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The Deceiving   Advertisements       You  know  when  you  buy  something  new…  that  appeals  to  you  because  of  the   advertisement…  that  you  saw  on  television…and  it  turns  out  to  be  a  rip-­‐off?  Well,   you’re  not  alone.  I  have  seen  companies  lie  about  how  their  products  perform   admirably.    For  example,  there  is  the  Chinese  iPhone  4  or  Airphone  no.4.  This   Chinese  company,  which  made  the  Airphone  no.  4,  lied  about  the  “high-­‐ performance  tempered  glass  touch  screen”,  the  “3D  three-­‐dimensional  games”,  the   “flash”  for  the  camera,  and  the  “3.5-­‐inch  WVGA  screen  Village”(what  is  a  village   anyways?).  My  good  friend,  Maya,  bought  the  Airphone  4  about  2  years  ago.  She   says,  "The  Airphone  is  a  useless  device.  The  Airphone  is  supposedly  light  as  air  and   thin,  it  is  as  thick  as  the  IPhone  3  and  I'm  literally  punching  the  screen  to   access,  move  or  do  any  thing  on  the  phone...  I  EVEN  HAVE  TO  PUNCH  THE  HOME   BUTTON.  You  supposedly  can’t  download  any  app  you  can't  even  access  the  app   store,  I  couldn't  even  get  any  WIFI  access  LAME.  I  only  got  three  games  and  two  of   them  didn't  work.  You  can't  download  anything;  no  music,  no  games  and  when  you   call  you  can  only  talk  for  2  min  before  the  Airphone  cancels  the  call  because  of  "Bad   Connection".  I'm  shocked  that  they  sold  it  in  2011.  I  expected  better  quality  from   China.  I  thought  that  was  were  everything  was  made."  Why  keep  on  buying  from   the  same  company  when  you  know  their  advertisements  aren’t  true?     One  of  the  more  famous  advertising  cheats  were  tobacco  companies  who   have  been  lying  for  a  great  amount  of  time.  One  company  called  “Camel”  said,   “Doctors  smoke  Camel  more  than  any  other  cigarettes!”  Recently,  judges  told  the   companies  that  they  have  to  tell  the  truth  now.  I  feel  like  this  is  a  great  decision,   since  a  lot  of  people  trust  them.  Advertisements  should  be  checked  before  being   presented  to  the  public.       Advertisement  frauds  aren’t  always  transparent  and  easy  to  avoid.  Some   crooks  make  a  fake  ad  that  makes  you  write  personal  information  such  as  credit   card  numbers  and  addresses.  These  schemes  are  usually  to  steal  your  money,   usually  from  your  bank  account.  The  most  common  type  of  this  is,  “You  have  won  a   lottery!!  Click  here  to  claim  your  prize!!”  or,  “  You  are  the  1,000,000th  person  to  visit   this  page.  Click  here  to  claim  your  prize.”  If  you  happen  to  tumble  across  these   advertisements,  be  sure  to  not  to  click  on  these…because  you  will  end  up  in  some   giant  mess.     But,  many  ad  frauds  are  easy  to  tell  if  it  is  phony  or  not.  Here  are  some.    If  it   appears  in  many  different  countries,  it  is  probably  facade.  Usually,  an   advertisement  is  only  local.  Not  many  are  international  ads,  unless  the  company  is   extremely  famous  and  practically  everyone  knows  it.         Here’s  another  example,  found  on  the  sales  pages  of  hundreds  of   information  products  being  sold  online.  The  copy  goes  something  like  this...  “Dan  

was a  plumber  before  reading  this  e-­‐book.  And  now  he’s  making  $30,000  a  month   from  his  own  web  site.”  And  here  comes  a  lie...  “If  he  can  do  it,  anyone  can.”  Not   true.  If  Bob  started  making  $30,000  a  month  with  his  web  site,  it  is  not  because  the   system  is  foolproof  and  guaranteed  to  work  for  ANY  plumber.  It’s  because,  during   all  those  years  plumbing,  Bob  was  unaware  that  he  had  an  enormous  but  latent   marketing  talent  that  would  fit  perfectly  with  the  online  system  he  purchased.  BUT,   this  doesn’t  mean  every  plumber  has  that  skill.  Keep  that  in  mind,  always.       You  see,  advertisements  are  all  around  us,  but  some  are  real,  some  are   bogus.  You  have  to  keep  a  keen  eye  on  all  those  advertisements.  Maybe  the  ones   that  look  truthful  are  the  most  useless  ones.  You  never  know…do  your   research…then  trust  them!!  


Devil’s Arithmetic By Jerome

Do you ever wonder about why relatives talk about your history all the time? Have you ever think why your past is as important as the present? Well, you might as well as think twice. A 12-year-old girl named Hannah Stern (her Hebrew name is Chaya) was thinking the exact same thought you were thinking just now. She is a young Jewish girl living in the present day. Like you, she is bored by her relative's stories about the past and not looking forward to the Passover Seder and is tired of her religion. While at it, she says she is exhausted of remembering. When Hannah figuratively opens the door for the seer Elijah, she is transported back in time to 1942 in Poland of World War II. At that time and setting, the people believe she is Chaya Abramowitz, who is recovering from cholera, the fever that killed her parents a few months ago. The odd remarks Hannah/Chaya makes about the future and her failure to identify her "aunt" Gitl and "uncle" Shmuel are blamed on the fever. At her "uncle's" wedding, the Nazis come to transport the entire population of the village to a concentration camp near Donavin, and only Hannah knows all the terrors that they will face: hunger, abuse, forced labors, and finally execution. She struggles to survive at the camp, with the help of a girl named Rivka. At the concentration camp, Aunt Gitl, Hannah, Uncle Shmuel, and some other men try to escape. The men are caught and are shot in front of the inmates, except for Gitl and Hannah who return to their barracks and Yitzchak who escapes. Fayge, Uncle Shmuel's fiancĂŠe, is also killed since she rushes to him when he is about to be shot by a Nazi soldier. Later, when Hannah and the girls from Viosk are talking while waiting for water, new Nazi soldier catches them, and sends Esther, Shifre, and Rivka to the gassing ovens. As Rivka is about to leave, Hannah takes Rivka's place and tells her to run, since the lookout doesn't know their faces.

Then, after she walks into "Lilith's Cave" to be gassed, she is transported back to her family's Seder. She notices Aunt Eva's number was the same as Rivka's, and while recounting her experience to her aunt, the aunt reveals that when she was in the concentration camps, she was called Rivka (and her brother was called Wolfe, which actually was Grandpa Will) and was saved by a girl named Chaya Abramowicz while in a concentration camp. In conclusion, this book is a perfect book for people who are hungry for suspenseful books. And it certainly will satisfy those who pick this book off the shelves of the library or someone just looking for something to entertain you. This is a must for elementary students.                                              

Teachers Aren’t  Can  Trusting  Boys!!    

By Jerome   Usually, boys are the most responsible kids in the elementary school. Now, teachers don’t let them do what they deserve. THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!!! We are smart! We are strong! We are responsible! Why don’t the teachers trust us? I think we deserve better than this. We need more of privileges. Why can’t we do what we want to do even though the teachers pity the girls? I really don’t get it. I do understand that boys may be a tiny bit reckless compared to the girls, I really do, but gender doesn’t matter, does it? That is what we were taught when we were younger. Now, the teachers are acting like girls are more important than boys. Why do they do that? I do not know at all. We must be trusted. We could be trusted. We will be trusted. I am determined to change this rule-ish thing. It is not just a statement. I really might actually do it. I’ve seen teachers looking at boys, suspiciously. It makes me feel like we are being watched every second and trust me, it doesn’t feel protective in any way. Instead, it makes me feel like they will bite me if I take one wrong step. I can’t be happy as long as teachers are looking at me. If you don’t trust me, why don’t you exchange your soul with me? (I doubt you will Christopher, my great friend, agrees with me. He says, “ Teachers treat us like scabs. They always try to find a time to flick us away.” Even a teacher even agrees with my idea. Mr. Murphy, my 5th teacher, says, “School was for girls. It is unfair for boys.” Another friend of mine who wishes to be unnamed said, “My first grade teacher didn’t even let me go to the bathroom because she thought I was going to go to a different place!!

I hope you will see that I am not lying. I hope you will understand me. People of asij, I am pretty sure you can tell that this is completely true. Teachers should see boys differently than they are right now. We need to change this so the other boys will suffer no more!!


My Dec-Feb Writing  

My Dec-Feb writing

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