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Enchanted By Kristi

Prologue “She’s beautiful!” a lady whispered, holding a little bundle. The baby cried happily staring at her mother with beautiful bright blue eyes. Her little body was wrapped in a pale yellow blanket and she was biting her thumb very intensely “I know sweetie, she looks just like you.” A man whispered putting her arm around the woman. As the two embraced a quiet moment of their daughter being born there was a loud knock at the door. “Who could that be?” the husband said sauntering toward the door sort of in a daze, as if all he could think about was the newborn baby. He opened the old wooden door full swing and started to say, “Could you come back-“ Suddenly a white bony hand grabbed the man and pushed him into a big sack. His muffled cries could be heard even from the inside of the house. “Shush…” the owner of the ugly hands whispered into the bag, gripping it harder as he stepped into the house his black boots clicking softly on the wooden floor of the house. His face was covered by a mask, casting a shadow over everything as he walked and the weird thing was, the shadow stayed there so by the time he got to the end of the hallway, the walls weren’t a solid wood color anymore. It was a black sort of movement.

“Honey? Are you ok? Who is it?” she turned the corridor and found a creepy face staring at her own. Across her mind the spoken promise came back to her. Her body turned to concrete as she remembered her dark promise. “Not you!” she cried backing up clutching the baby more and more tight with every step. “WAAAHHH!!!!” the baby yelled crying out. “Hahaha… I have came again little one, just as I promised.” The man laughed his face thrown back in a gleeful face as if pleased as himself. “Get away from us!!!” the woman screamed her face turning a bright shade of red, “ Where is my husband??” she stomped her foot in agony for the man with the bony hands had advanced on her and was now stepping on her feet as the woman pushed him away. “He has went to …… place… my …..home…he is a guest of mine,” he said furiously. “And YOU will join him, whether you like it or not.” “No! This isn’t supposed to happen! Get out my house! What-” the woman cried as swirls of some sort of smoke circled her carrying her up in the air. She dropped the baby trying to prevent her from being carried away with her, as if trying to give her a better life by throwing her on the ground. I am sure would want to be with my parents, no matter where we are going to be and how horrible it could be. The little girl cried and cried as her mother was lifted up into the air, taken far away from her, up into the pure white clouds. “Goodbye Abigail, goodbye.” She looked at the baby with saddest eyes a mother could ever make, big wet tears rolling down her cheeks. She was thinking

about one thing that she would miss, her baby growing up. “And all because of that stupid promise! That stupid promise!!” with that she shot up into the clouds and the little portal that was just there a second ago, disappeared. And the man with bony fingers disappeared along with her.

Chapter 1 The Orphanage I woke up from my scary dream. Light poured in from the bedroom window but I still felt as if I was still in that tiny little cold cottage. I shuddered at the thought of ever living in that little place. Today was my 10th birthday, another one without my parents. “And this definitely is going to be the last one” I said to myself. Every year I say that, just to keep my hopes up. A loud bell rang. I sprang out of bed and ran to the mess hall. “Breakfast time!” I thought. It was so busy that I couldn’t see where I was going just following the maze of people. I heard a few, “Happy Birthday Abby!” “See you at the table!” “Happy B-day!” After ten long minutes adventuring the cafeteria I ventured towards the breakfast line. The lunch ladies filled my bowl with gray stringy stuff that they claimed to be pasta and a dessert, which was a nasty shade of

green. I ran to my table and sat down beside her friends. “You would think that they would have a decent meal for the birthday girl!” my best friend Tia said giving me a pat on the back. I gave her a grateful smile. Tia’s parents had died in a car crash, she had joined this orphanage last year. All of a sudden Keeli stated to sing “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!” the whole table joined her. I covered my face, pretending to be flattered. “STOP I SAY! STOP! HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU! NO SINGING IN THE CAFETERIA!” the headmistress screamed her face turning beet read. The whole table went quiet, but when she turned around to look the other way, we burst out laughing.

Chapter 2 Escape It was a long day. My loyal friends and I were partying the whole day. I yawned as I fell into bed, the thing groaned underneath me. I couldn’t go to sleep for I kept thinking about my parents. A tear rolled down my cheek. I got a sudden thought. What if the dream is really real? What if my parents are out there in a cage up in the clouds? Maybe it was my duty find them? The sudden thought raised my spirits up. I can find them! I can find them! Or was I like all the other orphans?

Chapter 3

I jumped. I packed a side strap bag full of little candies that I had saved over the years. I packed a couple rubber bands-anything would come in handy. I also packed an extra change of clothing and a thick wool sweater. I tied it around my waist. The night air was cool as I opened the window. I grimaced. It was a long way down. There was no ladder and no kind father and mother to say, “Don’t worry sweetie, I’ll catch you!” No there was just air dangling in the night sky. Good thing, I thought. Good thing I remembered to leave Tia a 5 page note, telling her everything I was doing and how much I was going to miss her. Still thinking of Tia, I jumped. I imagined myself on a cliff jumping off into the sea. I tried to tuck my legs into my stomach but my stomach was doing absolutely to many butterflies. I winced as the steady wind and I intersected, me going down the air going down. It seemed like 5 minutes that as I was falling from the sky. Oof! I yelled as I fell on the hard ground and tickling grass. I rubbed my back, I think I broke my back. I thought. Then I heard a light click on and a head appear poking around the shades. “Who’s out there in the night?” the headmistress proclaimed scanning the wide garden. Without a warning I began to run down the street not turning back at all.

Chapter 4 Strategies

I heard the roar of the police cars turning the corner, trying to find me. This pace can’t last for long, I thought as I dodged people on the streets and heard them scream, “Watch it kid!” “Where do you think you’re going?” “Hey, you just knocked over my coffee!” But I never stopped. I couldn’t. Suddenly I stopped in front of a bright tiny shop that read, EVERYTHING YOU COULD EVER NEED! I jumped into the shop. Everything was bright and colorful, but I quickly sprinted to the glasses section and pretended to look at cute erasers shaped like dogs. I heard the loud feet of police men stomp into the shop. I dared not to look up. After having a few loud words with the manager and finally gave up as they stomped right out of there as well. Just as I let out a long sigh I noticed something sitting on the shelf. It was a pink floral notebook. I gently took it off the shelf and let it lay in my hand in awe. “I need this notebook,” I thought to myself, my head spinning of ways to steal the beautiful thing. I could steal some money from a lady from the shop? I could tell them I saw a tarantula or something crawl into the thing and then they would give it to me for free! Na. Or, maybe I could just simply sneak it out of here! I settled on that plan. “The shop will close in 5 minutes!” the manager exclaimed. While the store workers were busy with the

other customers as they rushed up to the cash register to do some last minute shopping, I slipped through the sliding glass doors, stuffing the diary in my side strap bag and ran out into the night. Correction. Out into the woods.

Chapter 5 The Woods I heard an owl hoo in the distance. “Brrr…” I muttered to myself. “It’s so cold!” as if just on cue, the wind made a strong breeze just for me. Ha. Ha. Ha.Very funny. Some crispy leafs and branches made a crunching sound every time I stepped. And I winced every time it made a noise. “Who knew who could be lurking in there woods?” I shuddered. I jumped every time I saw a tree shadow I jumped thinking it was a giant. Something isn’t right. I found a close oak tree as settled down next to it for a good nights sleep. I gazed at the night sky looking at the clouds that took shape in the sky. “I’ll find you mom. I’ll find you dad.” I silently vowed to myself. The air was chilly so I wrapped my wool sweater around my blue feeling body. What I didn’t hear was prancing footsteps and a slow tune in the woods. I was already on my way to dreams.

Chapter 6 BILLY I yawned when I woke up. The sun was peeking through the trees and the air was warm. Suddenly I heard a squeaky voice behind me. “You were really out last night. I pecked you a few times and you didn’t wake up. Well it doesn’t matter now right? You’re awake.” My heart started pounding. “Who is that??” I muttered, clutching my only weapon. A stick from the forest floor. “Over here!!” the thing chirped. The sound was coming from the ground. I slowly looked down and caught myself eye to eye with a tiny hummingbird. “How do you do??” the bird chirped,” Call me Billy.” It took a long satisfying bow. “You… you can…SPEAK!!” I cried my eyes widening “ Yes, I can speak,” Billy replied rolling his eyes, ”I get that a lot.” “Where am I?” I said as I looked around. It looked like we were in the middle of nowhere. “You are in the Enchanted Woods. Normally no one can enter the place for it is blocked by a special seal. And no, I am not going to tell you what the password to get in here is. This means you have a business in this area. So, do you have any idea what you are here for?” the hummingbird chirped excitedly.

One fact about Billy- he loved to chitter chatter “Um, well before I entered these woods I was on a quest to look for my parents and…” “And?” I was starting to get a tiny bit annoyed by this creature. “ I had this dream where my parents were in the clouds and some villain had captured them and… well I just came to look for-“ The little birdie gasped. “What?” I asked having a confused look on my face. “You are the one…” Billy whispered. I quickly noted, that was the shorted thing he said. “What do you mean??” I said, having an even more confused look on my face. “You, you’re mother and father were taken away right???” Billy chirped shyly. “Ya,” I said slowly. “That doesn’t mean that I’m the one whatever you call it.” “I know where your parents are,” he whispered, his voice sweet and low. “Where?” I gasped leaning in “Up in the clouds, where the air is thin and grass never grows. This “villain” of yours is up there.” I gasped, “How do you know? How do you get up there??” “Well,” the bird replied. “It’s kind of complicated…” “Tell me NOW!” I screamed, nearly grabbing the little thing. But he was to nimble and he quickly flew a few inches off the ground. “Ok… ok hold your breath kid.” “I’m not a kid!”

“Whoa kid, to me you are. I’m turning 807 in one day.” “Just go on.” “Ok munchkin. We will have to go through the Sesavers village. Then we will have to make a route to dreamlands and finally, the devil woods.” “We?”iji “Yeah you are only a tiny one… you won’t survive in Sesavers village, let alone Devil Woods.” “How will you help me? You yourself look quite puny to me.” He flew up higher into the air and took a ripe mango off a tree. “Thanks! I didn’t have breakfast yet and I’m starving… hey!” the mango landed on my head. “Serves you right.” The little bird flew down too, carrying a tiny plum. I growled.

Chapter 7 Armory… why? “Where we going?” I gasped, trying to keep up with the bird who flew way above my head going at a steady speed. The bird looked at me, kind of surprised. “We’re going to get you a sword, of course. How are you going to take on all the monsters your going to face?” I nearly stopped in my tracks, but fearing that I would never catch up to the tiny hummingbird. I kept a steady jog. “A sword?” I asked, “Why would I need one of those dangerous things?” “Because.” “Because what?”

“Have you ever heard of monsters kid? Well there are a bunch in these woods.” “And?” “Do you wanna get eaten?” “No.” “Then you’ll need a sword.” “Why?” “To protect yourself, obviously.” Self note- billy is good at talking back. “Ah, here we are. The Sword Shop for Swordsmen/ladies.” He said stopping in front of a tiny wooden shop looking just like a plain old house. “Let’s go in.” “Whoa” I exclaimed as I looked around. There were tiny little elves working away singing merry songs. Each one was working on a beautiful sword, each one very unique. I watched as they carefully placed some beautiful glowing gems right in the middle, the blades shining even brighter. “Hello,” a little man came to stand in front of us, his tiny chest puffing up with pride. “Are you here for a sword?” “Yes” I managed to stammer before Billy began to yapper with all his nonsense and I will not get to see my parents my whole life. “Well then,” he exclaimed excitedly, his tiny cheeks rosy red. “Let’s take a look!” Now I was just plain curious. “How do you know what sword belongs to you??” I asked.

“Hahaha…” his laugh filled the hall. Some of the smaller elves giggled with what seemed to be their master. “Sweetie, the sword comes to you.” “To me?” I said, confused. “Come over here,” the man skipped toward a wooden shelf filled with all the swords you could ever imagine. Stout ones that had a giant red ruby in the middle, long swords that stretched across the whole shelf that looked like it weighed a million, a bendy store that looked like it was made out of cheap rubber. The little guy snapped his stubby fingers and a silver sword flew toward me, landing in my outstretched palm. “NO!” I screamed and then shook my head. Where had that outburst come from? The sword zoomed back to its shelf. “Hmmm…. I guess that’s not the one.” The elf muttered. The others nodded in agreement. “What… what just happened?” I gasped my mouth hanging open and my eyes staring at my palm. “How… what…” I exclaimed still in shock. I heard the little noise as another sword came flying straight toward me at full speed, right at my head. “I’m going to die!” I thought watching as the sharp thing flew toward me, ”I’m going to…” Suddenly the blade stopped right in front of my face making itself in an up right position. I breathed a long sigh of relief. “I’m alive.” I said, closing my eyes. The elves around me giggled. I gave them a mean glare that was sure to fix them up. I heard another snap of the fingers. I quickly whipped my head around, my ponytail flying behind me. I knew what was coming next. I caught the sword midair, a foot away from my face.

“Ah-hah. You got smarter, didn’t you?” the head guy said, who was kind of getting on my nerves. I nodded slightly, trying to make him realize that this was an acknowledgment telling him, that I knew he was there. But really, my mind was elsewhere. I felt a sudden vibrate rush up my body, up into my throat. The feeling was overwhelming as I gripped the sword as tight as I could ever hold anything. “This…” I heard my wobbly voice say, “This… is the ONE! GET IT OUT OF MY HANDS! I’M GONNA…” Next thing I knew, I was a heap on the solid wooden floor.

Chapter 8 Finally,off on our way. “She’s awake! Finally!” I heard the voice of a squeaky man say and others cheered. I was awake alright. I swung my legs over what appeared to be a cot and stood to stretch. I was surprised to find about 20 small men circling around me. “Where are I?” I thought out loud. I heard the man chuckle a bit louder than necessary. The back of my head throbbed terribly. “That voice where am I?” I thought. I looked up. The man laughed again. He had a merry giggle making you want to jump out of bed and laugh with him. “Here’s your sword. Use it wisely. This sword will die with you. If you do lose it, something terrible will happen to you. This is a warning.” The tiny mans face went from rosy red to gray as stone.

“What do you mean-“ before I could finish my sentence I found myself alone with a hummingbird. “Do you know what they were talking about?” I asked Billy. He shook his head also looking confused. I sighed. “Well at least they left us some food,” Billy exclaimed happily, gesturing to a table full of food. “How are we going to fit all that in our traveling bag?” I gasped. There were some beautiful cupcakes that smelled so good that the aroma filled the hall with the smell of strawberry frosting and vanilla. There were are also breads of all different shapes and sizes, literally. Sandwiches! I smiled. Egg salad sandwiches and PBJ’s. some were just plain breads, I guess it was for the bird. Along there were two filled water bottles too. “I’m ready, let’s go.”

Chapter 9 SeSavers “Here we are SeSavers village. You ready young one?” The little bird chirped cheerfully while perched on my shoulder. My mouth dropped open. “Don't get so surprised kid. Dreamland and Devils Woods are worse.” Billy said, he didn’t seem startled at all. I didn't hear him, his voice was in the distance. SeSavers village looked magical. The whole village was on top of water and a long wooden plank laid across the water attaching to the village, which were the only

two things on top of the water. A green light flashed up and out of the rocky ocean. “A serpent…” I whispered to myself. “Yup. Don't you get it? SeSavers Village…. Break it down…you have sea savers. Those serpents protect the village always and if any visitors try to intrude the area then the serpents turn into vicious monsters. The people down in the village aren’t very friendly too.” I nodded my head, amazed. “How do you know all this?” I exclaimed. “I live here. This is my home!” he chirped loudly and proudly. “I know what’s happening…I know what’s going to happen..” “Umm… did you know that a giant sea serpent looks like it’s coming toward us?” I said nervously slowly backing away. “What? Oh that is just ridiculous! What is on your mind child? The sea serpents won’t bother us unless we pass the white line…uh oh.” Billy was standing directly on top of a bold white line that I hadn’t noticed before. “We should go.” I said hurriedly and he nodded his head in agreement. But it was to late. The monster jumped gracefully out of the lake and landed back down with a plop sending humongous waves shooting toward us like rockets. And they weren’t just tiny drops of water, oh no they were as big as tsunami waves. I jumped aside as a wave hurtled at me the force almost knocked me over. The monster jumped up again, it’s green scales glistening in the sunlight. It's mouth opened revealing amazingly sharp and pointy teeth.

“Billy? Billy? BILLY!!” I screamed. Poor bird. It was probably dead by now. As if on cue a tiny bird flitted out from the tree and collapsed on the ground. I watched in amazement, as his wings grew longer. He was beginning to look like a… hawk. I stared in awe as his figure flew up into the air much different than before bigger. Stronger. He flew down toward me. His eyes were a fierce red. It looked like he was going to… I dived away. “Jump on my back.” He said, his voice was deeper than before. I had to make a quick decision. Giant scary freaky green sea serpents or, a bird that I didn't think I could trust anymore. I jumped onto Billy’s back, wondering if I had made the right choice…

Chapter 10 Continuing our Journey I looked down into the open air. We were higher than the clouds and if I fell… I didn't dare think anymore. My stomach filled with butterflies as my face hit the clouds. “Are we there yet?” I called. The wind whistled past me and I had to scream to be heard over the loud drone of the wind. My hair flew behind me and I liked that feeling for just a minute until the bird tipped a bit and I almost flew over the edge. I clung on for dear life, my heart beating faster and faster. “I can see land” his loud voice was at normal level. I imagined him as the Billy I had met when he was only a tiny little bird. That memory felt like a dream. He dived

down and soon I face was in the clouds. I coughed loudly. I gazed down looking at the green stretch of land. The, suddenly, I realized something. “THAT’S NOT…” It was to late though, the bird had gone so close that… The serpent could close in for a strike. Time seemed to slow in those few seconds. We’re going to die…we are going to die. We are… Suddenly the bird flew up from the grasp of the mighty sea serpents whose head kept thrashing up and down trying to grab us. “I didn't see that coming…” I heard him say over the roar of the wind and the thunderous sound of the water splashing up and down crashing against each other. I probably shouldn't look down I thought to myself, gulping loudly. Suddenly we jerked up and I screamed as I slipped, almost falling off. “HOLD ON WE’RE LANDING-“ suddenly I felt myself fall and tumble on the ground. My back started to throb like crazy as I lay dazed on the ground

Chapter 10 Dreamland

I found myself being dragged along into the woods. It was late at night now but there seemed to be an eerie glow all around us, as if some sort of light was dancing around us. And every time I felt like I wanted to close my eyes again, the lights seemed to come closer and closer to me. The air seemed to be surrounded with a sort of lullaby music that made you just want to collapse. The trees seemed to sway lightly along to the rhythm. The leaves brushed against each other lightly making a calming sound that was identical sound to your mother or father tucking you in at night saying, Sleep tight! Or, see you tomorrow! “Where are we??” I asked out loud but surprisingly, someone answered. “We’re in Dreamland… obviously.” The eagle grunted. I guess I was heavy to lift. Even to the bird of America. “Weren’t we like… taking a break? You know after we were we attacked by vicious green sea serpents?” I asked, quite confused. Billy chuckled. “You do know that area that you passed out on was already DreamLand right?” “No, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop! I mean how bad can DreamLand be? The name even sounds sweet and friendly, why would anything horrible happen here??” I heard the bird laugh under his breath. “The second you take a step through Dreamland the dreams circle around you and if you go to sleep here, dreams will over take you, putting you in

everlasting sleep. Which basically means, you fall asleep here forever.” He said grimacing at every word. “Yikes… we better get moving then,” I commented, then coming to a sudden moment of realization I asked, “Why didn't I fall asleep forever? I was just sleeping. And I awoke!” “But, I was holding on to you so that makes you, well, I guess basically awake.” I picked up my pace and looked back. “Well, are you coming?” And for the first time since Billy magically turned into an eagle, he laughed. I should probably ask him how he turned into one. Chapter 11 I was getting drowsier by the minute. I didn’t have a watch in hand but I think I walked for around 3 hours straight. My heavy eyelids felt like brick stones and I wanted to shut it fully and just fall onto the ground… and dream… and dream… and dream… My feet are like a magnet pulling me toward the ground and my knees were so wobbly I felt like I could barely walk. The ground felt as if it wanted to swallow me up whole. But I had to go on. I had to. There was no choice. I looked at Billy, he seemed on the verge of falling asleep too as I remembered that he hadn’t had gotten any sleep for at least six hours. The poor bird looked as if he would commit suicide any time soon. He looked that bad. We pushed on, neither of us wanting to stop and give up. I gathered up all my strength to ask a question.

“By any chance do you know when these woods end?” I asked, my voice was dreary and sad. “Yes…” his voice was barely a whisper. “We’ll be there in an hour… I hope.”

-use sword devils wood.


fantasy, story, written by me!