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World Ending  Fatties?   By  Leo  Watson  

Are  you  on  a  diet  and  thinking  that  the  food  you  eat  is  good  for  you?   If  you  are,  then  you  better  watch  out.  Occasionally  you  will  come   across  liars  who  tweak  the  stats  on  their  products  to  make  it  look  like   their  food  is  100%  healthy.  Fast  foods  restaurants  like  McDonalds  are   slowly  losing  customers  around  the  world  because  people  are   realizing  how  unhealthy  it  is…       Trans  fat  is  probably  the  worst  thing  you  could  ever  have.  It   increases  the  chance  of  you  getting  heart  disease,  coronary  heart   disease  (which  can  lead  to  a  heart  attack),  Alzheimer’s  disease,  type  2   diabetes,  liver  dysfunction  and  cancer.  It  also  increases  bad   cholesterol  (LDL)  and  decreases  good  cholesterol  (HDL).  Another   thing  to  watch  out  for  is  that  a  few  years  ago  the  FDA  (food  and  drug   administration)  came  up  with  a  very,  very  bad  idea.  They  made  a   guideline  that  says  that  trans  fat  does  not  have  to  be  listed  if  there  is   less  than  0.5  grams  of  trans  fat  in  the  product.  This  means  that  some   companies  use  0.49  grams  of  trans  fat,  but  are  allowed  to  list  it  as  0.   It  seems  like  a  small  amount,  but  humans  should  only  have  a   maximum  of  2  grams  everyday.  Even  if  you  don’t  eat  items  that  have   added-­‐in  trans  fat  in  them,  you  will  usually  eat  2  grams  in  products   naturally.  Some  natural  trans  fat  sources  are  from  cattle  and  sheep  at   a  level  at  2-­‐5%  of  total  fat.  Trans  fat  only  used  to  be  eaten  from  sheep   and  cattle  fats,  but  now  there  is  also  quite  a  bit  in  processed  food.     Frozen  yogurt  is  a  very  popular  “health”  food,  but  is  actually   fattening.  It  is  low  on  protein  and  calcium,  but  has  lots  of  calories  and   carbohydrates  that  can  store  fats  in  the  body.  Some  foods  are  like   frozen  yogurt  and  can  be  very  deceiving.  Another  one  that  may   surprise  you  are  rice  cakes.  They  may  seem  harmless,  but  they  have  a   lot  of  high  gliseemic  index  carbohydrates  that  can  cause  a  rapid  blood   sugar  level  rise.  Professor  Terrence  Stephenson  who  is  a  spokesman   for  the  campaign  to  decrease  obesity  from  the  Department  of  Health   says,  “This  is  a  huge  problem  for  the  UK.  It’s  much  bigger  than  HIV   was,  much  bigger  than  the  swine  flu.”  This  is  a  big  problem  for  the  UK   AND  the  rest  of  the  world.  People  should  try  and  actually  read  the   nutritional  information  even  though  you  probably  won’t  understand   75%  of  it.  Just  look  out  for  the  words,  calories,  sugar  and  fat.    

Over the  past  few  years,  a  lot  of  countries’  average  adult  weights   have  soared.  More  fast  food  restaurants  are  opening  and  they  aren’t   cutting  down  on  fatty  foods.    The  food  amounts  are  actually   increasing  even  now  and  I  wouldn’t  doubt  there  being  a  supersize,   ultrabig,  gigantic,  mega  mac  that  contains  1500  calories  appearing   soon…     Dr.  Walter  Willet  of  the  Harvard  School  of  Public  Health  says,    “It’s  a   myth  that  eating  specifically  high-­‐fat  foods  makes  you  fat.  Eating  or   drinking  more  calories  than  you  need  from  any  source,  whether  it’s   fat,  carbohydrate,  protein,  or  alcohol  can  lead  to  weight  gain.  Over   the  past  30  years  in  the  U.S.,  the  percentage  of  calories  from  fat  has   actually  gone  down,  but  obesity  rates  have  skyrocketed.  Sugary  soft   drinks  don’t  contain  any  fat—yet  the  billions  of  gallons  of  sugary   beverages  that  Americans  drink  each  year  have  been  a  major   contributor  to  the  obesity  epidemic.”           Some  people  are  taking  huge  movements  to  decrease  overweightness   and  obesity,  but  fast  food  companies  are  still  very  profitable.  People   who  visit  McDonalds,  Burger  king  or  Wendy’s  regularly  will  have  to   cut  down  on  the  amount  of  fast  food  they  eat.  Going  about  once  every   couple  of  weeks  is  ok,  but  you  should  watch  how  much  of  it  you  eat.   Even  though  the  food  might  taste  good  to  you,  it  doesn’t  taste  good   for  your  body.       These  sites  were  very  helpful  in  helping  me  find  my  information:­‐fats/­‐foods-­‐may-­‐take-­‐surprise-­‐ 612457.html?cat=51­‐fat-­‐foods.php­‐ worlds-­‐fattest-­‐countries-­‐how-­‐do-­‐you-­‐compare.html­‐17705228    

World-ending Fatties?  

This is an article on people who eat too much and how to stop if you are one of them.

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