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The Black Magic

By Xixi Yu

I’m a little ant. Nobody can see me, but I can what happens. It was a cold, dark, and gloomy night. I walked on a street. Suddenly, a black cat ran from a house. It caught a mouse, in the woods and ran back inside, through the open door. I followed it into the house. It was a dark house. Every morning the sunshine was shining, so the witch was close the window curtains, and stay in the dark house. It didn’t have light. In the dark, I saw two big eyes and a long nose. Oh, this was a witch’s house. This was a wicked witch. The witch is making something, like a magic potion. I’m scared that she wanted to make people turn into mice! She thought that if the mice followed her, then she would become the queen of the country, and put the king under a spell. He is a good king, and we all like him. I needed to tell people this news! But it was too late, because the witch took these magic potions, and dropped them to the street. Suddenly, a lot of mice ran from houses. The witch and the black cat would go to the palace, to cast the spell against the king. I followed her. She went to the palace. When the king slept, she cast the spell.

“I hope the king can’t move.” The king couldn’t move. After then, “Ha, ha!” she cackled. “My project will win!” She told all the mice to take the king to the dungeon. Of course, not every mouse liked the new queen! These mice made believe that they liked her, and helped the witch take the king into the dungeon. Some mice didn’t follow the witch, so they stayed in the dungeon, to help the king run away. Two weeks later, the spell was broken. The king could move, and he remembered who cast the spell. At the same time, the queen was sleeping. She was scared of sun, light, sunshine, so the palace didn’t have light, and the window curtains were closed. The palace was very gloomy and very ghostly. Nobody could see inside the palace. The palace was turned to a haunted house. The black cat scratched the home furnishings. There were a lot of spiders, bats, skulls, and ghosts in the haunted house. The witch and her staff were sleeping. The old king piloted his staff into the palace. The king drank the magic potion, and turned to a mouse, but he was the biggest mouse of all the mice. These mice climbed on the witch’s bed. They saw the witch had sharp fingernails. They ate her dress and stole the magic wand. They went back to the dungeon.



morning, the witch couldn’t find her magic wand. She got very angry. She thought the king stole the magic wand. She went into the dungeon, but she didn’t know where the king was. One mouse ridiculed the witch. The witch was very angry, so she wanted to kill the mouse. She commanded the mice to find the king, because a mouse’s nose was very clever, it could find all things. She returned back to the haunted house to made two different magic waters. One kind of magic water could make these mice die, because she was angry these mice didn’t follow her. The other magic water could turn these mice into zombies. She put some toads, spiders, skulls, and flies into the big pan. She wanted to make the first water. She blended the magic water. The magic water’s color turns to green. She put the magic water into a bottle, and made the second magic water. When the water was finished, she put it in the other bottle. She climbed up a ladder, and I followed her up the ladder. She dropped those magic waters to the floor. If we didn’t climb the ladder, the magic water could kill all the people or animal on the floor. After that, she said, “Oh my god, I forgot my black cat!”

She wanted to go down stairs, and took the black cat,

but was too late. I heard the black cat and a lot of mice screamed, and they were dying. She got very repent to kill her pet. Suddenly, she remembered,

“I forgot the magic water can make mice turn to zombie, my cat will turn to a zombie, I can see my cat!” she was happy. When she said, the cat zombie was come here. The zombie is the black cat. It had cat ears and cat tail, so the witch could easily to find the black cat. The cat zombie was under the floor. It makes a cemetery, so those zombies could through the floor. There were a lot of zombies through the floor, and went to the haunted house. In the zombies, the king was in there, but the witch can’t find him. The king was looking at these real zombies, what the king did. The witch couldn’t feel this zombie is the king. The king glanced up the haunted house. The witch was staying on a broom, she didn’t see the king. These zombies slept in a big cemetery, so they could talk at the night. At the night, these zombies were turned to people. And this news, the witch didn’t know. So the king at the night asked these zombies. “Do you want to kill the witch, and make me the king of the country again?” “Of course, we want to!” “Yes!” The king whispered. He hoped next morning they could kill the witch. He was slept. This morning, these people turn to zombies, and they forgot

the king said, because zombies couldn’t speak, couldn’t remember, and not smart. The king and those zombies were going to the dark haunted house. The witch was touching the black cat. She saw these zombies. She put the cat onto the floor, took the magic wand, and walked in front of these zombies. She glanced up these zombies. She found a different face in these zombies and he was the king. She took the king in front of her, the witch was talking to him, but he knew, if he answered, the witch would know him, so he didn’t answer. The witch didn’t feel something wrong, and she returned back to the room, to make a magic water, to fix the magic wand. When the witch wasn’t careful, the king stole the magic water. The magic water could make zombies turned back to people. During the night, the king put the magic water into the zombies’ food. These zombies ate the potion, and turned to people. They remembered what to do. They needed to open the window curtains and make sunshine and light shining. They planned the project well, and they slept. When the witch slept, they went into the haunted house. They opened the window curtains, and made the sunshine shine, and I heard the witch scream. The sunshine hit the witch, and the witch turned to a tiny speck, and

dropped onto the floor. Those people stepped on the tiny speck, and there was nothing on the floor. One week later, the old king became the new king of the country.

Xixi Yu, the author of this story, was born in Beijing, China in 2001. Now, Xixi is lives in Quito, Ecuador, and studies in Academia Cotopaxi School. Her family has three people, her mom, dad, and herself. She is the only child in her family. Xixi enjoys playing the piano and taking math tests. She likes to take math tests, because she is a good math student.

Xixi's Spooky Story  

A witch turns the king into a zombie

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