasons  why  we   shouldn’t  be  allowed.     I  think  maybe  kindergarten  children  might  actually  hurt   someone  or  do  something  bad,  but  grade  5  kids  definitely   won’t.    

My Mother By Leo

My mother  is  a  work  addict.  She  works  so  much  that   she  falls  asleep  on  the  keyboard.    Just  today  she  got  back   home  at  9:00  clock  and  was  pretty  tired  and  cranky.  She   works  at  the  University  of  Tokyo  as  a  teacher.  She  is  always   busy  and  sometimes  she  doesn’t  get  any  sleep  in  one  day!   Her  eyes  are  narrow  slits  looking  out  from  her  face.    She  is   often  hunched  over  looking  at  her  computer.  She  always   yells,  “Go  to  bed!”  Even  though  she  doesn’t  go  to  sleep  until   about  11:00.  I  wonder  why  she  wanted  to  be  a  teacher  there   because  she  is  always  complaining  that  its  too  far  or  it   doesn’t  pay  enough  money.  I  think  that  actually  she  likes  her   job,  but  I  still  don’t  why.     My  mother  is  pretty  normal.  I  don’t  really  like  normal   people  because  then  they’re  not  much  fun.  She  is  really  nice,   but  she  doesn’t  really  know  how  to  handle  a  boy  because  her   mother  had  a  girl  and  her  grandmother  also  had  a  girl.  She   also  tries  to  keep  fit  going  to  the  gym  three  times  a  week  and   she  is  very  paranoid  about  her  weight.  She  occasionally  asks   my  weight,  but  when  I  ask  her’s  she  says,  “None  of  your   business!”  I  wonder  if  when  I  grow  up  I  will  be  paranoid   about  my  weight  like  most  adults.     My  mother  is  very  caring  because  sometimes  when  I   struggle  with  something  she  tries  to  help  me  even  though   she  has  a  lot  of  work  to  do  herself.  My  mother  also  tries  to   figure  out  how  I  do  at  school  and  if  I  do  bad  she  starts  yelling   at  me.    She  also  cares  about  what  I  do  all  day  and  she  makes   sure  I  don’t  sit  around  and  be  lazy  all  day.    I  guess  all  people   have  good  things  and  bad  things  about  them.  Even  though   my  mother  isn’t  perfect  she’s  pretty  nice  and  when  I  grow  up   I  hope  I  can  be  a  good  parent  too.    


Obama Versus  Romney  

This is  the  battle  of  the  ancients!!!  Obama  or  Romney???   Master  or  student??  Who  will  you  vote  for?     I  have  absolutely  no  idea  who  should  win  because  both  of   them  are  equal.  Also,  I  hadn’t  ever  heard  of  Romney  until   about  a  week  before  the  voting.  Personally,  I  am  not   American  and  I  didn’t  really  care  until  I  was  convinced  that   it  would  have  a  big  effect  on  the  Japanese  economy.    

Romney wants  to  decrease  taxes  for  wealthy  people  and   increase  taxes  for  normal  people,  but  Obama  would  like  to   increase  the  tax  for  the  wealthy  to  help  the  budget  crisis.     For  education,  Obama  would  like  to  hire  about  100,000   more  math  and  science  within  the  next  ten  years  for  k-­‐12   grade  level.  He  states  that  will  continue  the  “Race  To  The   Top”  program.  The  program  provides  educational  funding’s   to  lots  of  different  states.  On  the  other  hand,  Romney  states   that  he  will  give  more  motivation  to  states  to  improve  their   educational  offerings.  He  also  says  that  he  will  reform  the   controversial  “No  Child  Left  Behind”  program  to  make   schools  more  accountable  for  their  performances.     Obama  signed  the  “Patient  Protection  and  Affordable  Care   Act  into  law  in  2010,  forcing  all  Americans  to  buy  health   insurance  even  if  they  didn’t  want  it.  He  also  is  going  to  add   an  optional  voucher-­‐back  system  to  future  seniors.  This  will   not  happen  until  2023.  What  these  vouchers  do  is  they  offer   options  for  future  seniors  to  have  more  control  over  their   health  care.  By  giving  people  the  option  to  spend  their   Medicare  money  as  they  see  fit,  rather  than  how  the   government  dictates,  will  once  again  put  the  focus  of   healthcare  where  it  belongs;  in  the  exam  room,  between  the   patient  and  the  doctor.  Meanwhile,  Romney  will  make  

seniors have  to  pay  higher  premiums  to  receive  the  same   Medicare  they  now  enjoy.  He  will  also  change  the  age   minimum  from  65  to  67  to  try  and  decrease  the  amount  of   money  spent  on  Medicare  for  seniors.       Obama  and  Romney  both  promise  to  increase  military   spending.  Romney  will  add  more  ships  to  the  navy  and   Obama  will  expansionary  defense  policies.  The  only  problem   is  that  each  submarine  will  cost  more  then  2  billion  dollars   and  he  will  make  3  of  them.  He  says  that  he  will  make  15   ships  every  year  compared  to  Obama’s  9  or  10.  Candidate   Obama  had  spent  more  money  on  the  military  then  the  next   10  countries  combined.  Both  of  them  like  the  military,  but   will  crazy  spending  really  help?     Like  I  said  before,  I  don't  really  think  either  president   candidate  is  better  then  the  other,  but  you  don’t  have  to   think  like  me.  We  will  find  out  soon  who  will  be  president  of   the  United  States.  

November Writing  

This is my November writing. I think I had a good November

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