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My  goodness!   Albert  Einstein   is  alive!  I  must   meet  him!    

Once  upon  a  9me  there  was  a  girl  named  Nerdy  Girl   who  lived  in  a  book.  She  loved  Albert  Einstein…  

How  will  I  get   out!!!    

She  struggles  with  finding  how  to  get  out  of  the  book.  

Look,  there’s  a  portal   that’s  open  24  hours!  I   have  to  take  the  risk   and  go  meet  my   future  husband  so  we   can  talk  about  GDP!!!  

Nerdy  Girl  sees  a  portal  and  chooses  to  go  into  the   real  world…  

Nerdy  Girl  is  transported  into  the  real  life-­‐ library.   AHHHHHH!!!!!  I’m  falling… At  the  speed  I  am  going  at,   the  probability  of  breaking   my  spine  is  very  likely…   OOF!  

OMG  right?   He  was  like…  

I  was  like  are  you   kidding??  

EWWW!!  He's   like  is  so  not  boss   like  us…  

Wait!!  Don’t   step  on  me!   STOP!!!!!!!  

OMG!!  Is   that…  

It’s  a   MIDGIT!!!!  


Why  is  she  so  small??  

OMG!!  She’s   talking  like  a   person!!  

 STOP  TICKLING   ME!!!!!!  Your  going   to   fracture  my  funny   bone.  By  the  way  th at   would  probably  hurt   A  LOT!    

Put  her  down!   This  9ny  girl  is     freaking  me  out!!  

Be  quiet  I  wanna   hear  what  this   young  woman   has  to  say….  

Well  it  all   started  when  I   was   transported   through  a   magical  portal   and  almost   fractured   my…  

Wow.  That’s  a  boss  story.  

And…  here  I  am!!!  

And  know  I’m   here  to  see  my   future  husband   Albert  Einstein  

ALBERT   EINSTIEN?????????  

HAHA!!  You  think   that  Albert  Eins9en   is  s9ll  alive?   HAHA!!!  

He’s   dead!!!  

What!  You’re  saying  my  husband  is  dead  but…  but…   but…  never  mind.  The  problem  is,  how  do  I  get  in   the  book??  WAHHHH…  

But  you  could  s9ll  be  with  him  in  your  books!!  It’s  like  the  same   thing!!!  


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