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TABLE OF  CONTENTS     1. My News Article 2. MEMOIR—Sleeping In 3. Presidential Essay - Obama and Romney 4. Book Reports a. Flying Solo b. Ways to Live Forever


Teachers Aren’t  Can  Trusting  Boys!!         Usually, boys are the most responsible kids in the elementary school. Now, teachers don’t let them do what we want. THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!!! We are smart. We are strong. We are responsible. Why don’t the teachers trust us? I think we deserve better than this. We need more of a privilege. Why can’t we do what we want to do even though the teachers pity the girls? I really don’t get it. I do understand that boys may be a tiny bit reckless compared to the girls, I really do, but gender doesn’t matter, does it? That is what we were taught when we were younger. Now, the teachers are acting like girls are more important than boys. Why do they do that? I do not know at all. We must be trusted. We could be trusted. We will be trusted. I am determined to change this rule-ish thing. It is not just a statement. I really might actually do it. I’ve seen teachers looking at boys, suspiciously. It makes me feel like we are being watched every second and trust me, it doesn’t feel protective in any way.

Not Done.

--Sleeping In

By Jerome You know how everyone wants to just relax? You know how you hate the morning? How your skin that is exposed to the cold winter air stings? Will this story will tell you what happens. My consciousness came back to me as the tiredness drifted away. I tossed and turned as I slowly opened my eyes after my long sleep. The Saturday morning sun flashed into my eyelids and I groaned. My eyes stung like I just opened it under water. I took the blanket off of me and I sat up. I was about to get up when I thought twice. “Wait… today is a Saturday, and I’ve got nothing to do… This is the perfect day to just kick back, and relax. Just sleep in. It’s funnnnnnnnn!” I climbed back on the bed and I put the comfy blanket over my head. The light touch enveloped me and I closed my eyes. Blackness washed over me like an ocean, but the happiness didn’t last for a long time. I heard the dreaded words. The sound of it makes people scream for their lives. It was my mother. That made it only worse. I was about to scream myself!! It was my mother saying, “Wake up!” I knew these words were going to come at some time, but I never knew they were coming THIS early!! I looked at the clock. I gaped… I glared… I gasped… It was only 7:30!! I was agitated. I stomped down the stairs like a 50-ton, giant, adult elephant. My mom glared at me as I silently creeped into the bathroom to…something. (TooMuchInfo) Anyways, I came out of the bathroom and closed the wooden door behind me. I kept hold of the golden, shiny handle as I peered around the corner. My mom was back on her computer, typing away for emails to “God knows who”.

I was about to take a shower until… I NOTICED THAT I FORGOT TO GET MY CLOTHES FOR TODAY!!! I grumpily walked up the fur-covered stairs. I was guessing that today was going to be an annoying, sad and tiring day. Next time I want to sleep in, hmmmm… AHA!! I will sleep/hide in my sister’s old room! Next time, I will have a waaaay better idea than the one I had today. They have to find me to wake me up. Beat that, ya guys!                                                                              

Obama VS.  Romney   Whose side are you on?

By Jerome H.

Now the tension is building. America is getting crazy. They are shooting insults at each other. “Who are they, teenagers” you ask? It is President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney! One final question remains…whose side are you on? The only thing I could say about is that, even though this is an opinion, I feel like President Obama will continue his great job that was, and is, saving many people from debts. First of all, President Obama helped improve FEMA, the government disaster relief agency, which helped with the disaster scene that was left from Hurricane Sandy, while Governor Romney thinks there should be less government help. Also, Governor Romney thinks wealthy people are much more important than middle-class people. He is going to lessen rich people’s taxes and raise normal people’s taxes, instead. Millionaires have much more money than us, so they should pay more!! How could we have more tax even though we already have a lot that we can’t pay for? To add on, Obama stopped the Iraq war, which was started by President George W. Bush and that was constantly pestering everyone that cared about it. Why vote for Romney who did nothing special when Obama started the ObamaCare? Finally, Obama made the college fee lower so people that are intelligent and/or remarkable that couldn’t pay for their colleges could pay. It is such a good idea!!

Why is Romney so bad? Do you think Governor Romney will do a better job than what he did at Massachusetts? During Governor Romney’s term, Massachusetts fell from 36th to 47th out of 50 states in job creation, while the overall U.S. economy grew. Gov. Romney raised taxes on the middle class, but pushed through a tax cut that overwhelmingly benefited 278 of the wealthiest individuals in MA. Under Mitt Romney, Massachusetts’ debt burden grew to the highest per person in the nation. State spending increased every year while Romney was in office, and he left behind a $1 billion deficit for the next governor. You really can’t trust him. He will betray the country.


As you can see, President Obama is much better to be the president than Governor Romney. If you make President Obama president once more, it will be a much safer road for America if you want happiness. I know that I can’t make a choice, so it is all up to you. The only thing I could say is that Obama can make America a much better place to live. And don’t forget, this election could change how the whole entire world will work as a community.                                                                                  

Flying Solo

--By Jerome Hsing

The teacher’s  desk  is  empty.  The  classroom  is  loud.  Every  student  keeps  it  a  secret.    No   one  dares  tell  another  what  was  happening…  Everyone  wants  a  day  without  a  single  teacher   telling  him  or  her  what  to  do…right?  No,  you’re  wrong.  It  will  be  a  disastrous  day.  Believe  me,  or   read  this  book.  It  will  teach  you  the  lesson.     The  problem  in  this  detailed  story  will  draw  most  normal  student  to  read  it.  Obviously…   no  teachers!!  Teachers  always  have  the  aura  that  says,  “WARNING:  TORTURE,”  almost   everywhere.  Some  might  not,  but  most  do.  Anyways,  I  would’ve  thought  that  for  my  entire  life,   but  this  book  made  me  think  twice  about  teachers…they  might  be  not  all  bad!  If  you  read  this   book,  you  will  start  to  understand  me…or  are  you  too  stubborn?     Each  and  every  student  in  Mr.  Fabiano’s  class  plays  a  very  important  role  in  the  story.   They  each  have  their  own  point  of  view  and  their  own  personality  so  original,  that  you  would   want  to  know  their  past  really  badly,  like  Christopher,  who  bases  most  of  his  thinking  around   the  words,  “fact”  and  “opinion”,  and  Tommy  Feathers,  who  had  a  gigantic  crush  on  a  girl  named   Rachel  White  (who  rejects  Tommy),  and  also  dies  mysteriously  one  night.  Makes  me  wonder,   does  the  rejection  have  anything  to  do  with  the  death?     The  author,  Ralph  Fletcher’s  style  is  really  interesting,  since  he  adds,  “letters”  written  by   students  that  are  for  the  teacher,  Mr.  Fab.    These  letters  gives  the  reader  insights  to  the   student’s  characteristics,  completely.  It  will  make  you  want  to  read  more  of  the  letters!   Anyways,  Mr.  Fletcher  has  more  writing  styles,  like  making  surprising  happenings  happen  and   come  back  to  it  later  in  the  book.  It  always  keeps  the  pace  on.  I  love  it!!     The  most  dramatic  part  is  the  part  when  Rachel  and  Bastian  fights,  right  before  Bastian   is  leaving.  Rachel  didn’t  make  a  single  sound  since  the  sudden  death  of  Tommy,  but  Rachel  cries   hard  and  loud  after  shooting  some  insults  at  Bastian.  He  storms  out  the  door,  and  doesn’t  come   back.  It  made  me  so  tense!!     I  could  connect  to  how  Mr.  Fabiano’s  class  should  feel,  since  one  day  when  I  was  in  4th   grade,  Mrs.  Takeuchi  suddenly  got  sick  and  she  couldn’t  get  a  sub  for  us.  We  were  waiting  since   we  didn’t  know  where  Mrs.  Takeuchi  was.    I  felt  scared  and  alone…not!  After  a  while,  Ms.  Blanke   led  us  to  the  computer  lab.  Even  though  the  independence  was  really  short,  I  got  enough  of  my   taste  of  freedom!!                    

Memoir…Ways to  Live  Forever  

How  has  your  author  changed?  Sam,  the  main  character/author,  has  leukemia  and  doesn’t   want  to  die  since  he  is  only  11  years  old.  At  the  beginning,  Sam  wants  to  do  a  ton  of  stuff  before   he  dies  for  good.  Also,  if  surviving  was  a  choice,  he  wouldn’t  want  to  die,  like  most  folks…but   after  a  while,  he  starts  to  be  much  more  optimistic  and  looks  on  the  bright  side  of  everything.   For  example,  on  page  58,  he  says  that  the  drugs  that  he  takes  usually  makes  people  live  for  an   extra  year,  and  also  says  that  a  year  is  a  long  time  and  a  lot/anything  could  happen  in  a  year.         Does  your  book  show  strong  personal  feeling?  It  does.  For  example,  when  Sam,  Felix  and   Emma  were  using  the  Ouija  boards,  Sam  is  pretty  sure  that  Felix  is  the  one  that  is  moving  the   jelly  bean.  He  argues  and  fights  in  one  scene,  but  wins  in  the  end.  I  guess  he  is  really  stubborn!           Does  it  have  an  inviting  introduction?  Yes,  it  does.  At  the  beginning,  there  is  a  list…a  list   about  how  Sam  looks  like.  It  draws  the  reader  in,  since  there  are  not  a  lot  of  books  that  start   with  unusual  things  like  maps  and  lists  and  all  that  stuff.  The  next  page  is  talking  about  how  he   lives  as  a  person  fighting  leukemia,  but  isn’t  direct.          

Oct-Nov Writing  

Writing pieces I wrote from October to November.